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I know this happened a while ago, but it still bugs me that Jensen downright said Destiel doesn't exist. Idk if it was ever resolved or if people just forgot

I seriously feel like we talked enough about this, and I’m one to let bygones be bygones. The Dutch have the amazing phrase to ‘take old cows out of the ditch’, but I won’t just shut you off because I love giving a quick summary about this. 

Jensen said it didn’t exist because he thinks Destiel equals them fucking secretly or them already being together. Which doesn’t exist, so he has a point. He just doesn’t realize that destiel is way more than dean/cas having sex, or at least he didn’t back then. 
Next to that they were on a J2 panel where his entire character seems to change. I noticed how bored and done he looked during the entire panel to be honest, he didn’t look comfortable and happy at all. People have been told not to ask questions about destiel/wincest/any ship during the panels, and when people do anyways, it makes sense Jensen got a little annoyed. 
Then again, remember that this is their job and they’re not allowed to say certain things. I’m not saying Destiel is canon now, just saying that even if they knew about destiel getting canon, they wouldn’t tell us anyways.

I have a pretty strong opinion about Jensen not being fully comfortable and fully himself in panels like that (where most brothers only ppl go) and him being way more himself during things like Jibcon. Just go watch jibcon 2017 and tell me he doesn’t feel better there than on that panel ages ago (i can’t even remember when this was im sorry)