Story time.

So all during the J2 panel, Jared kept saying “taste the rainbow” when either Dean and Cas or Jensen and Misha were mentioned together. We were just going to do the reverse sandwich, but literally right before we walked to the op room I found this empty skittles package on the ground.

Jensen was doing the blue steel in every picture ahead of us. Perfect. @alternaurora told them our idea and they got in position, and then as I was wrapping my arms around Misha I pulled out the skittles package and held it up. Chris took the picture and then Misha immediately grabbed my wrist to look at what I was holding.

I showed them the package and then moonwalked away. Jensen apparently didn’t get it at first, but then was like ohhh. So then he explained it to Misha and playfully shook his fist at us. Misha yelled after us “YOU WIN THIS ROUND!”

Everyone behind us told us that they had to take a full minute to compose themselves afterward. Becca had the photo signed by Misha and he saw the picture and said, “oh, YOU!” and then winked and smiled.

Both Jensen and Misha were quite amused by it and it was all in good fun.