Mended Heart

Prompt: “Could I have a Gabriel x reader with Gabriel confessing his feelings for reader and taking care of her after her boyfriend dumped her over text and said it was because they liked another woman…?(I ask because i was just dumped for that reason and i really need Comfort from my favorite little trickster…)”
Word Count: 1,405
Warnings: Nothing really, little bit of cussing but mostly fluffy :)
Author: Admin J (fandomzilla)
Author’s Note: Alright, writing this to keep my mind off of Wings. That story is driving me crazy right now, I’m too nervous to post part 3. This request sounded very needed right now, so I thought I might pump it out as quick as possible. I’m sorry for what happened, you deserve way better. Stay bright, sunshine, every wasted minute of sadness is a minute you could’ve been happy. Stay happy, I know that smile is beautiful.

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Estar com você me trás paz. Me sinto protegida com o seu abraço, é como se nada pudesse me atingir pelo simples fato de estar ali, pelo simples fato de poder ouvir o seu coração bater.
—  Cartas que serão suas.

Requested By: shine-and-rise-sammy

Gabriel was stretched out across your bed, calling out various comments to try to capture your attention. It wasn’t easy, but you had gotten better at drowning out his voice by now and were able to ignore him until he gave up.

That was when a window popped up in the middle of the screen that read “Busty Asian Beauties.”  Before you could close it about ten more flooded your screen, all showing some rather explicit pictures, and you could tell more were coming.

You shut the laptop screen and ran a hand through your hair. And then it clicked.

“Gabe, you son of a bitch! Porn, really? I’m trying to get some work done,” you said, chucking the nearest object at him, which just happened to be a tissue box. He barely tried to hide his sly smile.

He was behind your chair in a flash, hands resting on your shoulders and head dipped low so he could whisper into your ear. “Still love me?”