[D-DAE] Happy Birthday, Jung Daehyun!

When I was younger, our household was pretty well off until the IMF occurred when I was in kindergarten, as poverty became my best friend. I wasn’t even able to go to kindergarten properly.

- Daehyun

You had a dream, and you were strong.

You are talented and funny and in all, just freakin amazing and I’m glad to have you as a bias.

I want to say that we will do our best on stage to the point where our vocal chords will rip and our muscles will explode.”

- Daehyun

It’s times like these where your passion truly brings a warm fuzzy feeling to my heart. Everything you do, you are passionate and I really love you for that.

Never stop trying and never stop smiling, I’ll be right here rooting for you, my loveliest busan dumbutt. ♥ 

cr for quotes/translations:

trans. cr; yasuis @ tumblr | source cr; 10asia ; take out with full credits & [x]


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