cinnamon roll meme: anubis style
  • looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll:Eddie Miller
  • looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you:Joy Mercer
  • looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll:Fabian Rutter
  • looks like they could kill you and could actually kill you:Patricia Williamson
  • sinnamon roll:Jerome Clarke
  • could kill you by feeding you too many cinnamon rolls:Trudy Rehmaan

Làm sao để anh thấy được em
Khi em xinh đẹp nhất
Vì điều đó em đã mất nhiều năm cầu Phật
Xin Ngài đưa anh đến cho em
Ngài biến em thành cây xanh rợp lá
Mọc bên đường anh vẫn thường qua

Mặt trời sáng, cây nở đầy hoa
Một đóa hoa là một niềm hi vọng
Khi anh nghe xạc xào trong lá
Thì biết lòng em thao thức đợi chờ
Nếu làm ngơ rảo bước chẳng nhìn cây
Thì sau anh hoa lá rụng đầy
Là tim em tan thành trăm mảnh…

Cây hoa nở | Tịch Mộ Dung

Peddie/Lucaya Parallels :

Ok so this morning I woke up and everyone was going crazy over the new promo. (I swear, you leave for a few hours and all hell breaks loose).

And the first thing that came to mind when I saw this :

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was this :

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Come on people ! Was I the only one who thought of that ?

I’m laughing so hard on the inside because the facial expressions are so similar.

And there are so many other Peddie/Lucaya parallels. Like we all talk about Seddie and Lucaya but lets be real Peddie is way more similar to Lucaya than Seddie is.

How did we not see this before ?

I’m down for a discussion and maybe even a master post of parallels between the two ships. Anyone else with me.

Speaking of home ownership today, I’ve been communicating with the current Homeowner’s Association President recently about a few issues around the neighborhood (mostly the fact that dues are increasing this year because some of our neighbors are just flat out not paying). And he ended his most recent email by inviting me to run this year to take over the HOA after his three-year term ends this spring.

Not sure that’s a gig I really want? But it was nice to be invited to run. I’d probably be an unpopular HOA president because I’d run a pretty tight ship to make sure the budget works, and I’d definitely exercise every legal recourse I had to get the unpaid neighbors current. I understand times can get tough, but the HOA fee here is a tiny $15/month. If you bought a house and can’t come up with $15/month to keep our community’s roads and parks clean and watered and maintained, then you definitely weren’t ready to buy a house.