Jay x Reader (daughter of Aladdin)

“Could you please please please do a Jay X reader imagine where reader is Alladin’s daughter and Jay wants to hate her at first but since she forms a friendship with Evie and hangs out with them he can’t help but be intrigued by her and when a boy asks her out he becomes a little bit jealous and a tiiny bit possessive not in a dark way mind you”

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Things I need to be in descendants 2

•Aladdin and Jasmine, come on guys.
•Tiana meeting Freddie (if she’s in the sequel)
•a lot more songs like Rotten to the Core
•guys just more Kristen Chenoweth.
•More hero kids (cough RAPUNZEL’S KID sneeze)
•Melody, Ariel’s kid. Remember she exists? •more villain kids. (Ginny Gothel, the Gastons, ANTHONY TREMAINE, and Harriet Hook)
•Harriet and Anthony need their own bullet they’re special to me.
•okay but consider this: villain kids who don’t turn good.
•more Doug just pls guys
•how beast became king because I would not vote for him.
•mermaids. Mermaids would be cool.
•just more of Auradon in general.
•Alchemist! Evie
•PEtEr paN
•(Tinkerbell and lost boys???)
•did I mention jaylos?
•more Jane. I need to know what happens next to her.
•Anthony Tremaine and Chad Charming FIGHTING
•more Lonnie
•Alice in Wonderland characters pls pls pls.
•just more evie
•so we’re all on the same page about jaylos?

But tbh we all need to take a moment to think that Dove Cameron is 19, Sofia Carson is 22, Booboo Stewart and Mitchell Hope are both 21 but Cameron Boyce is only 16 years old and yet he is still on the same level of acting as the others and he is so great?? I think that’s why the friendships between Carlos and Jay / Carlos and Ben are so tight, because irl they’re older than him and have probably felt protective of him so it’s kind of like that only portrayed through their characters

Jay x Reader

“Jay x reader please where reader is Chad’s sister and Jay steals her handbag, but finds an inhaler and medicine in it. So he sheepishly returns it too her and aplogizes with lots of fluff please xx" 

 For vengeancechoseus

Note; theres like eight drafts saved right now, with six more request in my inbox. Some of these have been in here longer than others, but tbh I’m just going through the list and choosing which ones I feel like writing right now. That being said, these are gonna come in random order, but don’t worry if you requested something it will be up! Its just a matter of time. 

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ok but just hear me out.

descendants is more than just mal, okay? all the other characters have such potential and i’m sick of people skimming over them like they’re supporting characters.

when i first watched descendants, i didn’t even pay that much attention to mal because i just found her so…flat. sure, she’s great and all but here we have evie who has some serious character development. so do jay and carlos. i felt like mal just randomly became good for the sake of the movie.

it’s okay if mal is your favourite character, that’s totally fine. but at least acknowledge how great the other three of the core are.

i understand that the storyline is very much revolving around mal, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the characters don’t deserve any acknowledgment because their story’s take the backseat to mal’s.

Disney Descendants AU - Role Reversal    

  • In present-day Auradon, Princess Beth, the teenage daughter of King Adam and Queen Belle, is about to ascend the throne. Her first official proclamation offers a chance for four selected trouble-making teenage children of villains from the Isle of the Lost to live among them in Auradon and attend Auradon Prep. She chose: Carlos, son of Cruella De Vil; Jay, son of Jafar; Evie, daughter of The Evil Queen; and Malus, son of Maleficent.