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how would jungkook and v confess to a girl?

This is fluffy! ~

V wouldn’t be afraid to tell you how he felt. Seeing as how he doesn’t get embarrassed easily, he’d see you across the room and instantly fall for how beautiful you were. Jumping over the multiple obstacles between you and him, he’d weave between walking people, jump over sale signs and chairs, and run until he’d reach you. Flattered by the effort it took for him to get to you, you’d smile and introduce yourself, potentially starting something with the boy who made a fool of himself just to get to you.

Jungkook would be a little embarrassed and shy. He’d stare at you for a while and think of ways to get your attention before actually approaching you. He’d pull you away from your friends quietly, where he’d introduce himself, and tell you just how lovely he thought you were. 

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[LYRICS] Jeongguk & Rap Monster - Like A Star (2012)

Performed by Jeongguk & Rap Monster

Lyrics by Rap Monster

Original Track : Like A Star by J.Cole


Just like a star across my sky

Just like a bird flying at dawn

I have a dream of the freedom

Feel like I’ll never be the same

Just like dream of last night

Just like pictures in my head

Oh I can’t realize that

Still I wonder why it is

Rap Monster)

Just like a star, my gray life

Yeah, I who wasn’t black or white

The time was just passing by

Sometimes I committed myself this way

Even though I’ve chances, I painted my courage in gray when I was young

Without being able to stand up, sitting like that going to the next one

Again, trembling from fear, how many regrets groaning

Like those morning dramas it continues like a clear sequence

A sensitive personality that builds a wall

Only feeling out of place because of the surroundings, I really have no friends

Uncertain grades and a uncertain departure

The world alone and the never-ending amount of nights

Even if the dreams are a lot like the stars are, they’re also as far as them

My mood is like the crime a criminal child left, a detective

Even if I’ve a rope to the sky it can’t reach

Even if I know who’s the culprit I can never escape


Just like a star across the sky

Just like a bird flying at dawn

I have a dream of the freedom

Feel like I’ll never be the same

Just like dream of last night

Just like pictures in my head

Oh I can’t realize that

Still I wonder why it is

You, shine more in the night

You, look farther than other people can

Your life is white

(T/N: As you can see there’s a lot of metaphors that have to to with colors, also, it’s my first time translating lyrics in Korean so there might be mistakes.)


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[Trans] O!RUL8,2? Thanks To: Jungkook

Thanks a lot to my mother, father, and hyung; I love you.

Thanks a lot to Bang Sihyuk PD-nim for helping us, to CEO Chae Younggon for leading Big Hit, to executive director Choi Yujeong, and to director Yoon Seokjun. Thanks a lot to director Shingyu for always watching over us and to team leader Seowoo. Thanks a lot to management team’s section chief Jongsung, assistant manager Heonmin, Sejin hyung, Junbae hyung, and Jungil hyung. Awesome assistant manager Hobeom and awesome Jaegeun hyung, I love you!!!

Thank you to PDOGG PD-nim for creating the best songs for us, best voice Dohyung hyung, and Supreme Boi Donghyuk hyung; I’m always thankful. Best choreographer and performance director Sungdeuk teacher, I really love you. Teacher. Sunghyun hyung who dresses us in the best clothes, I really love you. Haha. Thank you always to Hyunjoo nuna who always goes through hardships for us and to Sungyeon nuna! Thanks a lot to Seunghyun hyung, Juyoung hyung, and Changwon hyung. Our angel Minkyung teacher, I really love you! Thank you always to Yujeong nuna for taking pretty photos of us, Soyeon nuna for always working hard late at night because of us, Dalrae nuna, Nari nuna, Yoonji nuna for being responsible for a good interview, and Surin nuna (I’ll listen to you well TT)! Thank you always to department head Hajung for dressing us in cool clothes, Hyesu nuna who goes through hardships for us, Ramhee nuna, Haengwon hyung, and Dongmin nuna. Rookie development team’s Sunjung nuna, Minmi nuna, Soonmin hyung, Gayoung nuna, I love you! I miss you, best dancer Minsung teacher and Rika teacher; thank you always!

Thank you to Total Impact CEO Oh Youngshik for making Bangtan’s emblem font.

Thank you always to my relatives and my friends. Thanks a lot to my teachers as well. Lastly, I love you ARMYs! ♥ Leader hyung, princess hyung, sugar hyung, hope hyung, V hyung, abs hyung, I love you!

Translated by bangtaning  | Take out with full credits

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What things would Kookie do with his girlfriend's body if he switched bodies with you for a day? LOL

Haha, this is an interesting request. Lmao xD

Kookie would be very respectful to your body. When he would have to dress you/him, he would dress you in the most conservative clothes that he could find.

It’d be initially awkward when you two would meet, because while he would have your body, you would have his, so it would be like kissing himself. He’d peck you/him quickly on the lips and pull away before he’d feel too awkward.

He’d find conflict with himself when it would be time to shower. He’d undress your body slowly and nervously, trying not to look down as you/him would become more and more exposed. While reaching for a towel after the shower, he’d catch a glimpse of your body in the mirror and gulp. He would picture your body as a prized jewel that you’d let him borrow for the day, and he wouldn’t feel right to violate it, so, he’d grab a towel quickly, wrap it around your body, and leave the bathroom.

Thanks for sending this in! I’m sorry that I couldn’t make it more interesting, but Kookie seems like a respectful person that wouldn’t do something to his girlfriend without consent, you know? But thank you so much again, I liked this request! ~