but JLaw falling doesn’t strike me as ‘quirky’ or 'adorable’ at all

it strikes me as careless and insolent and here’s why

performing femininity is sooooo imperative for WOC in order to garner respect and even sometimes your very life

i got the Talk from my mum about how to walk like a lady since i was 6

she herself performed femininity rigorously 

because it’s one of the few ways Black and Brown women can grasp a smidgen, a tiny flicker, of (if not respect) at least tolerance

y'all think Lupita can afford to not care about how she comports herself? u think she can afford to make immature jokes about food and carry herself like a bull in a china shop? y'all think Gina Torres, Gabourey Sidibe, Salma Hayek, Lucy Liu could get away with that shit?

jlaw knows plenty well how to carry herself with etiquette and grace she just doesn’t care

'quirkiness’ is all fun and games when you have the privilege to trip all over yourself and still be considered a desirable, accomplished woman.

meanwhile ima stay unimpressed until the day my Brown and Black girls can afford the same careless freedom that jlaw and her stans take for granted