@ new Kpop stans | Don’t come at me and say you know everything about Kpop, telling me who I should and shouldn’t stan when you don’t know; Sorry Sorry, Mirotic,Haru Haru,I Don’t Care, Tell Me, Nobody, Gee, Into The New World,Bubble Pop, Ring Ding Dong, Fiction, IGAB, Abracadabra, Electric Shock, Roly Poly, or Genie. Thanks you very much, educate yourself about this genre before trying to belittle and disrespect your faves seniors

Dean: Dude, did you buy anything for yourself today?

McJones: Yeah, I got this pack of socks.

Dean: Plain white socks? That’s not a treat!

Lucahjin: Look, maybe this is our version of Treat Yourself Day, and he needs to do his version.

Dean: What are you talking about?

Lucahjin: McJones, if you could blow big money on one thing, not socks, what would it be?

[Cut to Lucah and Dean waiting in a fitting room]

McJones: [Comes out of the stall, wearing a Professor Layton costume]

Dean: Oh my God oh my God, this is a whole new level of nerd!

McJones: Y- You’re right, this is ridiculous, what am I doing?

Dean: Wait, no no no! I mean that in a good way, Stewart! Listen to me. You’re part of the Treat Yourself Team now, okay? If that costume somehow makes you happy, you’re gonna buy it! And wear it out of the store…

Lucahjin: You’re gonna treat yourself!

McJones: …Yeah, you know what, I’m gonna do that!

Dean: Yeah!

McJones: I’m gonna… I’m gonna treat myself… Thanks, you guys… [starts tearing up] I really needed this… I gotta… [dissolves into sobs] Gotta treat myself…

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Rogue is a surprisingly good singer, the best one of the group. She often makes up words to sing along with Fish’s guitar tunes, or teaches him songs from non-apocalyptic timelines. She always sings in English, of course, so the others can’t always understand her (the mutants’ understanding of the language has dwindled from disuse), but despite this, her and Fish’s occasional ‘concerts’ are always bright spots for all of them.

“ive found many roleplayers here that have made mistakes and are aware of it and moved on , learned from them (some involved either vagueposting and being aware of it, or using a callout for a nonsensical reason) and recognize the fault on it. however i also find pitiful examples in which many roleplayers ruin another user’s rp career for the most petty of reasons either bcs they didnt like an opinion on their blog, a rant or a ship. to be frank, the roleplay community in this sense is tiresome.”

MBTI types as Child

ISTJ: very responsible, goes in a silent room for peace
ESTJ: bossy but very friendly, and talk to all classmates
ISFJ: sweet, want to be with his/her friends in all activity
ESFJ: popular in class, always take care close friends
INFJ: stay alone in their room, probably think while watching outside the window
ENFJ: what to partecipate in adult conversation and get along with everyone
INTJ: pretty quiet and always with a book in hand
ENTJ: leader in group games and friends, or in charge with other kids
ISTP: laid-back, partecipate in activities if with friends or interested
ESTP: impress others and break rules everytime they can
ISFP: shy, but unrestrainable when with friends
ESFP: hyperactive, want to experience things, some times way too dangerous
INFP: play alone with toys, imagine fantastic stories and get lost in them
ENFP: active and energetic, always exploring and snooping around the park
INTP: already misunderstood, distracted by thoughts and inattentive
ENTP: talk for hours, or make some jokes with group of friends

It’s amazing to me that people pick a choose who to call out when it comes to cultural appropriation and/or other problematic behaviour. Some artists seem to get away with everything while another makes a small mistake, clarifies/apologises for it, yet they’ll dragged to hell and back with some people telling people not to support them anymore. Idk if you’re going to call people out, try to be a little fair?

There is no such thing as an untalented or undeserving idol/group member.

Competition to get in a group is tough and we often forget that these people work extremely hard to be in a group’s lineup and to eventually debut.

If they do get to debut, it’s because they have something, they bring something to the group.

Using Creatures From Native American Beliefs

I have been working on a fantasy series and my world has 9 nations of people, each with somewhat loose real-world influences. Each nation has its own kind of… guardian animal I guess (I formerly called them totem animals but have recently thought I should avoid that word since it specifically originated from Ojibwe culture) and while most of them are animals I have made up, a few of them are taken from real world mythologies and legends. One is the Wyvern, which doesn’t have any significant purpose in its origin so I think should be fine to use, but the others are the wakinyan (Lakota - thunderbird) and the amarok (Inuit) which were significantly more important to their originating cultures. 

The wakinyan is the guardian animal of the nation influenced by some Native American cultures, where the Amarok is similarly the guardian of the nation influenced by Inuit cultures. I hoped this would give representation to those cultures and their mythologies but have worried that in reality it might just be disrespectful. I was hoping you could give me some feedback on whether this use is problematic or appropriative. Thank you! (PS I love this blog, it has taught me a lot, so thank you!) 

I’d caution you to make sure that the “Native American” cultures you’re pulling from all use the Thunderbird, because it is specific to a few tribes. It would feel very off to have a culture that didn’t have the Thunderbird at all suddenly have it be incorporated. I’d prefer it if it was one specific tribe, but if you’re pulling from closely-knit nations who have a common history as allies then you’ll run into a lot less raised eyebrows for mixing a few together. I should note that a shared language family does not indicate a shared ally history; the Huron and Iroquois both shared a language family, but they’re traditionally enemies. They had periods of allyship, but that wasn’t the norm.

Other than that, this doesn’t look appropriative to me because you’re pulling from the entirety of the culture when selecting those animal protectors. The key to at least beginning to respect a culture’s religion (another caution is calling Native American religions “mythologies"— we’re still alive and practicing our traditions!) is to take the whole of it, not just the “cool” or pretty parts.

Of course, the usual cautions of sensitivity readers and making sure you’re not relying on the white versions of our beliefs apply. But as a general rule, if there’s the culture to go along with the creature, you have solid representation.

~ Mod Lesya