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Keith is the one who is more openly in love with hunk (ie look at their faces during the Klunk Hug™), hunk is more shy about it, till the weblum episode, where hunk starts being more open and teasing Keith.

omg that is so CUTE ;A; And I can totally see it happening :’D Keith wouldn’t say anything though - I think he wouldn’t feel confident enough to confess because Hunk is perfect so why would he want Keith who is a mess of issues and has a temper problem? It gets even more awkward for him once his galra heritage is discovered, Allura is angry with him, and the rest of the team doesn’t quite know what to do with the new information so Keith is Sad™. Hunk notices, of course he does, and when he sees that nobody is doing anything to reassure Keith that nothing’s wrong, he takes matters into his own hands. Cue the weblum episode and the good natured teasing :’D They confess no much longer after that… or, more like Keith blurts it out in the middle of helping Hunk with the dishes or some equally menial task and Hunk is surprised but utterly delighted, and says that he loves Keith, too. Then they are both grinning like idiots, looking at each other and blushing madly, fidgeting with hands full of alien soap (dishes completely forgotten) for like, two entire tics until Hunk opens his arms and Keith all but flies into them for the Best Hug in the Entire Universe.

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hi, can you do head canons for hunk's best friend being hopelessly in love with keith? Love your blog! have a great day/night! :)

thank you very much! also yes, here you go! hope you enjoy!

  • The moment Hunk introduces you to the rest of the Paladins, he already has an inkling that you’ve developed a crush on one of them. It’s in the way you act—bashful and nervous, careful as though you don’t particularly don’t want to baffle anyone with your actions and it’s also in the way you speak—timid and shy—almost as though you’re embarrassed, almost as though you find it awkward, as though you find everything uncomfortable. It’s almost as though you’re uncertain on how to act around them, which is extremely unlike you. He would notice how you’re easily embarrassed, even more so than usual, and he would narrow his eyes in suspicion, pondering over this for a while and wondering why you’re acting like this before it all finally clicks in his head. He would figure out that you’ve developed a crush, though he wouldn’t know immediately who that is, as he has never really managed to correctly guess what your type and preferences are. Still, that doesn’t mean he’s not down to find out as soon as he could.
  • The moment he would finally catch you alone, he would press you for details. Who are you fancying? Are they one of the Paladins, too? If so, which one are they? He would ask you so many questions you’re almost certain you’re going dizzy from all the pressure he’s trying to put on you. You would try to answer as much questions as you could, though when he’s finally asked you about your crush’s identity, you would hesitate. It would take him a few more words, coaxing and encouraging, before he’s finally able to receive the answer he’s desired to hear for quite some time now. You would look around you first, your gaze darting around your surroundings as you try to make certain that there’s no one to hear you but him. The moment you’ve finally made sure of that, you would finally whisper your crush’s name, your voice so soft, so breathy it’s almost a whisper.
  • At first, Hunk would be a little confused, baffled with the information suddenly thrust upon him. Why Keith? What does he have that has you instantly falling for him? Was it his good lucks? His personality? He would spend a few moments trying to comprehend all this, trying to figure out the answer behind this obviously baffling love equation. When he still couldn’t find the answer, he would turn to you and ask you the question directly, to which he would be responded by with a shrug.
  • It would probably take him a few days to finally accept the facts and adjust to the idea that you’re crushing in on one of his other friends, though once he’s finally gotten over it, he would try to support you in all kinds of ways.
  • Be prepared to be in all kinds of situations because you’re going to be in for quite a ride. Hunk would try to do all kinds of things just so he could get the two of you together. He would even go as far as to try and employ the help of the other Paladins which excludes Keith, of course, inviting them to join in his cause. He would devise a variety of plans, and these plans would sometimes include situations that are so clichéd and common you’re nearly sure the idea has come from a romantic comedy show the two of you have definitely watched before—such as the two of you getting stuck on a room with no way out for more than a few hours—as well as some extremely embarrassing or even borderline mortifying situations—such as him inviting the two of you out for a so-called night out before bailing out on you at the last minute and forcing you and Keith to spend the night at a place you have no idea about. He would try and give the two of you as much alone time as possible, and he would even try to set the two of you up on dates as often as he can that you’re going to be forced to conclude that his matchmaking ways are so painfully corny and so painfully obvious that it’s only a matter of time before Keith finally figures out that you’re harbouring some romantic feelings for him—which is exactly what Hunk intends to happen, though he would never tell you just that.

TLDR: Hunk is a supportive best friend, and while he would probably judge you at first for falling in love with someone as abrasive and closed-off as Keith, he would still help you try and win his heart. The ride would probably quite a bit embarrassing though, but he would be with you all the way through, supporting you in the sidelines and cheering for you with all his might that you’re nothing if not grateful and appreciative.

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OMG U DO SONGFICS YESSSS could you write a HunkXReader one to Satellite Call by Sara Bareiiles

YESSSS I actually have a weakness for songfics, like honestly. I have two tests in my worst subjects tomorrow, but here I am, finishing this. I also made it kinda long? I mean, it’s 4.6 pages with 1616 words, but hey. it’s worth it. I hope you like it! I ended up making it kinda angsty, because i’m also all about that angst. Also, this is my first request from Tumblr, so I’m a bit nervous? Haha, oh well!

Hunk heaved another heavy sigh as he stared at his unfinished cooking. Coran seemed to notice the paladin’s usual liveliness was, well, not there. Inquiring of his quietness, Coran was greeted with a fake smile and an avoidance of the question. The same was done with Keith, Lance, Allura, and Shiro, all of whom had asked about Hunk’s depressed state. It fell on Pidge to figure out the problem. After discussing several reasons with the rest of the paladins as Hunk was resting alone in his room, they came to the conclusion that Hunk was homesick. The mention of “home” implied one other aspect of home Hunk dearly missed, one [name] [last name]. Upon discovery of this, the paladins formulated a plan to cheer their friend up, just as he had done for them countless times before. 

Hunk was simply lying in bed, thinking about [name], when Pidge entered his room. Not even bothering to knock when she was excited, how Pidge-like.

“Hey, could you help me out with something?” Pidge asked.

“Uh, yeah,” Hunk answered unenthusiastically. “I guess.”

As the two walked to “Pidge’s area”, the other paladins were working behind the scenes. When they reached it, Hunk’s eyes were on the floor, so he didn’t notice the large set-up that the rest of the team had worked on. Finally, Pidge cleared her throat, snapping Hunk out of his trance and causing him to finally look up and see everything.

“Whoa…” was all he could manage. Somehow, the team, most likely under Pidge’s directions, had constructed a giant amplifier-thing and attached it to Pidge’s computer. The rest of the team stood proudly beside Pidge, Lance having fun with pointing at anything that looked remotely cool.

“Guys… what is this?”

“Well,” Lance began, “we noticed you were kinda down lately, and we figured it may or may not have had something to do with [name].”

“So,” Keith continued, “we helped Pidge build this… contraption so that you would be able to make a long distance video chat with her.”

“Hypothetically, at least,” Allura chimed in.

Shiro’s eyes met Hunk’s and he nodded. “Go ahead.”

“Alright, alright, everybody out!” Coran bellowed. “Do not interrupt the man’s time with his lover.”

The rest of the team left Hunk to his silence. He immediately began playing with the computer, attempting anything and everything to see how it worked. When he concluded that it worked like normal, the first thing he did was contact [name]. Hunk felt the life return to his body as the machine started working.

And when she picked up, he started crying tears of joy.

“[name],” he managed to whisper through his tears. “[name], it’s me, Hunk.”

“Hunk…?” Her voice was hesitant, as if she was having trouble believing him. It was understandable, to say the least. But he was even happier when she recognized that it actually was him. “Hunk! Hunk, it-it’s really you…!”

Despite her hearty laughter, tears streamed down her face. Hunk felt terrible watching her cry, being the reason she was crying. The only thing he wanted to do was touch her, hold her, be with her. But for now, this was enough. Knowing she didn’t forget about him was enough.

“Hunk, I thought you were dead,” [name] cried.

“I know, I know,” Hunk replied. “And I’m so sorry, [name]. I really am.”

[name] had to take a moment to digest what was happening. He was really here, right in front of her. It didn’t even matter where he was, because he was alive. And nothing could make her happier.

“Where did you go?” [name] finally asked, collecting herself. “What happened? I mean, I looked everywhere for you.”

“Y-You did?” Hunk stuttered, genuinely surprised and happy that she was so dedicated to him.

“Of course, I did, Hunk,” [name] exclaimed. “You’re my boyfriend, you know.”

“I-I know,” Hunk repeated. “I mean, I just thought that maybe, since I just disappeared on you, you would forget all about me.”

[name] managed a wistful smile, a complex expression that Hunk never really figured out, but still managed to make his heart skip a beat. She was so beautiful to him.

“I got your letter,” [name] told him, reaching behind the computer to show him two letters. “Well, the one that you left in your room was certainly… entertaining, to say the least.” That managed to get a laugh out of Hunk, something she was glad to be able to do. She cleared her throat, and began reading the paper, “Let’s see here. ’[name], Lance is forcing me to sneak out. I’m sorry. I’m kind of afraid to, to be honest, but he says it’s a team building exercise.’ Remind me to give him a good, old slap to the back of the head when you come back. Anyway, ‘Don’t worry. I won’t do anything that I’ll regret later. Lance may want to flirt with girls, but I only want my girl. I love you. Be back soon.’ Signed Hunk.”

Hunk didn’t know how to react. “Um… we didn’t exactly go into town that night.”

[name] laughed, making Hunk’s heart melt. “I kinda figured.”

“Right, well, we found Pidge, and Pidge started telling us about alien stuff, and then we got a huge reaction-”

“That code thing they announced over the speakers.”

“Right, that, and we went to check it out. I was against it, I will have you know. And Shiro came back in this alien ship, and we met Keith, and we escaped from being chased, and crashed at Keith’s house, and then we saw these weird energy signs, and we followed them, and we found this huge, blue, alien lion, and we were attracting these bad guy aliens, so we left to keep you all safe, and-”

“Hunk,” [name] interjected. He paused. “Breathe.”


She laughed again, that same, old melodious laugh. As if nothing had changed. But the truth that they both knew was that many things had changed. But for now, this little moment was enough. Mirth entered her [eye color] orbs, a quality that Hunk found endearing as always.

“You know, after you left, we searched for a long time, but they gave up. Everyone gave up so quickly, I couldn’t believe my eyes.” Her eyes drifted to a faraway place of memories. “But I didn’t want to. I would sneak out at night and look for you, clues, anything.” She chuckled. “There was even this one time where I, uh, commandeered one of their hovercrafts for a couple of days.”

“[name]!” Hunk exclaimed, although his eyes were laughing.

His partner laughed at his reaction, and flashed him a cheeky grin. “What? It’s not like they were using it. Anyway, I ended up finding your friend’s little house, and I noticed a letter addressed to me on the table.”

Hunk had completely forgotten about that letter. He had written one for her while they were staying overnight, just in case. Looks like it was worth it.

“And in this letter, Hunk… you promised to come back to me,” [name]’s gentle words reminded him. Hunk could feel his chest tighten as he watched his beloved suffer, but couldn’t do anything to help her. The most he could do was extend his hand and touch the computer screen in front of him, an action [name] copied. “So, I waited. I went back to the garrison, and they took me back in, only as tech support this time, because I rock at tech and they need me.”

“Oh yeah, they do,” Hunk concurred. Joy danced in his eyes.

“And as it turns out, I made the right choice,” [name] resumed. “Because you know what? I may not know exactly what you’re doing right now, and it sounds really complicated, but I believe in you. And I’m so proud of everything that you’ve done, and everything that you’re doing. And I am willing to wait for you, no matter how long it takes, because I love you, Hunk.”

Hunk could feel the tears spring to his eyes. He tried to hold himself together, if not for his sake, then for hers. But honestly, he was a confused mess. He knew what he wanted. He wanted to return to her side, and stay with her for as long as time would allow him. But he also knew what he had to do. And he didn’t want to be the reason she was suffering like this.

“[name]…” Hunk breathed out. “I don’t want you to have to wait for me forever. I don’t want you to suffer; I want you to be happy.”

She smiled wistfully once more, and Hunk knew in that moment that everything was going to be okay. Voltron was going to win, they were going to come back to earth, and he would run straight into her arms. Because he wanted to be with her, and he would do anything just to do that.

“I’m happy when I’m with you. Just think of me as home. You may find yourself in the dead of night, lost somewhere out there in the great, big, beautiful sky. But when your work is done, I will be there for you. It’s true that it may be hard and it may be painful, but that means it’s worth it. It means this thing that we have means something. And I don’t want to lose what we have.”

Hunk whispered, shaking his head in disbelief, "Why are you so good to me?“

[name] shrugged. “Because I love you.”

“[name]?” She hummed in response. “I love you, too. So, I promise. I will come back to you.”


“This is so you know the sound
Of someone who loves you from the ground
Tonight you’re not alone at all
This is me sending out my satellite call.”

pidge: guys holy SHIT NASA just found like seven new planets and three of them potentially have oceans do you guys realize what this means????? 

keith: oh… oh holy shit, pidge, pidge there might be-

together: ALIENS!!!!! WE MIGHT!!! FIND!!!!!! ALIENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hunk: um. guys? this is all really cool, and i don’t mean to burst your bubble, but, 

hunk: (gestures to coran and allura & the castle in general)

pidge: (visibly deflating) oh. yeah. i almost forgot about that.

keith: same :/

hunk: how can you forget- keith, you are literally part alien we found this out like last week