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Mark Sheppard should leave Supernatural, he's to good for them.


I have to say that I 100% completely agree. It doesn’t seem like fans consider him a part of the show, it’s almost like Mark is just ‘there’ to them. Even the J’s and Misha kind of exclude him from things. Mark is a very credited actor who is taken seriously in the business and been in some of the best TV shows.

He should just move on from the Supernatural universe. 

(And let’s be honest for a moment, I’d rather see Mark continue on the show than Misha. There is no need for Castiel anymore, he should’ve left after Season 7.)


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The J's to me are a couple that need each other around at all times. Literally everywhere they go the other J is not far behind. Jared moves to Texas from California, then a few years later Jensen moves from California to Texas. They spend holidays together, they go on vacation without their wives. They sleep in the same hotel rooms. They can't keep their stories straight.


You’ve got me all flustered, I think you deserve a kiss lol!


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This video features Supernatural Seattle.

Highlights include:

Jared FB Live video from his trailer

Seattle Gold - J2 talk about what they were fans of when they were younger.

J2 talk about Jensen crying while filming S11E21 - “All in the Family.”

Jensen talks about the only fight he had with Jared which was during season 1.

Afternoon panel - J2 with the Padababies - Thomas and Shep. They have the audience sing Happy Birthday to Thomas who turned 4 the day before.

Jensen explains that they had a birthday party of Tom the night before.

Jared talks about reprising his role as Dean on “Gilmore Girls.”

Jensen talks about the brothers’ bond.

Emotional Winchesters

Jensen talks about celebrity encounters.

J2 talk about when they first met. I always love hearing about how quickly they hit it off.

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Are their any rumors as to when Jensen came out to his family?

Hi love.

I don’t know any specific date/time. But I do know (or at least the rumors are) that his parents weren’t really receptive. They’re very religious and attend church a lot, so as you know being gay isn’t really accepted.

Supposedly his father was the hardest on him. Like when Jensen’s dad told him that there’s no manly way to sip out of straw. Now, I get that his father could’ve been making a joke. But straight men’s masculinity is so fragile these days it’s quite sad.

In my personal opinion, the reason why I believe Jensen’s father was the hardest on him about everything is because his dad’s an Actor too. But the thing is Jensen has the career that his father always wanted but never got the chance to attain. Jensen’s famous, has a fan base, and is wealthy beyond some people’s comprehension. 

To me, I think Jensen’s issues with his father stem much deeper, more from jealousy than anything else.


- K

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Did you notices at the SDCC panel after Misha speak in hight tone Jen says thats that how he sound in the morning and Jared said how does he know? Omg the face and the way Jensen sees Jared, he is trying to say something to him just with his eyes.


Jensen was trying to say: “Jared why are you egging on these crazy ass Cockles fans?”


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