Love Like Super Junior

-Love like Leeteuk, who insists on monitoring all the boys’ individual activities, even though it means that he has to stay up the entire night, he would do so. The next morning, he would call them individually and tell them how they did, and who, during the 2007 car accident, was wounded so badly he couldn’t get up from the roadside, but cried to the medics in the ambulance to go to Kyu first.

-Love like Heechul, who loved Hangeng so much that he got depression after he left SJ, who goes on ferocious rampages when members are attacked or insulted, without even caring how much trouble he’ll get into so long as he stands up against whatever unfortunate creature infuriated him or what it would do to his image as a celebrity.

-Love like Yesung, who never gets angry even though the members (jokingly of course <3) make fun of him because he has the best temperament (but the worst temper once he gets angry). Super Junior is precious to him and he loves the whole group as his family.Who bought his parents a restaurant and an apartment, and then a cafe and apparel store when they weren’t doing so well.

-Love like Kangin, who piggybacked Ryeowook to school when he was too tired from all their practicing.

-Love like Shindong, who lifts the mood for the members through thick and thin.

-Love like Sungmin, who protects his members beautifully.

-Love like Eunhyuk, who’s always the first to cry when members prank other members into believing SJ is breaking up, and who, during the 2007 car accident, ignored his own wounds, ran to Kyu, held his hand and cried and prayed for his younger brother Kyu until and after the ambulance came.

-Love like Donghae, who became a singer for his late father’s dream

-Love like Siwon, who buys bigger shampoo bottles for himself etc. when he found out the members secretly take his, and keeps letting them.

-Love like Ryeowook, who keeps nagging the members to eat when they’re tired and missed meals because of schedules, and cooks and feeds them when they keep refusing.

-Love like Kyuhyun, who is actually impossibly modest when comparing the whole group.

Love like Super Junior, who break down horribly when the members are going one by one to the army, who all wanted to enlist together when Teuk was enlisting because they didn’t want to be parted, who waited together with Wook for the school bus when he was younger because of the ‘scary people there’, who were in states of shock when Kyu was in coma, who received the news about Hae’s father’s passing and cried together, who teared up next to him quietly when Hae was interviewed about it on a show, who teared up when Kyu talked about the accident, who all stopped their packed schedules without warning when the news of Teuk’s father and grandparents’ passing was received and went to the funeral with him, who’s bond is so strong, they can beat any other group in that category.

I’ve left so much out…


To follow Park Jungsoo, wherever he leads us, to cheer for Kim Heechul at any cost, to respect Hang Geng in his every decision, to sing with Kim Jongwoon, every note and melody, to accept Kim Youngwoon, as well as all his flaws, to appreciate Shin Donghee, regardless of appearances, to adore Lee Sungmin, every side of him, to watch over Lee Hyukjae, as he rocks the stage, to support Choi Siwon in everything he does, to protect Zhou Mi and his beautiful smile, to give strengh to Lee Donghae, when his tears threaten to fall, to take care of Kim Ryeowook, the way he cares for all of us, to believe in Kim Kibum, no matter what, to listen to Cho Kyuhyun, for as long as his voice exists, to stand by Henry Lau, every step of the way. To cover the world with Pearl Sapphire blue, to love SUPER JUNIOR, for as long as my heart allows me to. 

My name is ELF.
And this is my promise. 


i truly believe heechul is a caring person even if everyone thinks the opposite, and his relationship with hangeng says a lot. Back when hangeng was still in sj, interviewers would ignore him because of his poor korean, but heechul would always turn his own questions to him so that he would speak. He took off his mask because it was unfair for him to wear it. And he always translated for Hangeng when he seemed confused.

anonymous asked:

I have a question im trying catch up to heechul history lol i read somewhere that heechul was heartbroken before (idk if before or after being in the army) meeting gunhee again and getting close? Do u know what or the reason why people say that?

Basically Heechul had been very close with former SJ member Hangeng, obviously some people thought he had a bit of a crush but at any rate he felt really strongly about their friendship and when Hangeng left he was really torn up about it. He actually cried on stage throughout a whole song during their first show after Hangeng left, and if you look at the pics taken from behind him you can see he was sitting directly in front of Hangeng’s section so he was facing all the signs with “HANGENG” written on them.

He also left quite a few extremely emotional posts after he left that kinda gave the sense he was more hung up on Hangeng than usual close friendships.

Then later on he admitted to having been depressed in the months after and basically didn’t leave his room for about 3 months, and was having “dark thoughts” until the other members (Eunhyuk specifically) helped him get out of that place. For a couple years after you could tell he wasn’t his usual self, he stayed pretty moody and just seemed like he was in a funk more often than not. He still used photos of him with Hangeng as his profile pics years later and posted not-so-subtle birthday playlists on Hangeng’s birthday.

He also wrote the lyrics to Orange Caramel’s “Shanghai Romance” which a lot of people think are referencing Hangeng, and in my opinion they come off as pretty obviously about him or at least inspired by what happened, especially the parts about someone “disappearing without telling anyone”.

Later when he got close with Gunhee again you could really see a change in his attitude, and he posted about this himself basically saying that he had been unhappy before but thanks to Gunhee he’s been able to find himself and be happy again.

So whether things with Hangeng were a close friendship or if Heechul felt something more than that, it’s obvious he felt really strongly about their relationship and him leaving suddenly left him “heartbroken” in a sense. But Gunhee’s been able to help him get past whatever he went through and he always seems back to his old self whenever they’re together.


160409 Top Chinese Music Awards
Roughly translated excerpt from Han Geng’s acceptance speech:

Today I heard that Mr. Lee Soo Man is also here (at this event), as well as [he lists a couple of SM staff and Kangta], are all here. Therefore, I hereby especially thank Mr. Lee Soo Man, because I believe he allowed me to be on this stage, allowed me to become a singer, become an actor. Without him, I don’t think I would be able to come on this stage today. Therefore, at this place, ‘thank you, Mr. Lee Soo Man’ (Han Geng bows).

Note: Han Geng won three awards today: “Best Male Singer,” “Best All-Around Artist,” and one for “I Don’t Give a Shit.” Lee Soo Man was there with Kangta, EXO, and NCT, and had been on that same stage earlier in the night to receive an award for “Best Producer in Asia.” The SM manager who was one of the people who helped select Han Geng to join the company, helped him out a lot during his early years with SM, and who was the only person Han Geng had publicly mentioned as someone he regretted not being able to let know beforehand about filing the lawsuit and leaving South Korea, was also there.


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Leeteuk for Cosmopolitan Korea
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Han Geng for Trends Health China
Yesung for Grazia Korea
Kangin for Ceci Korea
Shindong for The Celebrity Korea
Sungmin for Cosmopolitan Korea
Eunhyuk for Maxim Korea
Siwon for Grazia China
Zhou Mi for BNT International Korea
Donghae for Ceci Korea
Ryeowook for The Musical Korea
Kibum for Sure Korea
Kyuhyun for Cosmopolitan Korea
Henry for The Celebrity Korea


[MV] Han Geng - I Don’t Give a Shit - 韩庚 - I Don’t Give a 屑 - ft. Uniq

[NEWS] Hangeng talks about SM Entertainment, Super Junior and EXO's former members

Former Super Junior member Hangeng is gaining attention in Korea again because of a recent, personal interview with a Chinese news source. He talked about leaving SM Entertainment, Super Junior, as well as EXO’s former members.

In his recent interview with Chinese media company Sina, he shared, I’m proud of terminating my contract with SM Entertainment. After I left, two laws changed regarding foreign members in Korea. [I was able to help] ensure the benefit for the growing number of Chinese in Korea’s entertainment industry.”  

Hangeng was also asked about Luhan, Kris and Tao.

He replied,I was the first Chinese member to debut in Korea, so I am different from them. Because of me, the number of companies foreigners were able to apply to expanded from 7 agencies to 10 agencies. The contract period shortened from 13 years to 7 years. After I left Korea, Chinese members received this kind of guarantee. The pay increased as well. How can you compare me to them?

Hangeng also shared how he still keeps in touch with Super Junior members!

He said,I have a very good relationship with the Super Junior members. I only have different opinions from the company, I have no problem with the people. I still keep in touch with the Suju members and SM staff. We occasionally drink together and eat together. For example, the nuna that trained me during my trainee days, came to my 10 year anniversary concert and personally cheered for me. The health coach comes on site too.”

When asked about how his leaving SM Entertainment was seen, he shared his honest thoughts.

He said, Incidents are reflected exactly the way entertainment reporters write them. Only the person who experienced the event knows and everyone else doesn’t know. You can’t even tell an external source. If you do, someone else could unintentionally get hurt. A lot of things are complicated. It’s unfair but you can’t do anything but endure it.

He was asked why he focused on acting over singing in China.

He replied, I’m 31 years old. For an actor, that’s a young age. If you change your identity from a singer to an actor, because of your stage image, there are difficulties from controversy about your acting skills. So you can’t help but work hard at filming. Not just in one or two movies, but I will continue to show my hardworking self.”

Source: AllKpop

[Eng] Beijing Weekly Magazine with Hangeng~

Q: Is it possible to see all 13 members on the stage? 

 Geng: I always want to…

Q: Fans are always waiting for Super Junior to be reunion again. Is it possible to see all 13 members on the stage?

Hangeng: I always want to. Last year (2015), on the 10th anniversary day, i phoned Long (Mr.) brother and then Leeteuk. I said to him that it has been 10 years. I hoped Super Junior members will be on-air for an EP (Hangeng’s Documentary), making an album, and at the midyear doing an activity. Not for other reasons, just wanted to make a memorial 10th anniversary of being together. At last, because of tight schedule and other factors, it was not possible to happen. I always regret this. Now, it’s already 10 years that me and the members has debuted. I wanted to keep something as a memory. That is why i have done what i wanted to do in my concert. In the New Year (Chinese New Year), i went to Korea, met Heechul and many colleagues. We went out having a dinner. That moment, i phoned leader Leeteuk and Kangin, talked about this idea. Everyone was hoping that we will be together in a concert. We already told a manager and a company. Unfortunately, their schedule were too busy, such a pity. [c]