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Truth spell or fraternity roommates?

“Fuck, this place is even smaller than the regular dorms!” Jensen’s new roommate, Jared, tosses his duffel bag onto one of the narrow beds with a huff.

It’s true. The room’s about two-thirds the size of the one Jensen had vacated in his college-assigned dorm in order to sign on as a pledge. He’s got his own duffel bag and a box in his arms, which he sets gingerly on the rickety desk at the end of the other bed in the room.

Great, sharing a tiny space with the cutest guy Jensen’s seen on campus in the most bro’d out, no homo place possible.

He tries to offer Jared a smile. “I’ll wear headphones if you do.”

Jared lets out a little bark of laughter, turns to look at Jensen more directly. He’s got dimples. Jensen’s throat feels tight when he swallows. “Deal,” Jared replies. 

Jensen sets his bag on what’s become his mattress by default, unzips it. He hears Jared doing the same. “So what brings you here?” Jared asks and Jensen looks over at Jared’s back. He’s tall, lean, and Jensen can just make out the flex of a back muscled proportionally to the arms poking out of Jared’s sleeveless basketball shirt.

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So, I was just surfing articles in hopes of season thirteen spoilers...

And I came across this one about Jared’s daughter.  I’m sucker for babies, so I clicked on it, and…

…I can’t help but notice…

…Something doesn’t seem quite right here.  

Okay, mistakes happen, right?  But it gets worse: 

Quality journalism at its finest, folks.