Hakuouki Headcanon #1

Okay so after a talk with @impracticaldemon, I discovered Suzuka Gozen’s story (which help me a lot because I always thought Suzuka Gozen was Shizuka Gozen when I checked Google). 

But there’s something which disturb me : 

She seems to be the daughter of India’s Daiyonten Maou.

But…who is Daiyonten Maou ?

Daiyonten Maou (第四天魔王, fourth heavenly pillar deity)

So apparently the “fourth heavenly pillar deity” are the Four Heavenly King. But the Fourth Heavenly King is  Virūpakkha ( विरूपक्ख) which is  廣目天王 in Chinese but  Kōmoku-ten ( 広目天) in Japanese. I tried to use google traduc (forgive me I can’t speak japanese) and apparently the pronunciation of Virupakkha’s chinese name is not “Daiyonten Maou” in Japanese. 

If Daiyonten Maou is an India God/Goddess that means we must check Hinduism mythology. The problem is I can’t find the real hinduism name of Daiyonten Maou. The Fourth Heavenly King are known as Lokapala (Guardians of the World) in Huindism culture. They are also the Guardians of the Direction…but they are eight. And the Fourth “King” (if we follow directions in Hindu tradition) is  Dakṣīṇa (South Direction). However for the Lokapala the Fourth is Nirrti (South-west) which is become more interesting…because Nirrti is the Mother of Rakshasa. Rakshasa are principal Onis inspiration with Yaoguai in China. 

And you know what is pretty interesting ?! Nirrti is written निरृति and in japanese is written 羅刹…which means…”rasetsu”. 

Wow. That’s pretty interesting. However guys, the problem is I don’t speak japanese so my translations are based on google traduc…and we all know that’s not the best way for translation. And at the end I’m not sure if Daiyonten Maou is Nirrti. 

SO ! If you can speak japanese or have any information about this…please help

EDIT : Okay I checked again Daiyonten Maou. As I can find anything about the name of this God with these words, I tried to cut the words and find the meaning.
“Yon” is “four”, “ten” is “heaven”, “dai” is “tall”/“big” and “maou” is “demon king”.
Sooo that means Daiyonten Maou is the japanese word for The Fourth Heaven King.
And Dakshina seems to be a Hinduism’s concept about South.

Soooo I guess we can say Suzuka Gozen is the daughter of Nirrti !

(And that means I will post in the following days my headcanons about Rakshasa, ochimizu and Yaoguai :D )

Otome games be like

Heroine: i love white dresses
Guy: oooh wow just soo pure ahhh like an angel’s wings white YASS !!!!!

Heroine: ouch i pricked my finger
Guy: well better carry you.

Herione: hi ! Im new-
Guy: don’t mind but i just realized i am in love with you.
Heroine: ohhh nice to meet you too !
Guy: but
Heroine: yeah ur r a very nice person.
Guy:  D:

Guy 1: do u love me
Guy2: or me ????
Heroine: yes .

Heroine: but i dont feel the same way right now.
Guy: ok i understand , but i will make you fall in love with me.
Guy: *proceeds to have no chill for the next few years*