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2 years will be gone in a short while…

Thats what we always say to comfort ourselves. We missed them a lot. We looked at their pictures and watch their mvs all the time. But do we ever think of how hurt they are being apart from each other?

It really hurt me to know that hae is not happy being away from his loved ones.

Look at how hae put his hand on hyuks back… he loves him. No doubt he trully loves him.

I hope hae can stay focus and be strong while in the police department.

Dear God pls make him happy. Heal his sorrow..

you know what gets me about Donghae’s letter? i remember how terrible he was in English back in the day but now he wrote an entire letter in the very language he struggled with. It made me so proud and happy because clearly over all these years he’s improved and done his best to learn and it touches me so much. The same goes for the Chinese one. He’s doing his best to reach out to international fans and if that isn’t the sweetest thing ever then i don’t know what is. Lee Donghae is precious.