Jensen, Cockles panel & alcohol at #JIB8 (from someone who was there)

Hi there,

I’m just taking a minute (or half an hour apparently) to tell you about my experience at #JIB8 this weekend.

One, I’ve never had the chance to come to Creation cons unfortunately so I can’t compare really but I do feel like the actors hold #JIB and Rome really dear and did so way before I had the chance to be part of the #JIBFamily.

Two, Jensen has been in a very very good mood ever since the opening ceremony on Saturday. He was smiling like crazy, I stared at him during auto session (I was in line for Misha and couldn’t see him for a while so I stared at Jensen until Misha was in sight). He was making jokes to the staff & he was just a ray of sunshine.

Our first pictures was a blast & he was giving his 100% to every single fans.I saw him later in the afternoon again for a second picture and his panel was greaaaat. To me the vibes of happy!Jensen were already there from the get go.

Now, ever since last night I’m seeing people convinced that he was drunk and NO. NO. HE WAS NOT DRUNK.

On Sunday, I saw Jensen 3 times, I had two more pictures with him and an autograph.

The Cockles photo op was a bit weird because Misha wasn’t really into it. My poor unicorn has been doing stuff for 10 days without rest and jetlag + going out all night Saturday did not help. (I think he can’t sleep well lately, during the concert tonight Rob told us Misha and Adam (and more of them maybe) only went to sleep at 6AM). I had my picture with him later on and he still wasn’t as present as he is during his photo op usually. He was tired.

Lots of the actors were hangover or tired on Sunday. Jared got teased by Jensen but even really tired, he was being very present & professional & smiling. He was still less goofy or quick & witty as Jensen though.

We are used to have a more or less fake Granpa/cranky!Jensen while Jared is being a child because he likes to be cranky!Jensen but really, I stayed quite a while in that photo op room (I entered and suddenly the Prophet Passes who probably were told the J2 photo op session at started, had to run in from a M&G or something and so as they have priority, my friends and I had to wait in the room while they were ushered to the front and while the guys were taking pics with them) So yeah, I had the chance to be there more than I should have and J2 went smoother than Cockles because despite being tired Jared was also probably influenced by Jensen’s mood. All this at 10 AM Rome Time.

In the last part of the afternoon, after my Misha photo op, I went to wait for my last interaction with Jensen and get my autograph. It happened just after Misha brought the amazing call center volunteer for #YANA to Jensen. At that point I had no idea it had happened. I waited for one hour and Jensen didn’t show up until later.

He entered the room and got cheered, he raised his hands and shouted, “Alright you guys, let’s do this”. He then did his job and was smiling big to whomever came to him. He had a cute moment laughing with the staff. I had my auto and left the room so happy I was about to burst into tears.

At no point into this was he drunk. Not during auto. And this was like 45 minutes to an hour before he came onstage with Misha. The reason he was so late was because he had his emotional moment (which he talks about during the panel) and so after Daniela and the rest of the guests took care of him, he had to first go to his M&G and then finish a very long line of autos. Thus explaining the more or less 45 minutes between the time I had my auto & the panel.

Was he already drinking before the panel ? Maybe. But if so most of the drinking must have happened in the green room right before the panel and they probably only had a window of 10-15 minutes (I’m probably being generous cause unlike all the panels this day, Cockles was mostly on time) before they came on stage.

To me, Jensen was overdoing it during the panel because he had just experienced an emotional moment that he couldn’t process yet. And I think that’s why Misha stopped his - incredibly cute, over the top -flirting and shenanigans (It doesn’t change that they happened and they are glorious). He was doing too much. He was trying to not let the panel get too serious because he was still emotional. Misha knew it. And Jensen probably knew Misha would want him to tell us about it, to deal with it or to acknowledge what had happened and because sharing it with us was what he needed even though he wasn’t sure he could keep it together.

What we saw was Jensen repressing this thing and goofing and Misha was having none of it because he probably went through something similar several times doing what he does best. He wanted Jensen to cut the crap and tell us what was really happening. He knew Jensen probably needed to.

So to me, no, Jensen wasn’t drunk at all. He was raw with emotions, over the moon happy to see us and trying too hard to shake off this feeling he didn’t really have enough time analyzing and processing. He wasn’t collected yet. NOT DRUNK.

To me it is a bit insulting and judgmental to say he was drunk. It’s saying that he doesn’t get to act silly around us when he feels vulnerable. And I get it, we don’t all see the Jensen/Misha or Cockles the same way but despite your different views on this, Misha stopped Jensen and asked him if he was ok to share his story with us to help him.

Let me finish this with a word on how #JIB works and on alcohol on stage. No actor is forced to drink. Ever. They are offered alcohol, there are games around it. It’s still their fucking choice to not drink it, on stage or in the green room. They are adults. #JIB feels more like a holiday convention to them. Rome gives them something each year that sounds more like holidays (which for J2M is really holidays). The rules are a bit different, they get to curse and to be politically incorrect. It’s a bit more free than what we witness in the American cons or maybe in Australia, from a panel point of view. They are having a good time.

Alcohol is offered as a gesture of hospitality and it’s also a running joke that they are not tired of for now. So chill, please. Stop assuming the worse. So much good vibes happen in that panel room. I’m sure all who have been at cons can relate.

Love you all. Had the time of my life and Jensen Ackles is the best thing that will ever happen to you.

PS: I’m not a native english speaker so sorry if my writing is weird or full of mistakes.

Anti’s, Take Several Seats, & Never Stand Again!

You criticized, and tried so hard to destroy YANA. The very campaign that means so much to Jensen. A campaign that brought him to tears. Twice! One he’s so grateful for, one he’s proud to have co created with Misha, and been apart of. And y’all did your damnedest to be ugly, spiteful, problematic, viscous, jealous, petty and bitter as hell. You claim with y’all self serving asses that you care about Jensen, that’s a bunch of bs. You don’t see him as a person, you see him as a thing to own and do with what you will. You attack his family, you attack those he loves, and try to destroy what he worked so hard to create, a thing that saves lives that brought him to his knees, he’s so proud. And you tried to kill it. With all honesty……FUCK YOU!  For real! Y’all are disgusting trash, and toxic to humanity! That’s all haters are! Bullies! Cowardly attention whores who can’t deal with these three people who love each other, and also love Misha. A bunch of bitter bitches who needs get off the fuckin internet! Begone with you.

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