And understand that zayn isn’t some money hungry dog, y'all will believe every bullshit article about zayn to fuel your hate fire that should’ve been extinguished a long time ago. He’s going to share his EXPERIENCE where did it say he was going to trash the boys? If anything he’s going to spill tea on management? Isn’t that what y'all wanted or is it only OK for Larry to do it. I get you can get tired of hearing the same story over and over again but who’s forcing you to watch?

“He can stop talking about them if he wants to"were you guys saying this when your crackers were being disgusting about zayn leaving and still answering questions about him, not to mention LYING while answering these questions.

"He’s using them to create drama for money” every thing zayn does is bad for you guys, if you hate him that much just leave the guy alone. If if was one of the crackers sharing their experience y'all would be hype as fuck. Is it that you’re scared he’s gonna make them some snakes? I’m not saying they are but from what I’ve seen that’s the only way it would “ruin their image”

Then y'all bitter asses wanna go as far as trashing his music to defend your faves? Nah . “it sounds the same”, “all he sings about is sex and drugs” bitch that’s what YOU chose to hear. And that’s how I know half of y'all dumbasses are just following what your just as bitter mutuals say. So you know that all 1D songs sound the same? Unrequited love, being love struck, getting ‘some’ NEXT.

I’m tired of 4D stans preaching about zayn being a snake just because “he used to say he loved being in the band and now he hates it” it IS possible to enjoy being there but not enjoy the rules of management WE ALL FUCKING WENT TO SCHOOL, I’M SURE YOU HAD GOOD TIMES WITH YOUR FRIENDS BUT STILL DIDN’T ENJOY SCHOOL AS A WHOLE. Fucking grow up and stop the foolishness

“He’s always playing victim” idk what y'all see but I saw zayn sharing some of his negative experiences in the band and if all you dumbasses can say is he’s playing the victim then you see the treatment he got but you didn’t and still don’t care. He’s not Taylor Swift. There’s a difference but the fact that y'all see it as playing victim means you just don’t want to sympathize . not that he needs it from some children. y'all SEE but you’re still SO bitter you make him out to be a snake using 1D for headlines. Let me catch one of y'all rejoicing if any of the cracker quartet decides to talk about 1D. Let me catch one.

Yes zayn the snake for staying for the fans, suffering weight loss because of stress from constantly being targeted by the media, death threats and cyber bullying from FANS , admitting he’s grateful several times but never mind that , he said he didnt like the music HE’S SO UNGRATEFUL, for FINALLY putting himself first and leaving for his happiness, for wanting to express himself creatively , BUT HE SAID HE WANTED TO BE A NORMAL 22 YEAR OLD THEN HE WENT SOLO THAT SNAKE, yes that snake for being honest about the situation after management released that statement, for only ever saying things about the MANAGEMENT, I’m sorry I didn’t know y'all suddenly stanned Modest! .
Y'all straight up ignore the changes in zayn when he was in 1D , he was basically a walking corpse but that’s not important, he left without my permission he doesn’t deserve to be happy 😤

I want y'all to keep in mind that the same boys you’re going so hard for lied to your faces , pinky promised they would come back and didn’t, zayn has never lied to his fans but y'all can’t relate. Yet zayn is still the worst person on earth when your boys have done so much worse.

All of you are so mad about a life that’s not yours, so bitter about someone for putting themselves first, for ruining your perfect boy band that was bound to end anyways, so insensitive about serious situations . honestly how do you hold a grudge THAT long. Zayn has done nothing to you ungrateful rats but stayed in a silly band to keep you guys happy. He didn’t kill anyone’s family, cheat on anyone’s mama but y'all sure as hell act like it.

Logic and Reason #1

You don’t have “headmates”. You’re simply a human teenager with too much time on the internet, and none of these so called “personalities” in your system would exist if you didn’t have access to a personal blog to cover up how mundane you are as a real person. People who actually have DID generally have instability in their lives and generally have it treated because they don’t want it.


Ok so.. I just recently learned about this “Otherkin” shit and I don’t get it. Did you guys see furries and think “ Wtf? These people dressing and acting like animals, I’m a real animal, inside.” I don’t understand. It has to be only people under the age of 20, or just sad pathetic loser that have to “ belong” to something.

Really? These people need to give up and get a life. 

Sasuke loves Sakura. He gave her the gesture of love for his clan which is the forehead poke. It is the ultimate expression of love. Stated by Kishimoto himself. 

Sarada is Sakura’s child. She gave birth to her. She made the child with Sasuke when they made love. THEY MADE LOVE. This was not random sex or whatever. 

He was there during the early stages of Sarada’s life. He left to protect his family. He wanted to hunt down the threats so his family could be safe. And so the village could be safe. That is his role in life. 

Sarada is the ultimate proof of their love. 

He has hugged his daughter. He shows her he loves her. He teases Sakura is which way he does not really like give her affection. Learn the character and reread the Gaiden. Also read Sakura’s and Sasuke’s novels. You will learn for yourself. They are in love. 


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From the bottom of my heart I hate all those people that cant do his own char with their own perspective and imagination, and need to copy others just to try to steal a little of magic. I feel sorry for them. And yes I’m talking to all those who stop and watch me. But u never gonna be me. So sorry.

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I feel better now Lmao

It's my party, I can cry if I want to.

I was too hungover yesterday to type anything, but I just thought I would let everyone know I officially hit rock bottom. I cried a total of 17 times watching The Bachelorette last night. I’m starting to think its time to get some serious help.