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i'm writing a story about a person who was never taught there is an entire world outside of their town, do you have prompts for that? or could you please help? adore you, btw. xx

“I just assumed it was mountains and valleys out there.”

“Now that I think about it, maybe it was silly to think that there wasn’t more to this town.”

“Why wouldn’t you tell me?”

“You were afraid I’d want to go explore, weren’t you?”

Writing With Color – General Topics

A collection of WWC posts that deal with more general writing advice, character creation and diversity topics applicable to most marginalized people, particularly People of Color and some ethnic and religious groups.

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“I hate it when people ignore my blog entirely. It doesn’t matter if it’s OOC’s posts or generally trying to get interactions out of people but when I reblog promos from another person’s blog, no one bothers doing the same, especially when the new person is under assumption this new process to promo is faster but someone who is highly ignored by the community reblogs it, it’s enough assured that prior person won’t get any follows. That’s the prime point of deleting. Tired of it. It’s not a chore.”

“Elitism does exist, though some hypersensitives throw the term around incorrectly. What really grinds my gears is when people complain about having “no one to RP with” even though there’s plenty of people liking those posts and butt-kissing with compliments; they really mean there’s no one “good enough” or “interesting enough” around to RP with. It’s transparent.”

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I feel guilty because my trauma is less severe than most people's

‘Severe’ trauma = trauma

‘Less severe’ trauma = trauma

It doesn’t matter how ‘severe’ your trauma is. Going through a traumatic experience is crap no matter what that experience was. You have no reason to feel guilty at all!

-Winter xx

Headcanon: The Chief and General sometimes have to drag their kids along chiefing with them

They take turns staying inside with the little ones, but there come times when they both need to go to a meeting or do something else where it would be safe for kids to come and Valka and Fishlegs can’t babysit so they bring the kids, who are a complete pain and complain the whole time (think being 5 and your parents are dragging you to their activities).

Just imagine Hiccstrid in a conference and they each have a kid in their lap.