Sometimes talking about my disability with Korean people is exhausting

Because I get to hear BUT AMERICA HAS IT SO MUCH BETTER 1251729515218751297 fucking times

YES YES I understand America has a better accommodations YES I HAVE A GOOD LIFE HERE YES AMERICA IS A GOOD ROLE MODEL

I just have to repeat that 12059175290150127 fucking times

NO like I still have problems here. Every single day, I have to worry about whether or not my workplace is gonna have accessible elevator/bathroom or not(work place changes everyday)

I don’t even bother to press the wheelchair button anymore cause it’s not gonna work 70% of the times anyway

A lot of the times, bus lifts are broken and I just either have to hope that next one isn’t or just roll there

My lift car breaks down and that’s all out of pocket money, even if I have a normal car insurance, the price to fix/maintain the lift car is so huge I still have to pay large sum of money everytime(plus it’s a nightmare trying to take the car that only I can drive to the maintenance place and CATCHING A RIDE BACK)

AND DO YOU KNOW ABOUT AMERICAN hospital insurance policy?

But no, I can’t complain. I have it so much better here. all other countries suck and at least you’re protected by ADA act and know that 90% of the facilities you go to will be accommodated/freely move around with public transportation and most of the bathrooms are going to be accessible.

Well when you put it that way, it’s all so true and I’m the asshole here who has first world problems, and I do, I do have first world problems(when it comes to disability) which saddens me. I’m living the life all other handicapped people in other countries are jealous of. 


That’s just sad, but that’s why it’s called disability I guess.

(+this actually wasn’t even a conversation with disabled person in Korea just….abled person

She’s really nice but thinks America is this good place with good life and I’m just sitting here rolling my eyes and I tell her all this and this was the response I get but you have that option there at least there’s a beacon of hope we can follow and I’m still just thinking like girl if you follow AMERICA as your beacon of hope I don’t know what to tell you, maybe try Canada. I dunno, I heard some good things there. In all seriousness though, there’s NO country that’s perfect for people with disabilities. NONE. Everywhere’s just shitty and some places are better than others and we are all just stuck with wherever we are and just roll with it. And I get uncomfortable having to hear but you have it better than others so many times because……..well it’s just annoying at this point.

I dunno sometimes people don’t really get stuff but then again that’s everybody’s life.

shoutout to all the lgbtqniap+ people living at the intersections of multiple axes. people of color, religious people, disabled people, poor people, and more.

your identity is not something to be divided up & pitted against itself. you are not wrong for wanting ALL of you to be acknowledged. you should not be made to feel small for not fitting one model or another. every part of you is important and valid. you are valued, you are perfect the way you are.

When did you come into the KH series?

Are you someone who’s been here since the beginning and knows the pain of waiting

Or did you come in later and know the pain of getting caught up with this series?

Reblog with your answer in the post or the tags

Me personally: I came in right before 358/2 came out but I had been lurking silently in the background since one.

To those of you who weren't in the fandom during 2007-2010

Go look some stuff up its pretty wild XD.

If you want some examples
Demyx time
1 in 13 comic
Ladychimera (Especially Served)
Sanely-insane (Logic man and Reference boy)
Kingdumb hearts
Kingdom hearts random crap (also the other videos made by that youtuber)

Otherwise just dig through the ancient archives of Deviantart.

This new equation might finally unite the two biggest theories in physics, claims physicist
Linking general relativity and quantum mechanics with wormholes.
By Bec Crew

One of the most stubborn problems in physics today is the fact that our two best theories to explain the Universe - general relativity and quantum mechanics - function perfectly well on their own, but as soon as you try to combine them, the maths just doesn’t work out.

But a Stanford theoretical physicist has just come up with a new equation that suggests the key to finally connecting the two could be found in bizarre spacetime tunnels called wormholes.

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Racism in Denmark

I live in Copenhagen, Denmark, and my parents are from Korea. The other day I went to the mall and I was just leaving a clothing store that is next to this beauty salon, and two employees from there were giving samples of some sort of soap(? and they saw me so, one of them started yelling at me NI HAO NI HAO CHING CHONG CHANG THIS FOR YOU THIS FOR YOU and then they both pointed at me and laughed. I ignored them. Then, when I went home, I contacted the company’s customer service, and talked to the manager of the store, he apologized to me and offered to send me free products. I declined the offer because I didn’t wanna have anything to remind me of what happened. However, the guy said that the two employees had been fined and that he warned them that any other misbehaviour would result in both of them losing their jobs. I am honestly just tired of people harassing me with Ni Hao, I’M NOT EVEN CHINESE, AND I WAS BORN IN EUROPE. I SPEAK 5 LANGUAGES AND CHINESE IS NOT ONE OF THEM. At least, ask me if i’m Chinese before saying Ni Hao. Even if I was, it’s not okay to just assume someone’s ethnicity by the way they look. 

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getting to the root of procrastination

procrastination is the bane of many students’ existences. we’ve all heard tips on how to combat it, but wouldn’t it be easier if we realized why we were procrastinating in the first place, and act from there? here are some ways to get to the root of your procrastination + helpful methods to stop this nasty habit in its tracks. 

reason #1: “this assignment is too difficult and/or i can’t grasp the material”

ask for help: being able to ask for help is one of the best things you can ever do. your teachers and professors are there to help you learn, and even other students may be willing to help, not to mention tutors. don’t be afraid to ask for clarification, and take advantage of office hours if you can. search topics online to get different perspectives from the lecture or class.

reason #2: “i have enough time to put this off”

be smart: sometimes we honestly can put things off until tomorrow without any consequence, just double check that you won’t accidentally miss deadlines. if given a deadline, i intentionally mark it a day or two ahead so that i allow myself extra time to basically…fool around, and kinda allow for procrastination without it being serious. this is especially helpful if you’re digging yourself out of bad habits but going ‘cold turkey’ and forcing yourself to do everything right away is a daunting task.

reason #3: “i just don’t feel like it”

and that’s okay: motivation ebbs and flows, and some days things just don’t work out. take a breather, whatever that means. but, be constructive about it. time yourself, and even if it’s an hour of rest and only ten minutes of work, at least start things. you may find yourself more willing to complete the task if you get it done in small increments.

reason #4: “i was planning to do it but…”

the weekend works too: i have plenty of things that get pushed back until the weekend because other tasks take priority. one of the things i am doing this semester is not intentionally planning anything for the weekend, but if tasks get pushed to saturday, i’ll wake up and do what i put off during the week, and call it a ‘loose end saturday’ (i still need a day of rest so sunday is my complete day off). yesterday i had homework left over, and got everything done in around three hours and had the rest of the day to relax. the weekend is your best friend, use it wisely.

but what if I procrastinate anyway?

life isn’t perfect. and neither are we. we may not always be able to catch ourselves from procrastinating, and that’s just a part of life. don’t beat yourself up because you didn’t meet a goal on a certain day, or you forgot something, etc. focus on building better habits, not destroying bad ones. allow yourself room to fail, but pay attention to how you’re growing.

Toei posted more about Ex-Aid and its story, which is kind of interesting but I don’t have enough faith in Google Translate so I’ll just present what I was able to make out.

  • The hero’s name was coined from Extreme and Aid. A Kamen Rider who must save the world from certain doom, and a Kamen Rider who saves the lives of his patients - that’s Ex-Aid, “The most extreme of aid”.
  • X-Sports (Extreme Sports) have become an influence, particularly the letter X. They remark that the letter X is the Roman numeral for 10, and that Ex-Aid is “A person who must clear 10 kinds of games”.
  • Ex-Aid is not only about changing the fate of patients whose lives are on the verge of death, it’s also about changing your own fate and those who hold the world in their hands.

Fate starts in only one month! See you next game!!