“Not all females menstruate!” -True, but only females menstruate

“Not all females have breasts and curves!” -True, but this body fat distribution is most common in females

“Not all females have XX chromosomes!” -True, but no female has a SRY gene.

“Not all females dress feminine, are nurturing, or want children!” -True, and they shouldn’t have to do any of those things

“Some females have penises!” -Wrong, that is a male-specific trait

Intersex is not an orientation or a gender identity.  Stop acting like people with intersex conditions are inherently LGBT.

Intersex people are often coercively assigned one sex or the other depending on what they resemble most.  If you are not intersex you were not assigned a sex, you were born with a sex.  Stop appropriating intersex experience when you’re not intersex.

Intersex people are the exception, not the rule.  Their existence does not disprove the existence of biological sex.  There may be multiple factors in what determines sex, but most of the time these factors align in one way or the other.  Most people are unambiguously male or female.  And most intersex conditions only affect XX or XY people.  Stop using intersex people as your argument pieces when you aren’t intersex.

Leave intersex people alone.

i love gunnerkrigg court because most of the chapters are called pretty things like “the fangs of summertime” or “the great secret,” but then some of them are called things like “parley and smitty are in this one” or “red’s friend gets a name too i suppose”

on alternate ways of dealing with dysphoria

Someone sent me a message asking about this earlier.  I want to respect their anonymity but they told me that what I said was helpful to them so I feel like sharing it with the rest of you.  So here’s some things I do that help me manage my dysphoria:

  • Reality check

It’s helpful to me to remind myself that dysphoria is not reality, it’s a mental disorder that alters your perception of yourself.  You can think of it like other disorders like anxiety– if I’m feeling really anxious about something, I try to imagine my situation from an outside perspective and ask myself “is this really something I need to worry about or is this just my anxious brain being anxious?”  If I’m feeling really dysphoric I do similar mental exercises, like “I may feel this compulsion to change my body because I don’t like it, but that doesn’t mean there’s anything objectively wrong with my body.  Regardless of how I feel about it, this is the body I have, even if I were to alter it it would still be the same one.”

  • Physical activity

This is something I’m really bad at keeping up with because I’m a little cave gremlin who doesn’t like to be away from my laptop for too long.  But if you want to feel at home in your body, doing things that make your body do things helps a lot with feeling centered.  Part of the reason I got a dog was so that I would have to get up and move every day, no excuses.  I also enjoy yoga and swimming a lot.  You don’t have to do those particular things, but if you can find something physical you like doing I highly recommend it.

  • Positive affirmation

Okay, this one sounds really cheesy but I swear it makes me feel better.  When I’m getting ready for the day I take a few extra moments to look in the mirror, give myself a big smile and say something like, “I’m okay the way I am,” “I’m ready for this,” “I am enough,” or something to that effect.  Sometimes it’s barely a whisper, some days I don’t want to say anything out loud at all.  It’s the thought that counts though.

I hope this is helpful to someone, and if anyone else has other methods of coping with dysphoria that they’d like to share, please do!

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