This New YANA Charity.

I logged on today to seven new messages asking me what I think about this new Misha/Jensen rip off Campaign. Instead of answering them individually, I’m going to make a post about it.

I know that both the J’s have said that Jared has been involved since the beginning.

To me, in my opinion. They’re lying and doing damage control. I have never seen this fandom more upset, than over the past few day’s of Misha’s rip off Campaign.

The backlash to this campaign was in incredible amounts… Every fan was against one another.

There is no doubt in my mind that EVERYONE (the J’s, Misha, their team ect…) Saw the outrage from the fandom. It’s very clear to me that they added Jared in last minute to help cool everything down.

If Jared was involved since the beginning why wasn’t he credited? Why didn’t Misha or Jensen mention AKF? Why isn’t Jared’s face on those hoodies/shirts?

In this picture below, I believe the title read’s: “Jensen & Misha “You Are Not Alone” Campaign. I don’t see Jared’s name anywhere? I don’t see his face on any of the Merch? 

I’ve always said that the J’s are two separate people and they are. Jensen is aloud to have a life outside of Jared, and vice versa. Just because I’m a TinHat doesn’t mean I think they only live for each other. That’s 10x ridiculous, and close minded.

I have also said that Jensen and Misha are friends.

Do I think they are besties? No. Because you can’t be best friends (or be in a ‘secret’ relationship like you Cock(less) fans think) with someone you never see outside of work.

The meaning behind this new Charity is amazing. Anything that helps the people is a good cause. I just don’t understand why they partnered with Creation when they keep a shit load of the profits for themselves, that’s kind of sad.

The reason there was so much outrage was because people could see that this rip off campaign was exactly that.. A rip off…. The fact that Jared actually had to say that this wasn’t a competition, just let’s me know that he saw the hate that he and everyone else was getting… That’s also sad.

Jared originally had his own campaign that was supposed to happen on Valentines day, now however, the Represent site is no where to be found. Isn’t that just suspicious? I just saw/was on the represent website yesterday. 

As I said before, there is no doubt in my mind. That the reason why Jared is now included in this ‘Charity’ if you want to call it that, is because of the backlash that Misha and Jensen received for doing this.

It’s interesting that they say this was a part of Jared’s AKF chairty. But yet, no one mentioned that this new charity was apart of it, until the backlash happened.

I’m not trying to pit fan’s against each other, or start a war here on Tumblr. You guys asked for my opinion and I’m going to give it to you. I’ve never been afraid to say how I really feel, and I’m not going stop because of the repercussions from random people I don’t know online who have nothing whatsoever to do with my life.

Side Note: (To all you pathetic Anon’s out there who are upset by this post. I hope you don’t feel the need to message me, because you will just get blocked, I never read your messages all the way through anyway. A lot of you are cowards that hide behind your computer and remain anonymous. I don’t and will never take what you say seriously. You’re a joke.)