I genuinely don’t understand why anime fans themselves refer to either anime or themselves as trash. I know a lot of fans do it in a semi-joking non-serious context, but sometimes it’s hard to tell. I know there are bad anime out there, but I see good anime being called trash too. I’m afraid I’ll never quite get it.

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How To Become A Sex Text Operator

Original post: How To Become A Sex Text Operator

Become A Sext Text Operator

Do you want to get paid from sexting? If you’re eighteen years of age or older and have a mobile phone, you can! Many models around the world are getting paid simply by chatting over SMS or messaging apps like Kik or Snapchat. You can text from your home or on the go. Choose your own hours and be your own boss.


No Application – You’re Already Hired!

The best part about making money from adult texting is there’s no hiring process. As long as you’re eighteen years of age or older, you’re already approved! You’ll still have to verify your identity, but the verification process is generally quick and easy. Once you’re verified, you can setup your account and start earning right away!

Websites Hiring Sext Text Operators

Looking for networks to join where you can get paid to sext? Here’s some networks currently looking for sex text operators:

ExtraLunchMoney – ExtraLunchMoney allows you to receive and send text messages. In addition to text messages, you can also setup custom “jobs”  for access to your messaging services. Most models will either charge month-to-month or give sell lifetime access.

ManyVids – ManyVids specializes in video sales, but it also allows models to setup custom jobs. You can include access to any kind of messaging app or get a Google phone number to send and receive texts from (be sure to change your area code for privacy reasons!).

TalkToMe – A network for phone sex operators. TalkToMe lets you sell messaging as well as paid phone sex.

Is My Number and Personal Information Kept Private?

Your personal information will always be kept private. ExtraLunchMoney and TalkToMe go as far as to use 3rd parties to transfer and encrypt the messages. As long as you don’t give out your personal information, it’ll be kept safe.

How Much Do Sext Text Operators Make?

This depends greatly. Different networks have different payout percentages. For every network you’ll get to set your going rate. You’re also in control of how many hours you work. All these things factor in greatly when it comes to a model’s earning potential.

Can You Also Get Paid For Phone Calls?

Yes! There’s plenty of networks that will allow you to get paid from talking. A 3rd party is used to connect the calls and your number is always kept private. To see what networks offer paid calling, check out our phone sex section.

Other Ways To Get Paid In The Adult Industry

Live Camming – Get paid to perform live on webcam. Camming is a fast growing business and is revolutionizing the adult industry. Work from home and be your own boss!

Sell Adult Content – Get paid for selling your amateur porn. There’s a huge market for adult video and photo sets. These networks handle the payment processing and drive traffic and sales.

Skype Shows – Host your own private Skype Shows. Get access to the tools to handle payment processing and show scheduling and booking.

Membership Sites – Run your own subscription-based membership site. There’s tools and networks that allow you to quickly build your very own paid membership section. Earn a residual income from monthly rebills.

anonymous asked:

Im sorry but i need to get this off my chest A couple months ago I tired killing myself and after that I cut myself really badly to the point i needed 17 stitches and so I was sent to therapy and I was diagnosed with ptsd and I only told them I was bullied really bad and abused by several people who I thought were my friends but what plays a really big toll in this is i was sexually abused most of my life. I just want to stop feeling bad i really just want to be happy but I cant... i try so hard

I know you are trying really hard, and I know how much of a toll this can take on your life, but this is no reason to give up, there is never a reason to give up. Consider going back to therapy, or start using some self help techniques, practice self care, join an online space for those who have been through trauma (eg. here or here). I know this is hard, but don’t give up, I believe in you xx

[Pictured: Nana [Episode 1] [12 hour fanime challenge]]

I get discouraged and tired about my fanime because I feel like everyone only cares about the popular ones, and I hate to do so much work and have it be ignored. I feel left out and invisible.

Oops sorry I realized that I forgot to open the ask box :O but it is open now! So please ask me things! I’m super into this AU and would be overjoyed to have a reason to think and talk more about it, outside of the stuff generated by my own musings.

[Pictured: SeasonS - Episode 3]

i have an idea for a fanime and i think it could be really original. however, im worried that some of the themes and inspiration it takes, which are a bit more serious, arent going to be popular. i feel like a serious story and character clashes with the fanime aesthetic–even still, i cant imagine it as anything other than a fanime. who knew something supposed to be so fun could be so nervewracking!

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