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I have seen talking about Jensen and Jared and "myth of personal space" I do not understand? Why is it myth? Is it because of standing close or touching or ? (Sorry for my bad English)

Your English sounds fine to me!

J2 and the Myth of Personal Space is a funny tag people use because of the things you mentioned plus so much more. There is a whole field of research called proxemics that deals with how we use the space around ourselves. We all tend to keep a bubble of personal space around ourselves. We have a tendency to move away from people who invade our personal space. Unless you’re talking about these two:

I mean, really you can just look at how they choose to stand and sit. It’s always right next to each other, usually with at least some part of them touching- their arms, shoulders, or knees. 

And then there’s the constant touching too.“There is a primal reassurance in being touched, in knowing that someone else, someone close to you, wants to be touching you. There is a bone-deep security that goes with the brush of a human hand, a silent, reflex-level affirmation that someone is near, that someone cares.” (That’s from a book by Jim Butcher and it reminds me of them.) 

So you can see why some people feel like they make the idea of personal space into a myth. They certainly don’t need any.

Btw- generally speaking, personal space is anywhere from 6-24 inches around you. Anything closer than 6 inches is called intimate space. But they clearly don’t even need that little gap in between them.

And they’re always so casual about it too. Like it’s no big deal at all or they don’t even notice the’re doing it. They should really be a case study for those proxemics researchers. 

Supernatural has a decent sized fanbase and the show is going onto its 12th season. But I still think it is underrated and underappreciated. It deserves WAY more recognition than it has. This show is too amazing and has done so much for so many people. It has also broken milestones not many shows have. It deserves more.  

J2 photo ops + Sunday tickets for sale!

I have 2 J2 photo ops and 2 Sunday preferred seat tickets (S031 & S032) for the upcoming Supernatural Convention in Toronto that I’m looking to sell. My friend and I were looking forward to going to our first con to meet the boys, but she’s been diagnosed with some pretty serious health concerns in the last week or so and needless to say, we won’t be able to go this year sadly.  

I wish we could still go, but at this point I’m just looking to get back what we paid and ideally would like to sell the day tickets together with the photo ops if at all possible. Please message me if you’re interested please!!! :)


Baker!Chef Jensen J2 fic recs

Hello anon! Thank you for your words, that fic is awesome, those are what I remember right now.

Kisses Sweeter Than Wine   Texas in July is not exactly where Jensen Ackles has any desire to be, but a job’s a job and interviewing Jared Padalecki, the most famous and successful winner of America’s Next Celebrity Chef for Saveur magazine isn’t something Jensen’s going to turn down. He’ll do the interview, try not to laugh, and get back on the plane. Jared isn’t any happier at the thought of yet another interview with someone who’s already made up his mind that Jared’s nothing but a pretty face, but the network insists, so fine. He’ll do the interview, practice his patience, and be done with it.  Funny how things don’t quite work out that way.

Food Porn Jensen’s a neurotic sous chef and his roommate Jared’s a disgruntled chef turned blogger turned author who’s just trying to finish his book. Mostly they call each other names, and then they fall in love. And then they call each other names some more.

Spun Like Sugar  Jensen moves to a small college town to start a gourmet cupcake shop without knowing he’s going to have competition from an overgrown local with decidedly unoriginal taste. Their rivalry heats up as fall turns to winter, and then one mistake threatens to ruin everything Jensen’s worked for—unless a Christmas miracle can save him.

Kitchen Confidential  It became a little harder to not take it personally the next day, however. Jensen came in at 11am and found most others already in the kitchen, in varying states of chef-dress. Jared seemed to be holding court in the middle of the kitchen, hat again placed at that angle, tails of his white coat flapping as he gestured wildly, telling some story that had Adrianne actually crying. At least Jensen assumed it was with laughter, though he’d found the onion fume curse could strike at unexpected times in this kitchen.

Out of the Double-broiler, into the fryer   Jensen is a five star chef who likes to share recipes on his blog in his spare time. Jared is a man who randomly fries things and dares to call it food, but Jensen isn’t bitter in the least about how large of a following Jared has online.

The Beat of Our Noisy Hearts   In a world where heartbreak is a literal condition, it’s Jared’s job to sew, fill and patch the physical wounds left in people’s hearts by lost loves, misunderstandings and betrayals. Jared’s own love life is more than a little dire, largely because Jensen doesn’t date and Jared doesn’t do one-night stands, but he’s got good friends and a job he loves, so he figures that he can’t complain too much.  When a killer attacks Jensen, Jared discovers that a needle and thread, desperation and a sharp scalpel are enough to save Jensen’s life, but at a cost that is going to change Jared’s life forever and tie them both together in a way that goes far deeper than flesh.

With abandon or not at all Jensen’s life was complicated enough when his biggest worry was what crazy color his best friend/roommate/ex-boyfriend/co-executive chef, Jared, was going to dye his hair this week. Then his dreams came true and, somehow, his life started falling apart. Now he’s got an insane client to please, a career-making meal to cook, a hodge-podge kitchen staff to corral, embarrassing, half-naked pictures plastered all over the internet and maybe, somewhere in there, a love of his life to win back.

Sweet Touch  Jared loves being a dessert chef even if catering wedding showers doesn’t do much for his love life. Of course, this is the first time he’s met a maid of honour who isn’t a girl.

Fair Exchange   Jared Padalecki is a successful model who is coerced into appearing in a ‘Wife-Swap’ style TV show. When he finds out who his new partner is – he is in for the surprise of his life!

The Treat Fairy    This prompt from the kink meme:  Jared hasn’t been able to catch the person who is leaving him the pastries - someone is baking Jared the most delicious sweets; one day there was even homemade candy (every now and again there are homemade doggie treats for his babies too). When it first started happening, all his friends told Jared it was dangerous to eat random food that an unknown person was cooking for him, they were worried that he could be poisoned. Jared thinks everyone is just paranoid, no one who bakes likes this is dangerous.

Jensen has a crush, and when he gets nervous he bakes. He noticed that his crush - his hot tall neighbor - likes sweets, so he gives all the results of his nervousness to Jared. The fact that Jared seems to like his baking just makes Jensen even more nervous..

If You Only Knew  AU. It’s been 20 years since Jared’s seen Jensen.

How Many Flowers, Would You Guess?  Jensen is a baker. He loves his job, is shy, sometimes clumsy, wears glasses and loose sweaters. One day he backs his car out of a parking lot and crashes into the car of Jared Padalecki. Jensen immediately starts babbling, wants to apologize, all the time trying to push his glasses back up his nose, searches for his insurance card in his pockets.

Jensen is so distracted that he doesn’t see the amused smile on the other man’s face. Doesn’t see how Jared Padalecki, son of one of the richest men in the city, can’t take his eyes off Jensen and immediately falls in love with the man who has flour all over his cheek.

Over the next weeks Jared comes to Jensen’s bakery and tries to woo him.

Walk a Mile in My Shoes    Architecture student Jared and aspiring chef Jensen are touring Europe in the summer(not together, and they’ve never even met).  Their bags get mixed up at a train station, so they end up spending the rest of their trip learning about each other through the journals, music, and other items they had in their bags.

Once Upon a Breakup   Jensen would consider his life pretty magical, buried in fantasy and cookie dough, and free of the ex that was really no good for him. Everything was on the right track, which was probably why he suddenly had a Detective in his shop, guns waving in his face, and a whole mess of trouble he didn’t sign up for. Bloody Hell.

And They Call It Puppy Love Taking care of two adult dogs in their tiny apartment, Jared and Jensen just barely get by. Things get a little ~ruff when they find out they’re going to be grandpappies. (But Jensen will never acknowledge that name)

Not the Gumdrop Buttons Jared is a gingerbread cookie, Jensen is the chef who loves him to life, and somehow things just get weirder from there.

Instinct and Taste   As a young chef trying to break into the sizzling hot world of Charleston cuisine, Jensen Ackles spent more time in the kitchen than he did sleeping, eating, or socializing; he was absolutely dedicated to his craft and to the mentor who’d given him a chance. When all of that work paid off in a big way, Jensen was thrilled, but from the moment he accepted his dream job, other aspects of his life began to sour, quickly.

Now, shouldered with the extra burdens of caring for his brother’s house and keeping his job safe from a brown-nosing new sous chef, Jensen tries everything, up to and including therapy, to keep his life from boiling over. It’s not until he hires college senior Jared Padalecki that things start to turn around, and Jensen learns that if he can stand the heat, fate might cook up something even better.

Life: Served Two Ways Jared’s a High School English Teacher. Jensen’s a Part-Time Census Taker with Goals. They Like Each Other. A Lot

Caught in the Cookie Jar…   Jensen helps his nephew bake at a cookie contest. Unfortunately, his childhood nuisance Jared Padalecki is also there. Sprinkles fly.

Red Velvet Cake   Jensen met Jared twenty-six years, four months, two weeks, and one engagement ring too late.  But thankfully, he also met him one wedding cake too early.

Live To This   When they first meet they’re just two screwed up people looking for something. It’s only supposed to be a one night stand, but they just can’t shake what they found in the dark.

But everything between them blew up in their short time together. Years later they’re even more screwed up and they’ve stopped looking for anything. But what was once there is still there.


Pie In The Sky  He came home one day to the smell of warm pie; Dean was in the kitchen, running water into the sink, and the room looked like a flour-filled bomb had hit it.

Lose Weight, Eat Cock  Wincest AU, virgin!Sam, pastry chef!Dean. Gabriel turns cock-sucking into California’s latest diet craze. For chomaisky’s prompt “Sam in leather handcuffs”.

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