They always talk about me anyway, they’ll always talk about me, that I’m having a tough time, that I don’t have my place [here]..this, that..It’s my 8th season in Madrid, in this great club alongside great players, whenever I get in I try to perform well, I’m getting stronger slowly, and the season is still very long.
—  Karim Benzema on Bein Sport 22/11/16 [asked how he finds this strenght and score important goals.]
Into the Woods Master Post

Title~ Into the Woods

Author~ Me! @dont-tell-them-i-write-phan

The wonderful beta who made this actually decent~ @fluffygayprince

The beautiful artist who made beautiful art ~ @paytrickstump​ You can find her art here

Word Count ~ 26.8k

Rating ~ PG-13

Warnings~ Non-graphic fighting, Dan gets cornered in an alley in a way that hints at possible rape (No rape whatsoever) Dan has a panic attack

Summary ~ Dan had never meant anything to anybody his whole life, and he was actually pretty okay with that. He had two stable jobs (one which he hated, but it’s whatever), a little old lady that believed in every superstition ever, a friend who listened to him complain, and a dog that followed him home every day and ate his leftovers. However, a week after his twenty fifth birthday, when he’s cornered by something most definitely not of this world he learns that he may be a little more important than he thought. Also that his dog is actually a man with wings. That was a shock.


Part One

Part Two

Part Three (Final)

Author’s notes ~ Oh my god I can’t believe it’s actually done. I have been nursing this thing for six months (that’s half a year?? wtf) and it’s my baby and I am so proud of it. I really hope you guys all like it, and if you did I’d love love love to talk to you about it! I’m sure all my friends would love it if I would find someone new to talk to. Thanks again to both of my team mates, you guys are the absolute best!