I know we all have a thousand questions for Moffat and Gatiss, but I just can’t get over Janine’s last name change in The Abominable Bride.

Why change it unexpectedly to “Donlevy” if not to pay respects to “Donleavy”, the female relative of Moriarty in the Mary Russell Sherlock Holmes novels? Why have that prominent newspaper clipping missing an “A” if not to draw attention to it? Why have Arwel tweet during TAB setlock a sentence with a capital “A” randomly in the center? Why frame Janine with the bison horns? Why have her Irish, like Moriarty? Why cast an actress who looks exactly like Andrew Scott? Why have her be Mary’s #1 go-to gal but not worth anything in the end? Why have her go to Sussex Downs like Holmes and Donleavy? Come on, hardly any people are thinking about this. Out of the millions of viewers, I bet only a few people in the world have noticed these parallels and are still mulling them over. There’s a carefully foreshadowed villain reveal with Janine (and Mary) but we haven’t seen it. “Donlevy” cannot be a coincidence. If there is no Lost Special I will go to my grave wondering about this.

You got freckles on your shoulder, ammunition like a soldier
And visions, ambitions to be the best

Oh and Jenny why don’t we, Jenny why don’t we be getting together
I said Jenny shouldn’t we, Jenny shouldn’t we be getting together

I haven’t drawn ZR art in a very, very long time but I still love Janine very, very much

  • Janine: We should have you over for dinner. But my place, not this scuzzed up...
  • Sherlock: *internally* Back the truck up, lavender Lucifer. Did you just insult my home?!
  • Sherlock: *internally* Dust is eloquent. It has character. This is the heart o' London, 221b Baker street. You should feel privileged to be here.
  • Sherlock: *internally* Nasty words, woman. Can't wait to break off the engagement after I propose.
  • Sherlock: *internally* Even Mycroft isn't this hurtful.
  • Sherlock: *externally* *Smiles and laughs*

how do you think, could janine be bi. everytime i see her on my dash i get my radar tingling. well, maybe it’s just a wishful thinking. but she is the most charming woman on sherlock for me. she’s kind-minded and fun and self-confident. and not stupid. still dunno what was in it for her to roll with sherlock’s weak-ass proposal lol. she knew sherlock was gay and she made john jealous on purpose. bless