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Unexpected -

A/N: This was a simple request that I took to another level. I must of been feeling some type of way when I started this, probably my own anxiety seeping through my writing. Anyways, I am sorry I made this more into a full blown thing rather than just straight smut, but there is smut, sooo. Ok, I hope whoever requested this enjoys the slight twist.

“Daddy!” I scream out as Jared finishes what he started.

His tongue woking on me through my orgasm, he lifts his head from between my legs and I release my hand from his ombre’d hair. His blue eyes are piercing as the morning sun bounces off them, his lips press against my inner thigh, again over my hip and a trail from there to my neck. I let out a few soft moans with his kisses and a smile appears on my face as he presses his lips to mine. He lays down on his side facing me, his arm wraps around me pulling me in closer, our noses almost touching. He brushes my sweaty stray hairs out of my face, his thumb runs down my cheek where he gently grazes my jawline. I close my eyes enjoying the moments, the sound of his breathing, the feel of his thumb tracing my skin and his arm wrapped around my waist, the smell of him and the LA mornings. 

“Come with me?” He whispers.

My eyes open and my brows furrow in confusion, “I just did?” I question back with a hint of sarcasm.

He lets his teeth show through his smile as he lightly shakes his head, “You know what I mean.” His hand squeezes around my waist.

“Jared,” I sigh staring down at his chest, knowing his eyes are my own weakness, “We have talked about this, I can’t, I can’t just up and leave for a whole year.” 

“What about six months? Just half the tour, you pick what half.” His thumb comes under my chin lifting my eyes to meet his.

“Jared.” I can’t help but smile at his pouting lip, “How about I start with three months and we will see how I do, sound fair?” I run my index finger over his bottom lip sticking out.

“That is absolutely fine with me.” He leans in and kisses my forehead.

I wiggle out of his grip and head to the bathroom to get in the shower, Jared stayed in the bed and by the time I was done he had a pair of boxers on leaning against the headboard. 

“No plans today?” I laugh as I walk out of the bathroom with a towel around me.

“I was waiting for you.” He sits up and looks at me, “We have to head to a couple of stores and then start packing, we leave in a week babe.”

“Ok, well you are going to have to walk me through this ‘tour’ process, like how many bags can I bring, what kind of clothes, what if it gets cold, or hot, how do you know the weather..” I begin pacing at the end of the bed.

“Woah, woah woah, slow down.” Jared hops up from the bed and pulls me into a hug, “A couple of bags, like 2 or 3, we can do laundry. Bring a little bit of everything. I’ll keep you warm. I can buy you a fan. We don’t.” His arms wrap around me a little tighter. 

I relax in his embrace, “Ok. Ok. Sorry” I let out a deep breath and kiss his bare chest before he drops his arms. 

I finish getting ready as Jared gets in the shower, I meet him downstairs as I am sipping on a cup of coffee leaning against the kitchen counter, as he walks by me he lets his hand fall against my lower back. I turn and look at him and we give mutual smiles, he can read that i’m nervous to go with them and he can see the anxiety setting in my eyes. 

“I promise everything will be fine, if you hate day one I’ll get you a flight straight home, ok?” He pours his coffee and leans his back against the counter next to me. 

“Mhhm.” I nod as I stare into my hot drink.

I have never been away from LA for more than a few days, this is home for me. Jared had tried to get me across seas with him for vacations before but I continued to turn it down. The first three months of the tour are in the U.S, mostly traveled by bus, then they start to travel the world with their music and that involves flying. Which is where my fear sets in. 

It’s the morning we are to leave for tour, Jared had triple checked everything for me the night before but I still wasn’t able to sleep. Either was he, we both tossed and turned throughout the night and before the sun was about to rise he grabbed onto my hand and I squeezed onto his. We laid there in silence until his alarm went off at 5 a.m. 
Jared’s restless night was from excitement while mine was from a constant thought of everything that could go wrong in the next three months.

The morning goes by quick and before I know it we are sitting on the couch in the huge bus. The guys are talking amongst themselves, talking about what they hope comes from this tour. I watch and admire Jared’s eyes lighting up as he talks, his smile grows to a grin and he leans forward on his knees as he laughs. He sits back in the couch with a chuckle and draped his arm over my shoulder, he places a kiss to my temple and I lean into him. I close my eyes and fall asleep against Jared’s warmth, listening to his laugh.

I wake up with the rough stop of the bus, Jared isn’t by my side and the other guys aren’t sitting around me. I groan as I sit up and lean back against the couch.

“Hey, babe. How you feeling?” Jared walks by me buttoning his shirt.

“Much better. What time is it?” I stand up and walk in front of him to fix a button he had missed.

“It’s 5:30, we are at our first stop. You can stay in the bus tonight, babe.” He rubs his hands up and down my arms.

“Do I look that tired?” I laugh at him and pat his shirt to his chest.

“You look perfect, but I know you haven’t been sleeping well and tonight we are doing meet and greets after the show so it’s going to be late when we are done.” I can feel him staring down at me but I refuse to look back up at him.

“I promise I’ll go to tomorrow’s show.” I bite in my lower lip.

“Don’t worry about it babe, I understand. The first night is always the worst. We have the bunk furthest back or you can have your own in the back on the left.” He presses his lips against my forehead, my cheek and finally he lifts my head and kisses my lips.

I pull him into a hug and it’s returned. The guys walk off the bus and into the first concert arena, we say our goodnights to each other as they close the bus door behind them. I let out a sigh, my neck and back already hurt from sleeping in an awkward position on the couch, it actually felt like I haven’t slept at all. I look around for my bag and grab one of Jared’s long shirts and a pair of underwear and socks. I lock the bathroom door behind me and enjoy a hot shower, letting the water run a little longer on my neck hoping to ease the tension. I change into my clean clothes and place the dirty ones in a trash bag I packed specifically for this reason. I open the bathroom door slightly, making sure no one is in the bus before placing the trash bag by my bag and getting into the bunk on the right. I want to know when he is back and I sleep much better when he is next to me. I check the time on my phone before trying to fall asleep, 8pm.
I hear the commotion of the guys getting back on the bus, all of them in full laughter and conversation. They settle down fairly quickly and I hear the shower start up again. I check my phone again, squinting my eyes to adjust to the brightness, 1:35am.
I close my eyes again but wait for Jared to come to bed before falling asleep. It’s not long and I hear the curtain slide open, he is trying to be quiet as he slides in behind me, his arms warm as he drapes them over my body giving me a slight squeeze. He nuzzles his head into the back of my neck and kisses behind my ear.

“I know that pretty little mind isn’t always pretty. Please sleep tonight.” He whispers in my ear.

I feel an ache in my chest, his words sting but provide comfort. I feel him breathing against my skin and I gulp trying to hold back the tears. I let out a steady breath from my mouth and force myself to relax into him, I close my eyes and wait to fall asleep.

I attend the next show and all the ones that follow for that month. I’ve got to watch them interact with their fans and they act like they’ve known them, making jokes and small talk with them. Watching Jared perform has always given me chills but watching him night after night has given me a whole new meaning to him. His passion fills the entire room each night, his voice sounds better and better and I never thought that was possible, occasionally he will slip me glances and i can’t help but give him the biggest smile.
The downfall of tour, the nights are long and even though I’m with Jared all the time, I’m not really with him. Most nights I head back to the bus after he gives me a sweaty kiss after their last song, they stay and usually talk to the fans for a little and then do another small meet and greet on their way back to the bus. By the time Jared gets back to the bus, showered and calmed down I’m already asleep or just simply exhausted.
Most days are busy with early interviews, early sound checks or the occasional tourist time we get. Then a couple hours before the show they all head back into the bus to change and get ready to put their all in another performance. 
Today we had a tourist day and I couldn’t wait, we were going to a zoo, since the guys all let me choose. 
I roll over in the bunk to tap Jared on the nose a few times, his eyes slowly open revealing those icy blue eyes.

“Guess what we get to do today.” I whisper and kiss his nose.

“Please tell me it’s you.” He pulls me in closer.

I let out a sigh from his words, when we are home Jared and I never let two days pass and here we are almost a month into tour and we’ve had no time alone, we have barley had any time to talk. 
His arms slide down my back and onto my ass, I bite my lip in response.

“Who is ready for the zoo!” Shannon yells out as he jumps out of his bunk.

Jared groans and I let out a laugh. Shannon knocks on the side of our bunk telling us to wake up. 

“We are up!” Jared’s arms leave me as he turns and pulls the curtain back, Shannon gives us a smile and throws his shirt on.

We all get out of our beds and get dressed and ready, Shannon hands me a coffee in a to-go cup and a warm smile. We all get out of the bus and Jared links his hand in mine, I can see the entrance of the zoo and Jared pulls on my hand to keep me from running ahead. He lets out a laugh as I roll my eyes at him, once we get in the zoo we all stay together and enjoy the couple of hours of free time we have. 
Jared and I stop to get a bottle of water and he stands behind me in line, he wraps his arms around my waist and pressed himself against me, I let out a gasp as I feel how hard he is.

“What the actual fuck Jared?” I laugh out.

He leans down to whisper in my ear, “I want to fuck you.” His hand gently runs over my the zipper on my jeans.

I let out a small sigh and turn to face him, “Do we have time?” I bite my lip mid smile.

He pulls out his phone and checks the time, “I thin..”

“Hey! Manager called, they need us to come check some things out with the stage.” Shannon comes walking towards us, “They said it will run right into sound check so bring everything we need.” He hits Jared on the shoulder and starts walking towards the exit with Tomo.

Jared presses his forehead to mine with a groan, “We will make time, I don’t know how much longer I can take it.” He presses his lips to mine. I pull him in closer by the waist and moan into his mouth, “You are not helping.” He laughs as he pulls away from me. 

“You are not the only one suffering, I have been trying to be patient for you.” I kiss his jawline.

“I swear if you touch yourself baby girl, I will cancel a show if i have to.” He whispers harshly at me.

I push him back to walk away and he adjust himself and the sweater around his waist, “You are all talk sometimes.” I laugh as I walk towards the exit.

Jared follows behind me and we make our way back onto the bus and it drives off to the arena. The guys are pretty organized, they keep their clothes in order for the next night just to make things easier and it’s one less thing they have to stress about. We all take a seat on the couch waiting to come to a stop.

“Did they say what it was about?” I look at Shannon who was rubbing his palms on his jeans.

“No, didn’t say a word. Just to come back to figure it out.” He shrugs his shoulders slightly, “He didn’t sound stressed, so I am sure it’s nothing major.” He reassures me with a smile.

I smile back and rest my head on the side of Jared’s shoulder. He turns his head towards me and kisses the top off my hair.

“So, have you?” Jared whispers into my hair just enough for me to hear. I tilt my head and give him a confused look, “Have you been playing with yourself?” He whispers again.

I can feel my cheeks blush and I bite my bottom lip to tease him, “Wouldn’t you like to know.” I whisper back.

His eyes narrow at me and I turn my face resting on his shoulder again, “Answer the question, baby.” His whisper a little more stern.

“No, I haven’t. Yet.” I turn to look at him and the bus comes to a stop.

Tomo and Shannon get off first and I go to follow after, only Jared grabs my wrist and pulls me back onto the bus. He closes the door and pushes me up against it holding both my hands above my head. He presses his lips to mine and lets out a sigh through his nose. I arch myself towards him and he presses his hips against mine, I can feel his bulge start to grow and I moan into our kiss. 

“You better be a good girl because once I get a free moment I am going to fuck you like I do when I come home from tour.”  He drops my hands and moves me away from the door, he walks off the bus and leaves me breathing heavy in the door frame. 

I step off the bus and my legs give out for a split second as I follow Jared. I meet them on the floor of the arena, I can’t focus on a word they are saying, I just keep watching Jared and thinking of how bad I need him. 
They get things figured out and Jared walks around the stage one more time before coming back to me.

“No big deal.” He says as his arm wraps around my waist while we walk to the back of the stage, “Now a quick sound check and then showtime, and you will be where I can see you tonight.” He digs his fingers into my side.

I nod my head at him and give him a smirk, he is truly concerned about me getting myself off and I love having that over his head.

The show goes on and I am standing on the side of the stage watching and admiring all of them, Jared check to make sure I’m there periodically and I give him a quick smile. As their last song ends I wait for Jared to come and give me that sweaty kiss.

“Wait outside of the bus.” He says after he kisses me.

He doesn’t give me time to nod or say anything, he is gone back on stage. I make my way out of the arena through the back entrance and walk to the bus, I wait outside the door with my arms crossed over myself to keep warm. I see the back door open up and Jared starts running towards me, I laugh as he is trying to look around to see if anyone is coming. 

“Why did you have me wai..” I’m cut off by Jared pushing me up against the bus and his mouth on mine.

His tongue pushes through my lips and I let him enter, his tongue swirling over mine, both of us breathing heavy and his body pressing me up against the bus door. His hands are running against my skin under my shirt and his hands are cool from the outside air, chill run on the outside of my skin but shockwaves are running through my body with his ever move and touch. 

“Get in the fucking bus.” He demands as his mouth barley parts from mine.

I quickly turn around and open the door, I walk inside and Jared slams the door closed behind him. 

“Strip, everything.” Nothing but power radiates from his voice.

I side my shirt over my head and I wiggle my jeans down to the floor and step out of them, I unclasp my bra from behind and toss it to the side and slide out of my underwear and toss it as well, I kick off my sandals and stand in front of him. His hand palming himself as he looks over me.

“Sit.” He points to the couch behind me and I do as I am told, he smiles at me and I return it, “You wanted to touch yourself so bad, well nows the time baby. Go ahead. show me what a little slut you can be all by yourself.”

His words make my core tremble, I lean back onto the couch and open up my legs. He lets out a heavy sigh as I slide two of my fingers in my mouth and then trail them down to my clit. I keep my eyes on him and he tries to keep eye contact but can’t, he strokes himself more frequently as my fingers rub small circles on myself and my moans start to escape my lips. I close my eyes and tilt my head back and slide my own finger inside me, I moan louder than before and I hear Jared groan in response. When I open my eyes again Jared is kneeling between my legs and he has stripped down himself. 

“Let me taste you.” He mumbles against my thigh.

I remove my fingers and watch him as he makes his way closer and closer, his tongue slides up and down my slit and my body shudders at the feeling I’ve been missing. He looks up and me and licks his lips before dipping his tongue into me.

Fuck! Jared!” I moan out and hold onto the back of the couch. 

He quickly slaps my thigh and the sting bring me to look at him, “What did you call me?” He gives a small bite to my inner thigh.

“I-I’m sorry, daddy. Please don’t stop.” I cry out.

He groans before he brings his tongue back to my clit, my back arches away from the couch and I can’t help but let out screams. He stops again and I groan and writhe in need for more.

“I know you want to ride this dick baby, come on, we don’t have much time.” He picks me up from my waist and as he sits down he pulls me on top of him. 

My knees on both side on him, his hands reach up and he squeezes my breasts in his hands, his fingers run over my nipple. I bite my lip to hold back another scream, I grab onto his member and run it over my clit watching him moan before I slide him in me.

“Fuck! Such a tight little slut for me.” He groans as he throws his head back.

I begin bouncing on his member and his hands move to my thighs, he lets one hand trail to my ass where he smack me twice with force. I jump each time and clench around him, he moans and digs his fingertips into my skin. 

“Daddy!” I moan out as I feel my orgasm approaching.

He groans knowing what I am trying to say, he holds my hips still and repositions his feet before he thrusts up into me, I instantly collapse forward on his chest in a fit of moans and screams. 

“Ahh, my filthy little slut loves when I fuck her like this, huh?” He groans out.

I can barely for any words, so I moan in reply. Jared spanks me harder telling me to reply with words, “Yes daddy! Yes! You are going to make me cum daddy!” I cry out.

“Let me feel you drip down daddy’s dick baby. Cum for me.” He thrust harder up into me.

Within seconds I am digging my nails into his chest and leaning my back screaming out for him, I feel him twitch inside me and his own fingers dig into my skin with low groans coming from his throat. Our movements slow and we wait for our breathing to catch up. He pulls out of me and scoots me back on his lap, I can feel myself run down my thighs and I let out a soft sigh. I rest my head against his chest hearing his heart pounding.

“I fucking needed that.” Jared whispers and I nod against his chest.

I feel Jared turn his head and nod with a slight laugh, I look up at Jared and he has a smug smile across his face.

“What?” I sort of giggle at his expression.

He nods to the bus of the door and my stomach drops as I look to see Shannon holding his phone up to us. I squeal and jump off Jared and into the seat next to him, I cover myself with the throw pillows on the couch.

“What the fuck! Jared, you knew he was here? The whole time?” My face is shock.

“I asked him to, I need something for the rest of the year that you’re not with me.” He bites his bottom lip. 

“And so did I.” Shannon laughs, still recording.

“I, I can not believe you two!” I am still trying to wrap my head around the situation.

“Don’t act like you’re not flattered baby, I know my little slut like the extra attention.” Jared gets up and slides on his boxers and then places a small kiss against my lips before sitting next to me again, “Who knows,” He leans in close to me and whispers in my ear, “Maybe next time Shannon will be joining us. That is, if you stay.” 

A chill runs through my body at his words, I can feel the ache in my core turn again, “Jared, you know I hate flying though.” I whisper back.

“So, you’re not against it then?” He lets a smile come across his face.

I blush bright red realizing he trapped me in this, I let out a laugh trying to ease my nerves and embarrassment. 

“I wouldn’t make you do anything you didn’t want to do baby. Don’t worry about it.” Jared gets up and starts to head to the shower.

Shannon has slid his phone in his pocket and was getting ready to get off the bus. My stomach turned from what I was about to say but I didn’t have time to think about my answer.

“I want to stay.” I blurt out.

Both of them stop and look at me and then at each other, Shannon smiles at me and continues to get off the bus and closes the door behind him. Jared walks back over to me and he leans over me, he places his hand around my neck and I let out a sigh in response.

“Such a good girl.” He kisses me once before heading into the shower.


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Jared Leto Lists House in Hollywood Hills (EXCLUSIVE)

SELLER: Jared Leto
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $1,999,000
SIZE: 4,021 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms

YOUR MAMA’S NOTES: Having upgraded and up-sized to a vast, historic and wildly idiosyncratic compound in the Laurel Canyon area of Los Angeles — more on that in a minute — Oscar winning method actor and indie-rock musician Jared Leto (“Dallas Buyer Club”) has hoisted his former home in the Cahuenga Pass area of the Hollywood Hills up for sale at $1.999 million. Mister Leto, who portrayed The Joker in this year’s blockbuster superhero extravaganza “Suicide Squad” and will soon star in “Blade Runner 2049,” the Ridley Scott produced sequel to the original and beloved dystopian sci-fi thriller “Blade Runner,” purchased the hillside home in March 2006 for $1.65 million.

Listing details somewhat generously describe the .29-acre property as a “mini-estate” and indicate the walled, gated and relatively unassuming, vine-encrusted two-story residence measures in at 4,021-square-feet with four bedrooms and three bathrooms that include two master suites with “incredible closet space” and spacious slate-tiled bathrooms. Chocolate brown hardwoods run throughout the main entertaining spaces that include a roomy living room with minimalist fireplace, a compact formal dining room with traditional bay window and a large and well-maintained if stylistically dated kitchen — boring beige tile floors, ordinary white raised panel cabinetry, and a mix of medium grade black and stainless steel appliances — plus an over-sized family room with wet bar and adjacent recording studio. The house overlooks a tropically landscaped side yard with swimming pool, spa, built-in fire pit, built-in grilling station, and extensive concrete terracing. Below the back of house a patchy patch of lawn is bordered by an anemic row of bamboo and there’s a large of unattractive terrace atop a detached two-car garage that’s accessible from a cul-de-sac that runs up the rear of the property.

That Mister Leto would put his Hollywood Hills home up for sale isn’t such a surprise to avid celebrity real estate watchers who already know, as mentioned above, he made a surreptitious, off-market $5 million purchase in late 2014 of the so-called Lookout Mountain Laboratory, a storied warehouse-like complex in the Laurel Canyon area. The industrial compound was built in the 1940s and used until the late 1960s as a military film studio where, among other classified projects, filmmakers and photographers with top security clearance made training films and documented military research on atomic bomb tests. The 1.7-acre spread, all but hidden behind an imposing driveway gate and a dense wall of foliage, has more than 50,000-square-feet of meandering, multi-level interior space that at the time of Mister Leto’s purchase incorporated eight bedrooms, a dozen bathrooms, several kitchens, and at least half of a dozen living and entertaining spaces that ranged in size from cozy to cavernous.


via Variety // 11/4/16

The shade in this article is so next-level subtle-extra I love it.
Still so weird Jarebear never put a mirror up in the bathroom…like, huh?
He probably figured if he had one - he’d never leave his bathroom.
Best not to risk it.


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