Requested Imagine: Can I make a request? YN is Jareds gf and she plays Harley Quinn? @ateliefloresdaprimavera

You had just finished your individual take with the rest of the suicide squad for the day and were about to call it a night when the director pulled you aside.

“We just have to finish the last scene with the car for tonight and then you can go back to your trailer and take your make up off, y/n.” You nod and begin to walk out towards the outdoor set.

On your way, you overhear one of the make up artists giggle to another. “They haven’t seen what each other looks like yet.” You smirk and keep going toward the Infiniti G35. So you were going to see Jared in his makeup. Finally! You hadn’t seen him once with his makeup the entire time you two were shooting the film and it was about time, if you had to say so yourself. You slip into the bright purple car, making yourself comfortable in the fuzzy white seats while the stagehand closed the car. The lights were on in the car so you figured he’d be there soon. Moments later the door was lifted up and your eyes trailed up to see Jard in full costume. His bright blue eyes grew wide as you grinned up at him.

“Holy Shit!” was all he could muster as he began to laugh, not at you but at how awesome you looked.

You giggled. “I should be the one saying that to you. Look at you!” He continues to laugh and jumps in the driver’s seat, closing the door behind him. The two of you continue to stare at each other, until you find yourselves just pointing out each others cool features.

“Your hair.”

“Your teeth.”

“Your outfit.”

“Your tattoos.”

 “Jared! Y/N! Please!” One of the producers yells over a hidden radio. “Can we please do the chase scene over with. When we’re done you two can ogle at each other’s costumes as much as you want.”

Jared only laughs and starts the engine. “Ready, Harley?”

A smirk forms across your painted lips. “Yes, Mr. J.”


I’m just going to be thirsty and exhibit delusional behavior for a hot second.

Baes and some beautiful girls with melanin. And by bae i pretty much mean Jared Leto and his love for that African princess aka: Lupita Nyong’o.

I mean, Lupita and Jared are just a dream. sigh. They should have babies.

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New Beginnings

Jared x Reader

Warnings: Swearing? 

Words: 1,975

Summary: Life happens, sometimes it can be bad, and you need to move on. Sometimes you need to move on to a new place. Start from scratch. What if you did, and your whole life changed again, but this time, for the better?

Here it is! My first Jared series! I’m so excited for it you guys, I hope you love it! Let me know. Enjoy!

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