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I was thinking about the Lieutenant in RVB and, in my mind. I just see them as their Captain’s siblings.

Like not blood siblings but, people who they see as brothers and sister.

Simmons thinks of Jensen as the little sister he never had. He would teach her more smart stuff and they would get along amazingly. He’ll try and protect her from the assholes who keep telling her she isn’t as hot as Vollyball, and they have to get Grif and Bitters to stop it.

Palomo is just that annoying ass little sibling Tucker wants no part of but, he’s committed to try and teach him the ways of wooing the ladies (looking at you Jensen) and making him the second best lady killer in Chorus.

Bitters is that little sibling who you want to deny is just like you, but it’s really obvious. They’re both somewhat lazy, they both got a smart mouth and they both love eating, but Bitters isn’t as obsessive eating like Grif.

And Smith?

Smith is Caboose’s big brother.

He’s that big brother who is super strong, like Captain America looking and protects Caboose as if he’s the president and will do everything Caboose wants, even if it means coloring in kid books.



Please kill me.

So I hostess for a place that just opened up in Austin a few weeks ago, and today we were running a little bit of a wait for brunch. So this guy walks in and he’s talking to the girl running waitlist, and she’s getting his info, and I was standing there folding kids menus and I looked at him and I knew who he was as he was standing there but I didn’t know, know. 

So the waitlist girl asks for his name, and he says “Ackles.” And she goes, “Can I get a first name?” and he says, “Yeah. Jensen.”

And I couldn’t stop myself. I said “Wait, really?”

And he looked at me and just said “Yes.”

And that’s the story of how I asked Jensen Ackles if he was sure he was Jensen Ackles and I’m literally still blushing someone please just kill me.

(Also he was there with his wife and baby daughter and the daughter is the most adorable little girl ever.)