More from SeaCon and VegasCon soon, but for now, some excerpts from the meet and greet with Jensen Ackles. Not verbatim, just from recollection, and certainly not a complete transcript - but some h…

I participated in the Jensen Meet & Greet at SeaCon, and one of the cool things that happened was I got to meet fangasmspn!  Yay for fandom studies. 

Jensen’s M&G was the best of the ones I went to, despite being shorter and with more people.  Here are a couple additional tidbits from me - you should read Lynn’s account too!  (similar caveats - from memory, not the whole conversation, summarized not verbatim.)

Episode 22:  Someone asked which episode he would have liked to have had the opportunity to direct.  He said this last one (they had just finished filming).  He rarely goes to directors with ideas and thoughts, but this episode inspired the director side of him and he had some good conversations with the actual director. 

Episode 23: It’s a 5 act episode, and the end of act 3, act 4 AND act 5 all have cliffhangers worthy of being the end of the episode / season. (In other words, we’re all gonna die).  Re-reading the script he found himself thinking he should send compliments to Carver, it was that good.  

I complimented the production department and the quality of sets and props, and asked how aware he was of the background props as an actor and also as a director.  He agreed that the level of detail was amazing.  As an actor helps them to get into the scene.  As far as selecting props - some are specified in the script, some bigger ones key to the storyline (like the First Blade) go through the art dept and executive producer approval.  For more generic items the director has a lot of discretion, can basically chose from an array of options provided by the props department. 

There was a lot more conversation, and he answered probably 10-12 questions (there were 20 of us there).  This was one of the highlights of the convention for me!

It is not surprising that the foundational hierarchy of male domination has remained so intractable - to acknowledge the existence of patriarchy is to recognize that patriarchy’s domination/subordination dynamic, which decent people claim to reject, is woven deeply into the fabric of all our lives in every sphere, including sexuality. Taking the feminist critique seriously shakes the foundation of our daily lives. Again, the system’s ability to allow a limited number of women into elite circles, as long as they accept the dominator logic, does little to undermine patriarchy.
—  Robert Jensen 

I couldn’t find this video on here, so here is Jensen and some of the cast members of the show being awesome… 

I am amazed at Jensen’s voice..just wow…