When You Tell Them You Love Them For The First Time


Jinhwan would instantly smile from ear to ear, telling you he loves you as well right away. He would have a smile on his face for the rest of the day.


Yunhyeong would be a little shocked that you said you loved him, but it would also make him the happiest person on planet Earth.


Bobby would pull you into a hug right away saying he loves you too, he would run around all day with the stupidest grin on his face, annoying the others with how happy he is,


BI would be very confused and would ask you “Wait, what did you just say?”. Once it hits him what you said he would become very flustered and stutter out an “I love you too”. He would be one that once other were gone, he would fanboy like no tomorrow. 


Donghyuk would be kinda flustered but tell you he loved you as well. 


Junhoe would tell you “Of course you do, who doesn’t”. But he would afterward kiss your cheek and tell you “And I love you too.”


Chanwoo would be put into shock, he wouldn’t know what to do. Once he realizes he hasn’t said anything and he sees the hurt look on your face he would tell you he loves you as well.