First of all this is not my original idea, I got it from this video by this Viner. I give her all the credit for this idea, I just wanted to expand it to tumblr. Also, none of the images used in this (really crappy) graphic are mine.

Background Information ★

As most of you know, Jared Padalecki, most famous for playing Sam Winchester on the television show Supernatural, has been having a hard time, as he has said on his Twitter. He has had a history with clinical depression, and has recently worked with fellow cast member and friend Jensen Ackles on his Always Keep Fighting campaign, to support To Write Love On Her Arms.

What Is The Padalecki Positivity Project? ★

The Padalecki Positivity Project will be a video, or a series of videos, depending on the popularity of this post, dedicated to Jared Padalecki, his family, and the other cast members of Supernatural. These videos will be filled with positive messages to Jared, from his fans, a.k.a you guys

Why The Padalecki Positivity Project? ★

Jared Padalecki has given so much to us throughout the years, through his acting and his appearances at conventions and most recently, his Always Keep Fighting campaign. I believe that it is time to give back with this small gesture, to tell him that we appreciate him and that he is loved by us because of what he has contributed to the fandom through both Sam Winchester and himself.

As for the name, it is mainly dedicated to Jared Padalecki, for spreading Positivity, and because I love alliteration I called it a Project.

What Can I Do? ★

The most important thing to do is to reblog this post, whether you are willing to participate in the project or not. You can also like this post to bookmark it, but reblogging is more important! This project needs a lot of participants, so we need to spread the word.

If you have reblogged this post and want to participate, message me to let me know if you’re participating or not. The last day to message me will be the 8th June, so you’ll need to hurry!

When you message me, I will send you back my tumblr email, in which you can email me what you want in the video. It can be a video of you (and your friends, if you want) talking or singing or dancing, it can be a photo of you or a sign or letter to Jared and the rest of the Supernatural cast, it can simply be a piece of writing that I will transfer to the video. The last day to send these in is the 16th June. I will then compile these messages together into a video (or series of videos, depending on the amount of responses), and will post it/them on my Youtube Channel between the 20th and 28th June. I will also post it to tumblr and Twitter.

After that, you can send it anywhere! Reblog or retweet the video, tag Jared, tag the other cast members, so we can try to get him to see how much we all support him.

Thank You For Reading! ★

I’d really appreciate it if we got this off the ground, so we can do what we can to show Jared how much we support him like he has to so many of us.


We all know how much effort Jared puts in #AlwaysKeepFighting campaign. He loves us, his fans, so much. He listens to our problems, he encourages us to keep fighting, because life is too important to throw it away. It’s really rare to see a celebrity, someone who has given so much love and time to make their fans feel better and not alone. And now it’s our time to show him that he’s not alone, to show him how thankful we are to him for sharing his story and for telling us to always keep fighting. Please keep sending love to Jared, he needs it now. Send as much love and positive thoughts as you can because Jared appreciate it very much. Let’s show him that he’s not alone in this and that he has to #AlwaysKeepFighting!