Yunhyung in his letter to Jinhwan: Jinhwan hyung, out of all the people I know, is the coolest hyung. There was a time when I wanted to give up. If hyung wasn’t there during that time, I wouldn’t be here right now. At first, when I didn’t know the letter “D” in dance, it was really difficult, exhausting, and I didn’t want to do it. It must be hard for hyung too but because of me, you kept dancing with me until I memorized the choreography. I really felt then that I must do my best and work hard. Because of you, I was able to come this far. These are words that I’ve always wanted to say. Seriously, thank you.

Team A is good, BUT TEAM B IS Phenomenal. Team A has good vocals, but Taehyun’s voice breaks a lot during their performances and Kang SeungYoon sounds like he’s forcing his voice. don’t get me wrong, they are both amazing singers, but I think they could have used that year to improve. while on the other hand, Team B had it all Jinhwan and Their Maknae’s voices were nice and developed, B.I AND Bobby’s rap skill is incomparable, and their dances are original and leave you in awe. Team B, fighting!