• Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Superman/Wonder Woman
  • Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Cyborg
  • Looks like they could kill you and would actually kill you: Batman/Aquaman
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: The Flash

okay i know that gotham is in a completely different continuity from the arrowverse but i just realized if it was the same continuity then bruce would probably be the youngest member of the justice league when it forms

so i’m just imagining an nineteen-year-old batman who is pretty intimidating because he does the batman voice basically being the Adult in a team of people who are all in the late twenties and early thirties so no one even suspects that he’s a teenager until the eventual unmasking, at which point they completely flip out

I’m seeing a lot of people prematurely freaking out over the Justice League news we’ve been getting lately, and I gotta say these cries of “it’s Whedon’s movie now!” are pretty stupid to read considering the damn movie is already filmed.

What they hell is Whedon going to do, shoot so many new scenes that they’ll have to replace all the footage we’ve already seen and make it into his movie? Is that how movies work now? I can’t believe they take so long to make if you could just film one in June and have it all done, effects and all, by November. Who knew?

Y'all sound like those people that think the reshoots are done because Wonder Woman was “standing in the background” (what ppl actually think, despite evidence to the contrary) and these reshoots are going to change that. They sound ridiculous, and dceu fandom, some of y'all are really almost there too.

Will we notice which scenes are the reshoots? Maybe, maybe not. Directors don’t work alone, and all the other people that have been working on JL will be working with the reshoots too, so the visual style will blend in. Will we notice because of the dialogue? Again, maybe, but directors also don’t write scenes by themselves, so that part will probably blend in seamlessly too. The script was the last thing Snyder was working on before he stepped down, so I doubt that’ll deviate from the movie’s tone either.

I guess what I’m saying is stop prematurely freaking out over the JL rumors (as if the rumors have ever been credible before, for real y'all?) and let’s just wait, like we always do, and watch the movie for ourselves when it comes out.

as badly as i need a new jl trailer like i need oxygen, wb is doing the right thing giving the spotlight to ww, she more than deserves it and i’m glad they are playing this smart and giving her the time she deserves before the boys join in on the fun later this year. 

can we just admit that BvS Bruce Wayne was shady and savage af? like, he walked into that movie (and the JL movie) and didn’t gaf:

-to Clark: “you’re literally a freak dressed like a clown, I would know cause I punch the shit out of clowns all the time”

-to Mercy: “i like those shoes….just kidding.”

-to Lex: sees Lex walking over to him and can’t hide his dyinginside facial expressions, tries to leave as soon as possible

-to Alfred: “i’m never having kids, stop asking me, also alcohol is DEFINITELY a solution, especially when taken with anti-depressants, yes i’m fine”

-to Superman: *head tilt* “WELL. HERE I AM.”

-to Arthur: “wow, you talk to fish, that’s really…serious. no, no, definitely cool, i’m not questioning it at all, big fan–”

-to Cyborg: “bitch i’m real when it’s useful…which is obviously right now”

the justice league's out of costume fashion picks
  • Clark Kent: oddly attractive farmer dad aesthetic
  • Bruce Wayne: sexy old money to the max
  • Diana Prince: elegant off the runway couture
  • Barry Allen: blindly picked out a rushed outfit in .2 seconds
  • Hal Jordan: wears the same smelly jacket 99.9% of the time
  • Victor Stone: really REALLY tight athletic clothes
  • Arthur Curry: who needs a goddamn shirt