for @cldreality: Keith + Kimchi-mart (a supermarket near them)

Keith squints at his phone, scrolling through the grocery list posted in the group chat with his roommates.  

myshinykeithandme: im at kimchi

iseelondoniseelance: what do u mean ur at kimchi

myshinykeithandme: … kimchi mart?

iseelondoniseelance: !!!!! keef u failed me……… u l eft my meme hangin………. #betrayal

myshinykeithandme: uh
myshinykeithandme: anyway last call for food requests, can’t stay too long

hunkules: can you pick up more salt pls? we’re out smh

iseelondoniseelance: y u need salt when we got pidge lmaooooooo

pidgeonpidgeoff: wow wtf you’re the one who used up all the salt????????

iseelondoniseelance: um???? lies and slander

pidgeonpidgeoff: i have Evidence that you poured the entire carton into the toilet while drunk and crying bc you were convinced a demon would come out of the sewers you memeloving fuck

hunkules: LOL

iseelondoniseelance: jfdklafjdlkj piDGE

The chat explodes, and as interesting as it is to see Lance dragged about something new, Keith ignores his phone in favour of putting things in his shopping cart.

anonymous asked:

yknow before i started watching voltron and saw all the people reblogging it, i didnt think hunk was an actual character and was gonna die in the first episode coz i dont remember seeing him in a lot of fanart ;-;

oh my god rip 

as much as i love keith + lance + shiro, we really need to have more fanart of hunk tbh he’s so precious and pure and deserves all the love tbh??? 

Anon requested: hc’s of the paladins seeing their s/o lose a limb in battle?


  • sees it happen and strategically get you to safety
  • will blame himself, even if it wasn’t his fault
  • he’ll be so gentle with you
  • his only concern is getting you away from the fight
  • will get so serious on the outside but is shutting down on the inside
  • won’t leave your side until you’re fully healed
  • goes into a rage
  • he gets the heat off of you and gets you somewhere safe
  • he’s constantly checking in on you
  • freaks out
  • gets to you as fast as he can and does everything he can in the moment
  • will stay by your side like a lost puppy


  • they lose it and rush to you
  • they can hold their own while others help you to safety
  • shuts everyone out once they’ve gotten away

Hey guys! Sorry there hasn’t been much going on with this blog but I’m back!      - Francis

So I was just looking at the paladin armour and I noticed something. It’s made up of two parts, right, the white armour and the black bodysuit they wear underneath

So the black part in the middle…that’s the bodysuit. Yes? So basically the armour they’re wearing is a crop top and thigh highs