edit:gravity falls

It’s been forever sine I got around to draw something! So i finally finished this sorta sketch dump thingy that’s been ghosting around my laptop for a while now xD



Spats: ai du gud, pa? ye? ye!

Battle Royale: Stanchez vs Rickford


  • pros
    • they can brood together
    • indulge each other in their secret hobbies
    • rick wearing stan’s fez
    • both equally self-deprecating 
    • drunk strip poker in front of old 80′s action movies as romantic activity
    • bank robbing and subsequent clubbing as romantic activity 
  • cons:
    • not on same intellectual wavelength which Stan might come to resent/have transference abt bc Rick reminds him of his twin
    • Rick offends Stan by doing/saying something stupid to Dipper n Mabel
    • Stan as more stubborn than RIck and might not always appreciate their extraterrestrial escapades
    • negativity brings each other down


  • pros
    • they’d make a great foil
    • Rick brings out ford’s confidence and ability to laugh at himself
    • Ford encourages Rick to be more openly sincere about the things he likes and a bit less self deprecating/more mature
    • geeking out together as romantic activity
    • arguments about science
  • cons:
    • arguments about science
    • don’t understand each other’s morality (or rather rick’s lack thereof)
    • Ford too sensitive for Rick’s self-deprecating, emotionally suppressed cynicism 
    • Rick frustrated with Ford’s lack of appreciation for fart jokes
    • Ford feels dragged down by Rick’s lack of ambition
    • Rick feels insecure about Ford’s overall strictness with himself

Conclusion: Rick’s love of science and bygone sense of wonder could be reawakened w Ford but his overall jaded cynicism, love of fun and petty crime connect with Stan. 

I think the real tie-breaker though is that Rick seems to enjoy surrounding himself with people he feels are dumber than him but understand his sense of humour and fear of commitment. (stan wins)