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"You don't have PTSD or autism, you're just spoiled." -Actual quote from my old friend's parents. Never mind that part of my C-PTSD comes from living with people who could never pay the utilities and once had to go two months without running water.

What the actual fuck

Some people are just…

I don’t even have words.

hey guys it’s emily.. ahh - im really ill just now. both physically and mentally and so im taking a break from p-h for a while. running my own blog is taxing enough and i dont feel ok giving you guys help when im struggling myself. i’ll be adding to q and such but kitten and ali will be the ones running the show for a while.

i hope you’re all okay and are having a great day!! speak soon!


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How old are you and when did you start drawing and become that good...? I mean your art is awsome and so beautiful (/•.•)/~~~💜 (sorry for my bad english ...)

I’m 20 and probably started drawing around 4 or 5…? My memory’s fuzzy at that age, as you might imagine XD

Thank you for liking my works!

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Not really an ask... Just a pity party. I lost my job last year after another hospitalization for ptsd, and today found out I didn't get the job that could help my family tremendously... However my rapist is in the final qualifying rounds for the Olympics in Rio. I'm so angry that he never faced consequences, and I still live with the effects of what he did everyday.

I know how you feel.. It’s so damn unfair to see our abusers be successful, while we’re stuck here with PTSD or other mental illnesses. Like, why do they get to have such good lives?! They have literally done nothing to deserve it! It makes me so angry. Always remember that you are not alone.
-Winter xx

Thank you for finding artists like me to be inspiring! o(*^▽^*)o

Yes, I totally empathize with your situation. I’m in the same boat. Being a pure science major at a science-only school is probably the farthest I could be from art XD

I’m sorry you feel like your family would disapprove of you pursuing art seriously. This is very commonly the case for people who dream about a entertainment-related career but come from regular families. People don’t approve of you until you are successful and competition to become a pro can be vicious. I wish society ascribed more explicit value to art and expression at every level as they deserve.

Regarding my thoughts about my own situation, I don’t know if I would encourage anyone to follow my path (least of all me from the past XD). I made things extremely difficult for myself by choosing to go to a tech school while wanting to continue doing art. Well, it’s more like I wanted to do both but realized too late that I couldn’t be the kind of scientist and the kind of artist I wanted to be at the same time and if I had to give up one it’d be science. I really just loved drawing so much that I couldn’t bear considering a future in which art was not the centerpiece. But now it’s incredibly difficult for me to juggle my art (which is considered a distraction here) and school and everything else and I’m in a state of constant stress and overwork and uncertainty.

If you haven’t invested much of your life in art already, I would earnestly recommend putting your art on hold and focus on getting a financially stable career before focusing more on art. It’s never too late to do art, but it’d be very difficult to get a good job if you stray off the main path early on. But if you feel like you can commit yourself and become successful, by all means, pursue your dreams.

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I've recently been diagnosed with C-PTSD from a sexually and physically abusive relationship and have been feeling angry and guilty at myself because I've always associated PTSD with military veterans and just feel like I didn't go through the hell they did and shouldn't be getting help because others need it more than me. Does anyone else ever feel that way?

Yeah, a lot of people also feel that way, you are not alone, And, let me tell you, I promise you are just as valid as anyone else with PTSD. You deserve all the help you need to recover.
-Winter xx

Friendly reminder

You are still 100% valid even if you are good at dealing with your symptoms. You are also still valid even if you are unable to manage your symptoms. No matter how you work with your illness, you are real and precious and deserve validation.

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I have PTSD from ongoing physical+psychological abuse. My abuser is my sister. Currently, I'm not aware of any way that she or I could get removed from the house. I'm in therapy, but all that it seems to have been doing is increasing the frequency of my flashbacks, nightmares, and disassociation episodes. I don't know how to deal with he situation anymore. I just really need a hug, and some advice if anyone can offer it.

Could you try spending as much time out of the house as possible? Going for walks, joining a club/group, going out with friends

If therapy is making your symptoms worse, then maybe ask your therapist if you could have a therapy break for a few weeks/months. Although, also keep in mind that when we’re in therapy going through our traumatic event(s), things often get worse before they get better.

I know this is hard, but you’re going to be okay and I’ll give you lots of hugs!

-Winter xx

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