When actors get a bad name for diva behavior - I’ve never seen it. Because my experience with people who are really famous actors is that they work really hard.

Happy Birthday, Hayley Atwell! 4.5.16


Chris scaring Hayley!! His laugh 😅 #ChrisEvans #HayleyAtwell #Chris #Evans #Cevans #TeamCevans

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I can’t imagine it if beauty was the only currency I used as an actress. It just doesn’t interest me.

Happy Birthday, Hayley Atwell! 4.5.16

According to the deleted scene from the Avengers, today is Peggy Carters 96th Birthday. Happy Birthday Agent Carter! On a side note, it’s adorable that Hayley Atwell’s (actress who plays Peggy Carter) birthday is only 4 days before her character’s 😊#agentcarter #peggycarter #hayleyatwell #marvel #avengers

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