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J-Hope masturbating, how would it be?

J-Hope wouldn’t masturbate often. It’d be more like a spur-of-the-moment thing for him. If he could avoid it, he definitely would—but if he couldn’t, then he’d allow himself the pleasure.

He’d be extremely quiet about it. He’d laugh with the boys and joke with them, and when they were at their point of highest laughter and amusement, he’d sneak off to the bathroom so that no one would notice.

When he’d get to the bathroom, he’d lock the door and turn the sink on high to drown out the noise of the act he was about to perform.

When he’d unzip his pants, he’d sigh regretfully and hold his bulge in his hands, inhale, and stroke it lightly.

The first strokes would be slow and light, making him sway his hips a bit involuntarily to feel it a bit better.

When this wouldn’t be enough, he’d grip himself harder, and bite his lip as he’d pull faster.

His breathing would deepen as he’d stroke his bulge, which was beginning to throb in his hands from the rhythmic motion.

He’d lean against the bathroom wall and stroke harder, causing himself to sweat a bit and even let out a small moan. When he’d start to feel a climax on its way, he’d rush over to the toilet and grip hard, forcing himself to come. He’d moan lightly and breathlessly, releasing himself into the toilet. When he’d finish, he’d flush down all of his evidence, zip his pants back up, wash his hands, and leave.

Well, that was awkward hehe. The masturbation requests are always so weird for me cause I mean I’m a girl so I don’t know much about this stuff at all lmao. Thanks for submitting! ~

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Can you do a fluffy scenario where it's cold in the room you and J-Hope sleep in so you two move to the living room and sleep in the couch we're it's warmer?

yay fluff! ~

You turned in the bed, wrapping the thick quilt around you as you suppressed the shiver that was beginning to roll down your spine.

It was absolutely freezing in your bedroom. Earlier in the week, a hawk had crashed into your window, bursting through the glass—which was very unfortunate to you and your boyfriend Hoseok since it was under thirty-degrees Fahrenheit outside. The windows had been taped up, but you wouldn’t be able to replace them for another two days.

So, you sat shivering as cold air seeped in through the uncovered cracks.

“H-Hoseok,” you chattered, turning to his side of the bed. Before you could request to cuddle, he pulled you close to him and wrapped his arms around you, him being just as cold as you were.

You were both wearing hoodies and sweat pants to bed, but you still felt like your fingers were turning blue.

“It’s too cold in here. I can’t sleep comfortably.” He said, flipping back the covers. You clenched your jaw as more cool air hit your body. “I’ll be right back.”

You sat on the bed quietly while he disappeared into the living room. After hearing little commotion, he poked his head back into the doorway.

“Come here—and bring that cover with you.”

You did as instructed, picking the cover up in your arms and leaving the bedroom. You closed the door behind you so that the cold air wouldn’t spread through the whole house.

When you went into the living room, you saw that Hoseok had put down three sheets, four pillows, and at least three blankets on the couch. You laughed and threw your blanket on top of the bundle.

“Come on, we’re camping out in here tonight. It’s too cold in there,” he said, lying back on the couch. You smiled and lay down next to him, immediately feeling warmer once he wrapped an arm around your waist.

Once you both were completely comfortable and thawing out from the cold, he picked up the remote. “Let’s watch a movie. It has to be on Netflix, though, because I’m not getting up to put in a DVD.” He said. You nodded in agreement.

“Hey, let’s watch Emperor’s New Groove! I haven’t seen that movie in so long,” you suggested.

He smiled and clicked on it, and then set the remote down to nuzzle into your neck. His skin was still much warmer than yours, so you bundled up against him tighter as the movie began.

“’Pull the lever, Kronk! Wrong lever, Kronk!’” You quoted as one of the most iconic scenes you remembered from your childhood played across the television. You felt Hoseok stir behind you as he exhaled warm breath on your neck. “Baby…are you sleep?” You whispered to him.

He shook his head. “No, no…just keep watching the movie,” he said sheepishly.

When the final big musical number of the movie ended, you yawned and turned off the television. By this point, you were a little too warm under all the blankets and your hoodie. You sat up and peeled your hoodie off of your body.

“Hoseok?” You whispered in the darkness. You were only greeted by his light snores. You smiled, leaned down, and kissed him.

“I love you,” you whispered to him before planting one solid kiss on his forehead.

Lying back down, you curled against him again, wrapping his arm around you and drifting off to sleep.

This was so freaking cute oh my gosh. Thank you so much for submitting! Submit more if you want! ~

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I love the long day requests (although they take a lot of thinking haha). Thanks for submitting! ~

You woke up to the sounds of the dresser drawers opening and closing. You yawned in bed and flipped over to see your boyfriend Hoseok getting dressed.

“Morning,” he said once he saw you awake.

“What time is it?”

“It just turned ten.” He said, sliding on a shirt. You sat up. “I have to be at practice in an hour. How’d you sleep?”

“I slept well,” you said groggily, moving some of the messy hair from your face. “Can I go to practice with you? I have nowhere to be today.”

He looked to you and smiled. “Sure. You should get in the tub now, though. I plan on leaving in thirty minutes.”

You nodded and hopped out of bed.


After your shower, you got dressed and you and Hoseok headed into his car to go to practice. BTS was preparing for their next comeback stage, so they still had some choreo that they needed to work on. You liked going along and sitting against the wall as they practiced. It always made you smile to see your boyfriend working so diligently.

You sat on the floor with an orange juice and a hash brown from McDonalds in hand.

“Hopey-hyung, where’s my breakfast?” Taehyung whined as he leaned against Hoseok. You smiled at the cuteness of it and sipped your juice.

As dance practice for them started, you watched from the sidelines in awe. Hoseok had two solos in this song, and he and Jimin shared one dance duet in the beat break of the song. You could tell just from watching that this single would be a definite success.

When it was time for them to take a break, Hoseok immediately sat down next to you and sighed.

“I’m so tired,” he groaned. You smiled and kissed his cheek. “You’re working very hard. I’m proud.”

“You just like the way I look when I’m all sweaty and exhausted,” he joked. You rolled your eyes and leaned against him.

“We should go somewhere after this, huh? Maybe to an amusement park or something.”

“Can we go to that new aquarium that just opened up? It’s right down the street,” you suggested.

He looked to you and smiled. “Fish?”

“Yeah, fish.” You laughed. As practice began again, he kissed your forehead and stood in formation for the dance.


“It’s really humid here,” Hoseok said as you walked into the aquarium. It was one p.m. on a Monday, so the place was relatively empty. Your voices echoed throughout the blue room as you looked up and saw the different sea animals swimming above head.

“It’s beautiful,” you sighed, looking up. You went to the glass once you saw a school of rainbow fish swimming by. “Hi!” You said in awe, looking through the window. You smiled at them.

You felt Hope’s arm wrap around your shoulder.

“I didn’t know you liked aquariums.”

“I’ve always liked going to them since I was little. Fish are so incredible.” You said, your voice barely above a whisper as you looked out into the deep blue world contained by only glass. The fish swam off, a burst of bubbles flying out away from them.

He stood behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist as he rested his head on the space between your neck and shoulder.

“Bloop bloop bloop,” he said in your ear.

You couldn’t help but snort. “What?”

“That’s my fish impression.” He put his hands on either side of his face and puffed up his cheeks “Bloop bloop bloop!” He said, pretending to swim around the aquarium. You laughed and chased after him, grabbing his arm to get him to stop.

“Someone’s gonna see you!” You laughed, pulling him close to you. He pulled you into a hug as you calmed down from your laughing fit.

“Come on; let’s go get something to eat.” He smiled, kissing your cheek.


You entered your apartment with Hoseok around five thirty with your drink from Five Guys in your hand. He closed the door behind him as you sat at the kitchen table.

“How was your day?” He asked, sitting in the chair next to you. You sipped your soda and smiled.

“It was great; I got to spend it with my all-time favorite person.”

He leaned in and kissed your cheek before getting up from his chair.

“Where are you going?” You asked. He stretched his back.

“I’m probably gonna lie down. Practice really wore me out today.” You nodded in understanding as he left the kitchen, leaving you in there alone.

Although the day was nowhere near over, it felt as if it’d lasted for a century. You got to spend literally every moment with Hoseok, which was more than you could ever ask for.

You got up from your chair and walked quickly to your bedroom. Once you saw Hoseok lounging on the bed with his arms folded behind his head, you squealed and jumped on top of him, planting a big kiss on his lips.

“What was that for?” He laughed as you straddled on top of him.

“Just to say I love you,” you smiled. He kissed the tip of your nose.

“I love you, too, princess.”

Thanks for submitting! I hope you liked it as much as I liked writing it!

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