Celebrating the chemistry and friendship between Jared and Jensen and Sam and Dean.  :)

by me, Ash48

jared picking jensen up and sitting him on the counter and kissing him   (´ω`)

jensen wrapping his legs around jared’s waist and pulling him closer  ( ´∀`)

  • My mom:Do you want my old romance novels? I'm getting rid of them.
  • What I Said:Pfft. I don't read romances.
  • What I Meant:Your books contain a shocking lack of Jared & Jensen and/or Sam & Dean. And what's with all the heterosexuality? No thank you.

anonymous asked:

Do you think j2 may come out some time in the future?

Yes. But future as in this year to 2017. Lately, they’ve been acting a lot different (in my opinion) to the public’s eyes. They talk more and more about their kids together and how they’re together, which is how they’re getting everyone used to seeing them as a family and not just ‘two best friends w/ kids’. And they’ve been posting a lot more about hanging out in public and not hiding at all when they’re in Austin. And “working on bringing their families down” they sure weren’t working too hard, lmao. 

Most people thought they’d come out in 2008 (that’s why I always talk about that year and how I miss it) but for some reason they didn’t (RP maybe?) but a lot of the same things that were happening back then are starting to happen this year, so I think it will happen this year or the next year or so. :)

But it’s best I don’t get my hopes up so I should just go with the flow and wait for them to be most comfortable.

anonymous asked:

I swear J2 have the greatest romance of all time, nothing can rival the love they have for one another.

Their relationship is honestly one of the most amazing things I’ve ever witnessed.  Like, their love for one another is so deep and so pure and just stunning that sometimes I forget that it’s not a crazy romance script they’re acting out…it’s real life and that’s so bizarre and wonderful <3

I have such high expectations of relationships because of them now and it’s frustrating because I doubt I’ll ever find someone that I share that kind of connection with.  Everything about the two of them is so beautiful and enviable, but most especially is their relationship with one another 

anonymous asked:

can you tell me what this tough mudder thing is? and also, why are they all so attractive when caked in dirt and sweat?

Tough Mudder is this awesome team obstacle course race.This description on their website is:

“Tough Mudder is a team-oriented 10-12 mile (18-20 km) obstacle course designed to test physical strength and mental grit. Tough Mudder puts camaraderie over finisher rankings and is not a timed race but a team challenge that allows participants to experience exhilarating, yet safe, world-class obstacles they won’t find anywhere else.”

Basically, lots of obstacles and LOTS of mud–which is why it’s called tough mudder :)

As for why they’re so attractive… it’s a scientific fact :P

Actually though, I’m not sure if it’s anywhere close to being correct, but I have a theory that muddy/dirty/sweaty people are attractive for an actual reason. Evolutionarily, the strongest members of the community were the successful hunters/gatherers and the best candidates for creating healthy offspring. So like, when I see someone (anyone: male or female) super sweaty and muscle-y and dirty, I feel like there might be some biological thing that just kind of lights up as ‘IF WE HAD BABIES THEY WOULD PROBABLY SURVIVE WOW YOU’RE ATTRACTIVE’. Obviously, I have no idea if this is actually accurate, and I don’t think of people as potential mates to perpetuate the human race, but maybe it’s an evolutionary tool? *shrugs* They’re just really attractive XD

This month our Sunday Morning Porn Club turns two years and in celebration we’re hosting a Porn Pile.

On May 31st we plan to open the doors for everyone to post. For one day only, smpc will be open for all pairings including at least one of either Jared, Jensen, Sam or Dean. For this special day we will also lower the required word count to 1k so that it will be easier to participate. But not only writers are welcome, we also invite all artists, podficcers, vidders and porn creators of any medium.

So get your porn-fu on and join us. Let’s see how much porn we can get posted in one day.

For any questions, please comment here or contact alycat or ashtraythief

  • Author:  paper_storm88
  • Warnings: angst, graphic sex, first time, non-AU
  • Summary: Jared doesn’t know it at the time, but breaking up with Sandy changes him and breaking up with Genevieve just makes it worse. It pushes him closer to the best friend he’s had for more than three years but has just never really noticed before. When Jensen rents a cabin in Montana for a week, for just the two of them and the dogs, a night filled with stars and too much whiskey spins Jared’s life completely out of control in a way that neither he or Jensen are prepared to handle.



Hey you! Yes you out there in Tumblr land…you need a smile for today? Well this is guaranteed to make your face hurt from how wide your grin will be watching this. A perfect J2/Sam and Dean vid in one. Love these two goofs to the moon and beyond. Thanks Ash48 for sharing your clever talents with the world :D Love ya!!