I liked this moment at Jaxcon (video) because it contributes to my sense that oftentimes when we see Jared all over Jensen in panel, it’s either about him grounding himself, or him letting Jensen know that he’s okay. Here, somebody asked a question that was kind of emotionally heavy (it referenced suicide), and Jared answered it with his usual sincerity. This moment is just after Jared’s finished talking: Jensen doesn’t even say anything, just shifts his gaze away from the questioner to look at Jared, and Jared pats him firm and reassuring on the head, “I’m good.” Then they turn to hear the next question. (It reminded me a lot of this moment at Nerd HQ 2015, which also shows Jared kind of patting Jensen to let him know he’s alright to carry on.)


My Impala-themed photo ops from Jaxcon 2015.

The first one is supposed to be the Boys leaning on Baby having a broment. As soon as I got up there, Jared took the empty bottle I gave him, overturned it, and started giving me a hard time for bringing them empty beer bottles. Jensen was turned away talking to someone else, but as soon as he saw the bottle, he started making the same joke. Not sure if he saw Jared doing it and wanted to be like his boy or if they’re both just on the same wavelegth, but either way it was adorable. Unfortunately, when I cleaned the bottles out, Jensen’s didn’t dry as well, so as soon as he turned it over, it started dripping on the carpet. I WAS SO EMBARRASSED I WAS DYING and Jensen started teasing me that I would have to replace the carpet.

Jensen’s op was the first one that day, and as soon as I walked up he started getting excited about my cosplay. He looked me up and down and gave me thumbs up and was like, “This is amazing.” I told him I wanted to see Dean Winchester’s reaction if he woke up one morning and the Impala was magically a pretty girl. I’m a little miffed that of all my ops from this con, I look the least cute in this one, but I COULD NOT BE MORE DELIGHTED with Jensen, because he did the CLASSIC “Jensen is really excited about something” pose:

Id Be The First

Word count: 384

Warnings: none

Pairing: J2 x Reader

requested: you crash j2′s panel.

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Being on the cast of supernatural was fun for you. Although the show was sometimes serious the boys found a way to bring light to set. What would make you laugh the most was the way they would prank Misha. You never got involved for you felt you would get out of hand. Because you were quiet the prankster.

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