She knows, Minwoo. She knows. Also, congrats on getting assistant shopkeeper.


Guess what I was supposed to post last week but then didn’t bc idek.

Preview for next time: Guess who owns the place. It’s Donghyun. He hasn’t made an appearance yet, so it makes sense.


하나 둘 셋 (One, Two, Three)
— A R&B Pop Ballad talking about the regrets and reminiscence after breaking up
— translations by me

[MW] The streets we walked together,
the places where we’ve been together*
(Not sure, and for the rest I can’t hear him my goodness.
He’s my bias but I really want to punch him for this.)

[KM] On a day like this, you too,
Do you have the same thoughts as me?
What sort of thoughts do you have?

[YM] The uncomfortableness of listening to friends’ comfort,
and the meaningless introduction by them to someone new
[JM] I can’t stop the prominent thoughts of you
But I should be able to do well now, would you listen?

[DH] Firstly, I won’t betray you
Two, I’ll love you more than you
Three, even if I don’t say anything,
I’ll keep this love as it is from the start
[HS] And four, every day, whenever you want to find me
(whenever you want to find me)
I’ll be in front of you, for you to always see me easily
To me, these are very easy things to do


[OFFICIAL/VID] 150306 Music Bank BOYFRIEND - One Two Three + BOUNCE Comeback Stage | kbskpop


Shit Boyfriend members say Pt 1