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I was looking up the etymology for Succubus and Incubus to find a gender neutral term, and I found your post. From what I can tell, Incubus comes from in+cubare, Latin for "to lie upon" and succubus from sub+cubare, Latin for "to lie beneath." Using this knowledge, I made the term Procubus, which should be the equivalent of "to lie beside." I thought to share it with you, in hopes that you may find it useful.

Hey this is a really interesting concept to consider!  Also takes away the sexism that incu/succubus connotate.  Thanks,


Perelesnyk (aka litavets). A figure in Ukrainian folk mythology and demonology akin to an incubus. He was believed to fly in the shape of a fiery dragon or young man, to enter homes through chimneys, doors, or windows, and to seduce women by assuming the appearance of a deceased spouse or lover.

The perelesnyk has a female counterpart, perelesnytsia, but she rarely appears in Ukrainian folk mythology.