This is for anyone who has ever been touched by Jared’s AKF campaign and by his giant heart and generous spirit. Countless fans have poured out their hearts to Jared, letting him know how AKF has helped them. He has frequently been moved to tears by their stories, love, and support.  

I think that this moment perfectly demonstrates what these two are all about: supporting each other and reaching out to fans who need to know that help and understanding is out there. 

There should never be charity vs charity.

Those bashing Jensen for being part of YANA have made it clear that whatever support they gave AKF were not doing so to be charitable at all, they were merely supporting the celebrity not the cause. 

These guys are all fighting for the same cause in different ways and to help the fans that they have been affected by so to bash one and support another makes no sense if you genuinely cared about helping people fight depression and anxiety, in fact putting down any endeavor to further the support for fans who are coping with these issues is counter to what Jared was trying to do by raising people’s awareness of it and it’s you who he would be upset by not his friends starting a new project to help fans.

AKF is an awareness and fundraising campaign while it looks like YANA will be a means of support for those who have taken the AKF message to heart and want to find the right support to help them fight. It makes sense to do that under an established charity that’s already grown from fandom. Maybe it’s stories and encounters with fans like this (link) that has made Jensen want a more ‘hands on’ involvement and maybe through his own experiences Jensen feels more connected to helping people find the right support than in talking about mental illness first hand to raise awareness of it.

There’s not one cancer charity because there’s not one aspect of fighting cancer. There’s research & development, fundraising & awareness, support, treatment etc and it’s the same here. They are separate campaigns for the same cause that compliment not compete with each other and I’m sure they have all got together at some point to talk things over because they are friends who also compliment and don’t compete against each other.

Happy Alternate Universe Friday

AU- J2 AU, which you said was okay, although if you think about it all J2 is Wincest AU.

(I mean no disrespect to the master Neil Gaiman, I only humbly imitate; this version is missing much from his masterful story. Stardust is one of my favorite love stories of all time, and this is the j2 version.)

Jared Tristan Padalecki always knew he was different. He grew up on the outskirts of a town called Wall, named for the wall running along the north border of the town. A wall, they said, that separated this realm from the Fairy Realm. Jared was taller than the all the other kids his age; more regal looking, and much to the distress of his father Gerri, more fanciful in his thinking.  He daydreamed and got in trouble at school until he was old enough to daydream and get in trouble at his job. JAred fell in love with the loveliest girl in the town, Sandy.

She was lovely of face and sweet of disposition. Most of the time. BUt she was also sick of living in a small town and wanted something bigger, something grander, for her future and she didn’t care how she got it.

So when Brian, son of the town magistrate, began to woo her, Jared began to lose her favor.  He planned picnics and gave her gifts and flowers every day, but Brian had money and means that would never be available to someone of Jared’s station.

One night, when Jared had managed to lure Sandy out with a fancy picnic, they were watching the stars when they saw a star falling to earth, landing far into the fairy realm.

“Brian is going all the way to Ipswich to buy me a ring before he asks my father for my hand.” Sandy said, conniving smile on her face.

“Ipswich? You deserve something far grander than a ring from Ipswich. I would…I would cross the wall into the fairy realm and bring you back that fallen star.” Jared declared, passion in his voice and love in his eyes.

“You would? Would you bring it back before my birthday in a fortnight?”  Jared nodded, already getting up and gathering the picnic supplies, making plans for his travel.

“For you, my love, I would do anything. I will bring you that fallen star and I will be here before your birthday. And then, you will consent to marry me?” Jared looked at his beautiful love with such hope on his face, Sandy could only respond with a smile.

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I liked this moment at Jaxcon (video) because it contributes to my sense that oftentimes when we see Jared all over Jensen in panel, it’s either about him grounding himself, or him letting Jensen know that he’s okay. Here, somebody asked a question that was kind of emotionally heavy (it referenced suicide), and Jared answered it with his usual sincerity. This moment is just after Jared’s finished talking: Jensen doesn’t even say anything, just shifts his gaze away from the questioner to look at Jared, and Jared pats him firm and reassuring on the head, “I’m good.” Then they turn to hear the next question. (It reminded me a lot of this moment at Nerd HQ 2015, which also shows Jared kind of patting Jensen to let him know he’s alright to carry on.)



Okay let me tell you what happened. They came out of the car and they walked up to everyone and when Jared was in front of me I was like “youre so tall,” and he was like, “I know” and he stood up straight and I was like wow then we took a selfie and I told him January was very hard for me and him and the cast helped me a lot and he said, “Its okay, we all have bad times,” then he held my hand and placed his hand on my cheek and then we hugged and I was like “I’m gonna cry,” and he was like “It’s okay, I’m an actor I cry all the time. I also wear makeup." 

Then I went to meet Jensen and we were kinda rushed so I couldnt say anything but he was so nice and he hugged everyone and while they were walking away I yelled, "you guys are the best!” and Jensen yelled back “no youre the best!”