[In response to a fan asking why the cast thinks Supernatural is universally appealing to both Democrats and Republicans, re: this article]

Misha: I think that Supernatural is popular with Democrats because it’s very… democratic… and that it’s popular with Republicans because… there are a lot of guns…
Jared: That’s like the worst answer to anything ever.
Jensen: [moves to say something]
Jared: [to Jensen] What?
Jensen: I think he’s doing great!

  • jensen:misha. misha. how are you buddy?
  • misha:im well thank you for asking
  • jensen:you're looking very good today, dapper as always
  • misha:thank you
  • jared:how was your, uh, your facebook live before the panel? anything happen? *evil laughter*
  • misha:umm, fuck you both
  • *laughter*
  • jared:we saw him in the corner, and its like—
  • misha:jensen has figured out that it. i. im not sure how you figure out when im livestreaming but you figure it out
  • jensen and jared talking over each other:because, its because, i get its
  • jared:it looks like your either peeing or masturbating
  • jensen:i get like text messagse like "misha is now livestreaming" and im like again??
  • jared:also, more often than not, you look like this *walks over to wall and mimics misha livestreaming* and jensen and i are like "is he really doing that here?"
  • mark:i thought it was porn
  • jared:like does he need toilet paper? like whats going on? cause he just stands in the corner like *mimics misha again with... interesting pelvic/leg movements*
  • jensen:its the leg shake that really gives you away
  • misha:*stands up, shaking leg*
  • jared:yeah, hes doing it again
  • misha:like a dog when you scratch its stomach i do the when im livestream masturbating

idek wtf is happening but
im Mishalecki Garbage™ 👌🏾

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