[ Gunfire ]

Sunlit Honey: Agh!

Sunlit Honey: Seriously? Abandoning me planetside with no means of defense? 

Sunlit Honey: I doubt he even checked that the atmosphere was breathable.

Sunlit Honey: I could be dead right now!

Sunlit Honey: Dead! 

Sunlit Honey: And he wouldn’t even know! Jerk!

[ Electricity Noises ]

Sunlit Honey: Let’s see if you get any of my next batch of brownies. Here’s a hint. You won’t!

Paladins’ s/o being hurt easily

REQUEST: Can you write about the paladins reacting to an s/o they gets bruises pretty easily from doing things like bumping into something fairly lightly            


-He knows it isn’t a big problem. But he really worries.

-Like his s/o bumped into a table and they’re hurt.

-Like, what could happen if they’re smacked or something?

-So he’s super gentle. With his s/o when he’s with them


-Doesn’t want them to train. Like, he wants them to get better at fighting, but he worries they may get hurt in the process.

-So protective.

-You would not believe how much.


-Really wants his s/o to be safe but he knows with his s/o being hurt easily it’s not an easy task.

-Tries to make sure his s/o isn’t in any situation that gets them bruised.

-And he gets so worried if his s/o is clumsy


- I don’t know why, but I feel like Pidge would forget this often.

-Like (SPOILER BTW) Remember in that one episode in season 4 when she pushed Matt and Matt was shook?

-She’s like that with you. And then feels really bad because wow that’s a big bruise


-I’m on the fence for him.

-He’s either a worry wart like Hunk.

-Ir he forgets like Pidge.

-Let’s say he’s worrying, he’s always around to make sure they aren’t hurt.

-Let’s say he forgets. He’s reminded when he’s kind of his usual bouncy affectionate self and feels really bad

things we know about hunk canonically that aren’t food jokes:

  • got into the garrison which is the top space program in vld verse for earth and got in as an engineer
  • is super smart. built the tracker for the blue lion in s1
  • empathetic. forged thru his own debilitating anxiety about being dragged into a war to help save the balmerans. also suggests he has a strong sense of morality
  • described as the ‘friendliest and kindest member of the team’ according to his wikia
  • also the strongest of the team after allura
  • has learned how to pilot the yellow lion despite not being a pilot or training for it holy shit
  • headstrong and not scared to stand up for his own opinion. immediately caught onto rolo and nyma being suspicious and spoke up about it despite the rest of the team wanting to be friendly w them. won’t just go w the flow and will call bullshit 
  • the above also implies a v good sense of character and judgement from hunk and that’s he’s v good at reading ppl in general 
  • is the most realistic. points out dangers in certain scenarios and probably has his head on the straightest after shiro
  • a v quick study and good marksman! his aim w his bayard is probably best after lance’s 
  • probably v well versed in xenobiology bc he can?? make human tasting food?? out of alien food?? magic man
  • canonically a badass engineer who can figure out advanced alien tech and work w it despite it being lightyears ahead of what earth tech he had access to before
  • incredibly loyal. wanted to be the leader w yellow as his lion instead of the actual black paladin
  • does actually have a wicked sense of humor and is quite goofy himself
  • reads ppl’s diaries, would not want to cross
  • a good diplomat seeing as he (+lance) were able to make negotiations w alien leaders w/o allura being there in s3
  • wants to make the mice a mouse shower??? wow!!!
  • values his teammates a lot 

 please feel free to add!