au where Sherlock hosts a weekly podcast with a theme song that’s just him playing solo violin and he mostly complains about the ineptitude of NSY but he also has two recurring segments, one called What’s Under the Lens where he explains in great detail the nuances of his experiments and the other called Do Shut Up that is a rapid fire deduction based on the latest celebrity scandal and he has like four listeners and then one week John calls in to suggest a possible medical explanation for the appearance of a recent murder victim and that evening Sherlock deletes the audio file that he was going to add to the end of next week’s episode asking if anyone needs a flatmate because he realises he’d just found his

Dodging the rain while cycling home! But now the rain stopped so off I go. Can’t wait to arrive home and have a nice warm dinner! Have a great evening everyone! ••••• #adamasztalos - ••••• LOCATION #gorlitzerpark #kreuzberg ••••• FEATURES #blondhair #bigblueeyes #bighands #hairylegs •••••• WEARING shirt by #hm @Hm ••••• RELEVANT HASHTAGS #vegansofinstagram #whatveganslooklike #cleanliving #veganlifestyle #healthyliving #cycling (at Kreuzberg Görlitzer Park)

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