Moomins are extremely popular in Japan even today. Japan has also produced many of the Moomin animations, such as probably the most popular and well-known version, Tanoshii Mūmin Ikka (Moomin 1990 TV series). Tove visited Japan twice, in 1971 and 1990, to discuss deals on Moomins. On her first trip Tove even held a speech in Japanese and was complimented on how she pronounced the words.

Tove was both happy and confused by all this love her stories received. She tried to find an explanation to the invisible bonds between Japan and Finland. Tove came to the conclusion that the lack of worry in moominworld, as well as all the fun and joy of life in the stories were able to lighten Japanese anxiety and melancholy. Japanese people also shared Finnish people’s love for nature, especially the sea, islands and long beaches.

The Sea Sheep (Costasiella kuroshimae) is a sea slug native to the Philippines and a few Japanese islands. This slug conducts kleptoplasty where it will steal chloroplasts from photosynthetic algae and use it to photosynthesize sugars for itself. 

The remains of ceramic hand grenades, manufactured in quite the primitive fashion towards the end of World War II as emergency weapons to arm the populace to defend the homeland from American invasion, are seen where they’ve been dumped and abandoned since 1945, on the bank of a brook in Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

for all the baby cows interested in learning japanese/living in japan etc etc!!


so i haven’t been super present on here lately and that’s because i’m trying to figure out wtf i’m doing with my life

well i’ve had a youtube channel for a few years now, and was always really inconsistent with it but atm its basically gazette covers and me rambling about dumb shit in english and japanese. and while that’s cool and all i feel like i wanna do something helpful with it! 

i’ve been so lucky to talk to and even make friends with a lot of u angels on here and it seems like many of you are interested in learning japanese, visiting or even moving to japan, but maybe you don’t know how or you’re a little scared…

i started learning japanese 12 years ago and moved here by myself 2 years ago and have been enjoying all the freedom and scariness that goes along with that

and there are a lot of hard things and a lot of fun things and i thought if i could share my experiences with you guys/answer your questions it could help you make your japan-related dreams come true!! 

https://www.youtube.com/kyarii88 this is my channel

and i want to talk about things like differences between japan and my country, cost of living, experience working here, how long it took to learn japanese and how i did it, beef or chicken, how to prepare to move and deal w the difficulties, and ofc anything else that would be helpful to you!!

thank u guys always for being nice to me <3 :’)