Woollim's girlgroup

Because it seems that not a lot of people know about this i’m making a post~ (sharing the awesomeness (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧)

So the boss is preparing for us a girlgroup with 4* members:


She’s their little sister from You’re My Oppa~


The girl from Be Mine’s MV~ She entered Woollim entertainement last May through an audition for a girlgroup project

Baby Soul (Real name: Sujeong)

[No pic ;___; Woollim sure knows how to hide their trainees…]

She’s the one who sang in Infinite H’s Crying, she’s a 92-er like Myungsoo~ It seems that she’ll be the main vocal seeing her singing skills ^__^b


There’s not much info about her but it’s said that she was casted in the street while she was hanging with her friends~

Bohye said on her Cyworld that she wasn’t a Woollim trainee anymore sobs

Rumours are saying that they might debut at the end of this year or next year’s March/April

I found all these infos on Naver so nothing really official, so there might be some mistakes, anyway that’s about everything i found LOL

*Edit: In fact I found out that they weren’t sure and the group could have 5 or 6 members..

Edit 2: Check this post to see more pictures of Jia, Bohye and Jiae (with their cyworlds)