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short fic or scenario to hoseok waking up "turned on" [sorry for my bad english, i hope you understand]

lmao it says in the rules and is implied in the rating of the blog that we don’t write smut. so the best i could do for ya is imply that they had sex - which could possibly be what you wanted so if so, here ya go but if not, sorry nonnie! 

It’s a Good Morning

You x Hoseok

Word count: 579

Normally, it took you a while to actually wake up once you rose in the morning, but on this particular day, when you woke to the sound of panting and a stranger’s lips on your neck, you hardly needed a second to hop from the bed and reach for the nearest thing over 5 pounds. In this case, it was a lamp. You ripped the cord from the wall and backed up slowly, feeling around your charger dock blindly for your phone as you watched the disoriented form struggle under the layers of blankets.

“I’m calling the police!” You hollered, fingers fumbling with the touch screen and pressing everything but the emergency number. As you slowly retreated into the washroom, your foot came into contact with something round and it rolled underneath your unsteady form, sending you, your lamp and useless phone to the ground.

You groaned, rubbing your head as the intruder was finally freed from the evil clutches of your blankets. To your surprise, he instantly fell to the mattress, defeated. The little bit of light that poured in through the gap in the curtains allowed you to analyze the top of his head, the angle of his sharp jaw. You knew that jaw anywhere. A jaw that could cut glass and claim hearts.

“Hoseok?” You questioned, slowly getting to your feet but staying in a defensive squat. Crouching, you moved towards the edge of the bed, watching his exhausted body. His chest was heaving hard and fast.

“How many blankets do you need on your bed? It’s a sauna under there.” He mumbled, panting in that very same way that had woken you up minutes before. You should’ve known it was him. That sound was not foreign to your bedroom.

“Hoseok!” Exclaiming, you scrambled to your feet and launched yourself onto the bed, curling up into his side. Laughing at your enthusiasm, he lazily began to run his fingers through your hair.

“Maybe I should move in. If someone ever actually breaks in, you’re going to fall and break your own neck before they can. And why did it take you so long to call the police?!” His voice was coated in concern as he looked down at you. Biting your lip, ashamed, you laughed nervously.

“It’s early, okay? And maybe in the back of my mind I knew it was you…” You had missed him so much. It’d been at least 2 months since the last time you’d felt his touch, drank in his light, felt his heart on your tongue. 2 months of a cold bed, and no matter how many blankets you piled on top of yourself, they were never enough to keep you warm.

“Hmm? Then, why did you stop me?” His voice suddenly dropped a few octaves, growing husky and dripping musk. You moaned thoughtlessly and reached up for his face, tracing the shape of his lips, hungry for affection.

“I won’t stop you this time.” He laughed at your attempt to put on a seductive voice and pulled your small body up to meet his eyes. You stared at his mesmerizing face for a few seconds before you shared a mutual agreement that it was time. Hoseok threw the heap of blankets onto the floor and you shut the curtains to keep the rising sunshine out. But you didn’t need either of them anymore. You had all of the warmth and light in the world, right there in your arms.

he’s actually so fucking sexy hold me back

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