A project by ME and MAX in which YOU get to choose adaptations and go through the evolution of Dinosauria

This is a partly speculative, partly educational interactive YouTube game that relies on annotations

Art from http://dinostavros.deviantart.com/art/Eoraptor-colored-160716718

Disclaimers are under the cut, as are achievements & prizes. You can also read the former on the YouTube video itself, and the latter on this page

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Who else of you is playing this fucking game? XD

This takes ages to get anywhere and it makes me wonder how much money some tumblr people spend on it already, seeing some of their screenshots…

I spend like 2€ and went “Fuck it, that didn’t help at all” afterwards.
Not spending more money, even if it takes me years o finish a building or mission.

And on a last note…They are really mean to Tony. ;__;

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1. Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon - The Mentalist 

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I suffered 7 seasons before this ship was endgame. I just love the way Jane changed for the best, thanks to Lisbon. The way they protect to each other is just beautiful. And their relationship is based on a really strong friendship that went through a lot of things. They changed together, and that’s awesomely beautiful too. Jane wants to be a better man because of Lisbon influence, and Lisbon helped him to believe again in things that he thought impossible to believe in again. I love the way he plays with her mind and he bothers her, but she just knows that that’s who he is and when he is not doing that is because something wrong is happening. They are great together, they complement each other.  

2. Lucas Friar and Riley Matthews - Girl Meets World

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How could you not love them? Riley is this goofy and unique girl, a girl who believes in people, a girl who has faith in her friends and would sacrifice anything for them, and Lucas loves that part of her. He feels attracted to that part of her. Lucas is this cowboy who has a past, but still Riley accepts him that way and she joins him in the adventure of finding the best version of himself. They are great together, he could help her to rid of her insecurities and to love herself the way she is, and she could make him believe that he could be always better, to see the good in him. All that together makes theirs a unique, real and honest story. And their relationship would be one based on a strong friendship.

3. Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha - Naruto

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Sasuke is a mysterious guy and Sakura was intrigued by that and because he is hot haha. But they grew and Sasuke made a lot of bad choices, but Sakura always believed in him, and hoped that he would come back someday. Thanks to her and Naruto, Sasuke always found a way back to home, to the people who truly love him and care about him. Sakura changed for the best, Sasuke made her be stronger and to fight for what she wants, and not to wait that people saves her, because she can save herself. Sasuke made the wrong choices, but he always made the right one when he chose Sakura. And Sakura made the right decision by waiting for him. Lol too many years waiting for these two to be together.

4. Clary Fray and Jace Herondale - Shadowhunters (The Mortal Instruments

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I ship these two since I read the books. Now they are being so well portrayed in the series that I ship them even more. I just love how Jace respects and admires Clary since the very first moment they met because he recognized the strength within her, her braveness. He encouraged her to be her best version as a shadowhunter, and to believe in her abilities. Clary helped Jace to find her sensibility in a world where he thought that sensibility was a weakness. Clary taught him that sensibility well combined with sense, could be your strongest weapon. Is just about balance. They balance each other.

5. Joshua Matthews and Maya Hart - Girl Meets World

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“I’m in it for the long game”. Just that Maya’s line to Josh in GMGame Night made me ship them so bad. Sometimes I even think that I ship them more than I ship Rucas haha. Well, what I like about Joshaya is that Maya started to actually listen to her conscience because of Josh influence. Not even Riley could made her listen to her conscience. And also that she understand that he is too old for her now, but still she wants to wait for him because she knows life is a long time and everything can happen. And Maya’s confidence when she talked about her feelings toward Josh being real and not just a crush, she being able to say real reasons for why she likes him, that was so wonderful and impossible not to love and ship them. And I feel like Josh really likes her in some way, just that he knows is not right for now to be together. So for now I just want them to be great friends, that they start to know each other better, and then we could see what happens with their feelings, because as Maya knows “life is a long time”.

Well, I’m not going to write all the reasons I ship them haha but well, now you have an idea for why I ship them all.

I tag @theobserver0425 @ouat2011 @ausllysuperfan101  @rileyfriar-gmw  and anybody else who wants to play.

agilawin asked:

Hello, Zeiva! I don't have the confidence to dare and take the path my heart is desperately leading to. I greatly admire you indie developers and I love art, stories and writing... I hope to take business management before I pursue these fields, with the intent of becoming a freelancer/developer, and perhaps starting something bigger. The people around me are less than encouraging and I know I'm naïve. Are these fields really capable of keeping a roof over my head? Or is my dream mere folly...?

Hello! :)

This is a question that many people have asked me. Sadly, I don’t think there is a right answer. It really depends on you, how dedicated and passionate you are in this field.

If you are only into it for fun, then it’s better to keep it as a hobby. If you think you are ready to face all the challenges and hardship. then consider the following:

1) Have you ever finished any of your projects? Do you have the discipline to finish your work?

2) If yes, then how are the reviews for the projects you have released? It’s better to have some kind of following before jumping straight to commercial.

Now, whether or not you can make a living out of this is another story. The things I mentioned above can raise your chances, but in the end… a lot of luck is needed to succeed in this field. This is why many game developers often suggest newcomers to start small. The more games you have, the higher chance one of them might get noticed.

Hope that helps. If you have other questions, feel free to ask me. The fun thing about being indie is, everyone knows how hard it is, so we help each other. ^^