the justice league's out of costume fashion picks
  • Clark Kent: oddly attractive farmer dad aesthetic
  • Bruce Wayne: sexy old money to the max
  • Diana Prince: elegant off the runway couture
  • Barry Allen: blindly picked out a rushed outfit in .2 seconds
  • Hal Jordan: wears the same smelly jacket 99.9% of the time
  • Victor Stone: really REALLY tight athletic clothes
  • Arthur Curry: who needs a goddamn shirt

as badly as i need a new jl trailer like i need oxygen, wb is doing the right thing giving the spotlight to ww, she more than deserves it and i’m glad they are playing this smart and giving her the time she deserves before the boys join in on the fun later this year. 

BUT WHAT IF they do a montage of all the CLUES that he was in love from the whole show?? for his deduction that he’s in love?? and it’s all the scenes We knew and the casuals just go “oh shit” but We KNEW. The stairs, the damsel, the thing he meant to say, look at us both… and We KNEW. and We’ll see it with Our OWN TWO EYES as an affirmation not an epiphany and ohhh myyy godddddd