Alice in Wonderland!VoltronAu

“ If you don’t care for tea, you could at least make polite conversation! ”

Hunk is a faithful member of the Tea party Club (which only count two other member : Pidge and Lance) but don’t underestimate Them! When it come to tea, it can become dangerous.

Lance / Keith / Shiro / Coran / Hunk / Allura


The Garrison trio runs into Shiro.

I have a lot of notes on this au, but here are a few pertaining to this scene:

  • Hunk, Pidge and Lance are out exploring when they see a shark (Shiro).
  • He was captured by the Galra and he lost his arm in the ring, but instead of getting a prosthetic arm their experiments made his fins glow an unnatural purple.
  • The trio is kind of scared because a) he’s a shark and they can be really dangerous and b) his fins are glowing purple and they know that means Galra.
Hunk and Keith headcannons:

-Hunk is able to read Keith’s mood through posture, but the rest of the team think he’s a mind reader because Keith’s expression doesn’t change a lot
-Keith often goes with Hunk to scout for new ingredients because he likes the quiet outdoors and Hunk likes the company
-Hunk and Keith can sit contently in silence for long periods of time
-Keith secretly likes hearing about Hunk’s family, but Hunk doesn’t talk about them much to Keith because he’s afraid it will make Keith feel lonely
-Keith listens to the same 50 songs over and over and is wary of new music. Hunk has grown to like the familiarity even if the lack of variety sometimes gets boring.
-Keith doesn’t like to cook, but finds watching Hunk cook relaxing
-Keith is the clean one
-Keith won’t admit that he likes being manhandled, but knows what buttons to push to get Hunk to pin him to the sofa
-Hunk likes to watch Keith fight because he’s always so Extra and Beautiful
-Hunk’s smile makes Keith’s heart melt. He gets overly prickly to hide it but Hunk knows
-They have insane heart to heart talks, that usually start with one of them talking about something inconsequential, like food
-Keith surprises Hunk with the scientific concepts he knows, however he never remembers the names or messes up the names. (Think “fraunhofer line”)
-Hunk goes out of his way to open jars for Keith because Keith once got frustrated and literally stabbed a lid off one



Now i’m gonna work on the scenes for Bending Arts’s animation/ video/ manip/ trailer thingy finished :D

(Lance, Keith, Shiro, Hunk, Pidge, Coran, Allura)

Lance = Water bender
Keith = Fire bender
Shiro = Air bender
(The last living from a small family that survived the genocide 100 years ago)
Pidge and Hunk = Earth benders (Pidge will become a metal bender)
Coran = Non-bender
Allura = Avatar, Air bender

Fire Nation = Galra