- Jiutóu -

Finally got time to start edit the rest of the photos! Been super busy lately ><
I’m gonna compete in a cosplay competition with this cosplay in two weeks! And I’m working hard to prepare the show for it! Really don’t wanna let Kim (or should I say my wife now? Damn you Katie…….Jk, we cool, I’m embarrassed, but we cool ;w; ) down. Learning some guandao techniques and stuff, might post some practice videos if people want me to >w<
But the main performance will be filmed at the con, and posted on my YouTube channel ^w^

Cosplay (and photo edit): N1njaG1rl
Photo: Marie Louise
Series: High Rollers
Character by: Kim
Character Design: Nina-Serena

Deftones - Right Brigade (Bad Brains Cover ft. H.R)