All sex workers know the importance of pubic hair, whether it’s the lack thereof or the glorious presence of an untamed bush.  If you’re easily triggered by blood, have hand tremors, or are just generally clumsy, shaving your nether regions can be challenging and oftentimes fraught with danger.  Fear not, however, as there are ways to keep the razor burn and unintentional injuries to a minimum.

  If you shave in the shower, wait at least ten minutes to allow your hair follicles to relax - this makes shaving easier.
  If you’re rocking a Rapunzel-tier bush, it’ll be a lot easier - and of lower risk to your delicate skin - to trim it first before you shave.
  Do not do not do not use a dull razor!  If you really can’t afford a new one, you can sharpen your razor with a pair of jeans.
  Avoid scented shaving creams and opt for milder, unscented shower gels or conditioners if you have especially sensitive skin.
   If you do nick yourself, you can use an unscented lip balm to stop the bleeding.

If blades trigger you or you can’t trust your shaky hands, you can also use;

  Soy-based lotions to stunt the hair growth, so you don’t have to shave as often.
   An epilator or pluck your pubic hair.  Not for the faint of heart.
   A depilatory cream, but only on your bikini line - do not put it directly on or too close to your sex organs.
  Waxing, although this can be expensive and is also not for the faint of heart.

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Star: *To Marco* Youuu get to be my general.

Marco: Thanks…


Now notice the fact there is no king mentioned in the book or seen in the reenactment. This may mean the first king of Mewni was the queen’s general before they took over the land!


Also notice the way Star calls Marco her general. I rest my case.

(This theory makes almost no sense)

Love Live was the first step in me getting clean and stop doing drugs. I was going through depression and found solace in cocaine. I watched Love Live! by off chance one day and it changed my life forever. The sheer positive atmosphere was the first step in realizing there is more to life. Love Live saved my life.

Secondaries are People Too!
Polyamory for the Practical

“Sometimes poly people really don’t like the whole hierarchy system of relationships.  Primary, secondary, tertiary.  But the fact of the matter is that sometimes relationships do fall into a continuum of priority and we must decide where our time and energy goes.  Certainly, we may choose to treat all of our loves with equal time, attention and fervor of emotion, but this is not often the case.  The thing that I find a little upsetting, however, is when I see “secondary” relationships treated as dispensable.  And worse, the person who is the secondary relationship being overlooked as a human being!


Because secondary relationships are often treated as disposable, secondaries may develop a sense of insecurity.  They may fear that their lover’s primary may at any time “veto” the relationship.  This is an understandable fear in the current climate of polyamorous relationships, but I think that this can change. Secondary relationships, in their own way, are every bit as important as primary ones.  They should involve just as much commitment and devotion as a primary relationship.  The difference lay in the ground rules.  Secondary relationships may be limited to one weekend a month, or perhaps it merely means a non-live-in relationship.  But this does not limit the emotional connection or physical attraction that the secondary partners feel for each other.  Whatever the rules are, once that relationship is established, it should not be so easily cast aside.  Further, I think the only one who should make the decision to end the relationship is the person directly involved in it.”


Although this was written a while ago, I feel this makes some really great points (and, perhaps some dated ones)!

TL;DR: No matter if you’re in an egalitarian or hierarchical style relationship, it’s important to treat everyone in the polycule with respect and validation :)

I hate the treatment people give other people OCs. They work hard to make them. So if they want to ship their OC with a canon character let them. If they want to make a child for their ship let them. They don’t make their characters for your approval. And anyways why would you get offended by them