As soon as I saw them in the room i was like !!!!!! And they were super cute with everyone and like hugging people between them and then I just got closer and closer and then I was in front of them and I panicked and said “2 hugs!” Because I had a friend with me AND I LOOKED UP AT THEM AND JUST HUGGED JARED AND HE HUGGED ME BACK SUPER TIGHT AND I LOOKED SO BEWILDERED HAHA AND THEN I MUTTERED OUT A THANK yOU AND JARED SAID “THANKS BABE” AND JENSEN SAID THANKS AND TOUCHED MY BACK AND IT WAS SO SURREAL AND AHHH
They are literal giants though omg and so sweet AHHH

do you ever see a shirtless Jensen Ackles pic and laugh bc that’s not what his cute lil tummy has ever looked like why are you trying so hard to give him chiseled abs lmao


you’re really want to be a cheerleader and cheer tryouts are next week and you’ve been practicing all week and wanted help from your best friends sam and dean

“common please help me?” you ask them

“alright sammy you can leave i got this one” dean says to sam

“what are you talking about? what do you know about cheer leading other then chearleaders? sam asks dean

“plenty” dean tells us

“oh yeah?” *does gif*

“ok nevermind you got this sis..” dean tells sam

“what?” says sam as dean walks away