My Birthday Letter to Jensen

Dear Jensen - 

First of all - Happy Birthday!! I hope you’re able to spend your day with friends and family and celebrate surrounded by those near and dear to you. 

I just want to express my appreciation for the years of your life, the dedication, the love for what you do that has made Dean Winchester so special, so very real, to so many people.  I began watching when my son-in-law told me I had to watch, I’d love the show.  And I did - and do.  From the very first episode (the pilot) I watched, I loved Dean.  What can I say?  I’ve always loved a ‘bad’ boy with the heart of a hero.  Dean’s a badass, he never backs down, he never quits, he always wants to save everyone.  And when he can’t, he takes it personally, shoulders the blame, and moves on to the next job with the burden on his shoulders just a little heavier.  I can’t imagine the toll that portraying his heart-rending life has had on you at times.  I know you’ve shared at cons how tough season 9 was - and after feeling every heartache and crying many tears for him, I can understand it must have been so hard at times.  You have given so much of yourself to bring him to life for us.  I just want you to know that I love and admire you for your dedication to excellence in your craft.  Your talent and your all-in, everything-you’ve-got portrayal has touched me like no other character ever has.

I also want to thank you for your selfless and kind giving of your time away from the show to your fans.  I have read so many accounts of fans meeting you at cons, and what a wonderful, caring person you really are.  The time away from your family must be hard, and I want you to know how very much it is appreciated.  It’s so wonderful of Danneel to be willing to share you with your fans like she does, and I’m sure it’s hard to be away from JJ.  I will finally be attending VanCon this August, and I am looking forward to meeting you and Jared, and the rest of the cast, more than I can say.  (And I must say, I’m so excited to hear you sing in person!  I sincerely hope that you continue with that, you are amazing.) 

Thank you for being who you are, Jensen, and for staying true to yourself.  Thank you for your honest, caring, down-to-earth values and for not letting the entertainment industry ruin you.  Thank you for having the strength to keep your private life your own.  It’s so fun for all of us when you do share something with us, and we love it and appreciate it so much.  I have a great deal of respect for you - your reputation speaks for itself.  I have never read a bad word about you - whether it be from coworkers, former directors, friends or family, all I see is respect and admiration.  You are a wonderful, beautiful man, inside and out, and I count it a privilege to be able to watch you on my television screen every week.  I am so very glad we get to keep you all around for another season!

Once again, I wish you the happiest of birthdays, and many more years of success.  I look forward to watching you each week, and I’ll be extremely sad when Supernatural ends, but I will be so excited to see where you go next.  With all my heart, I wish you the best things in life and in your career.