Okay let me tell you what happened. They came out of the car and they walked up to everyone and when Jared was in front of me I was like “youre so tall,” and he was like, “I know” and he stood up straight and I was like wow then we took a selfie and I told him January was very hard for me and him and the cast helped me a lot and he said, “Its okay, we all have bad times,” then he held my hand and placed his hand on my cheek and then we hugged and I was like “I’m gonna cry,” and he was like “It’s okay, I’m an actor I cry all the time. I also wear makeup." 

Then I went to meet Jensen and we were kinda rushed so I couldnt say anything but he was so nice and he hugged everyone and while they were walking away I yelled, "you guys are the best!” and Jensen yelled back “no youre the best!”

Jared Padalecki

Okay so lord knows I love Dean and Jensen and everything, but I feel like for the past few seasons, Jared has sorta been getting ignored. If you go back through old seasons gag reels and videos that the boys have made, Jared is so sweet and funny and just great all around and not to mention complete adorableness. So is Jensen, of course. But now I feel like the fandom is putting Dean over Sam always. Like idk if it’s cuz of destiel so we automatically think of Dean but do you guys remember how much Sam has gone through and how amazing he is? Like seriously, comb through old seasons and watch vids and see that Jared and Sam are really great and should not be put below Jensen and Dean. Besides, we love Lucifer, not Michael. Haha sorry had to make a satanic joke.

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You really don't think anything is going on? At the last con they seemed a lil off, Jensen goes out with Terry Chen then Jared's posting and naming his friends in the tweet, then goes to Vegas, then Seattle and now Jensen and Misha are tweeting and going into this new Random Acts Charity together. I'm kinda scared

Hi Darling.

While I agree with you about the Con feeling off, in the beginning that is. I’ve said before I’m sure that had to do with Ben’s post. Which is probably why Jared also lied at that Con, and said he spent a whole month straight with his family lol…

The reason why Jared goes to a lot of bar’s is for two reason’s.

1.) He likes to drink.

2.) Jared invest’s in bar’s. (He also has other investments with Condo’s and house’s that he rents out.)

(Just the other day Jared made a tweet about “McDonald’s breakfast all day”. He was promoting them. And I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, if I was Jared I’d do whatever I could to get my money as well. Because in this business you’re hot one minute, and the next everyone is tired of you.)

Also, Misha’s new charity is a rip off of Jared’s. This whole ‘Your not alone thing’ is a joke. If I remember that’s Jared’s thing, now granted Jared wasn’t the first one to ever do anything nice for people charity wise. But still, Misha want’s to play with the big boy’s, so let him have his fun you guys.

At least the charity it for a good cause. 

(Now, don’t get me wrong. I think that the meaning/and the message behind this new charity is a wonderful thing. But I’m also saying that Misha’s charity is a rip off of Jared’s, plain and simple.)

Jared (today) posted a TBT on Instagram about his day’s on Gilmore Girl’s first. And then Jensen posted one of himself. It’s obvious Jensen did that because Jared did it.

Also Jared liked Jensen’s TBT on Instagram (Proof Below):

So, no. I don’t think anything is going on with between the J’s. I think that people overreact, and tend to over think things. And if there is something wrong, and I’m in fact wrong. Then obviously we will know in the near future.


- K

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I've always wondered if J2 ever read any fanfic??


I think they do every now and then. But NOT a lot. Probably close to nothing at all. 

I know if I was famous, I might read fanfic about myself a few times but I wouldn’t do it a lot. Because I’m sure it’d be weird.

Besides, Jensen did say one of his favorite fic’s/ship’s is Wincest.

Video Proof: Jensen Says He Likes Wincest


- K

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