Marry Me((requested by me))

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” I smiled. I don’t know how I ever managed to get so happy.

To have some one sweet like him.

Gabe leaned in and kissed me. I blushed and looked at him and smiled.

It was the middle of winter and me and Gabe were just laying down in the snow of his back yard watching snow flakes. Just me and him. No preforming. Just us in peace.

We were holding each others hands.

“Can we be like this together forever?” I asked.

“Yeah, well get a house in Alaska.” He responded.

“But that would involve leaving the country.”

“Alaska’s in America, not Canada.” He corrected.

I laughed. “I fell in love with a smart guy.” I sang.

We both laughed.


“Yeah?” I asked still looking at the blue sky.

“Look at me.”

I fixed my head towards his direction half confused. I didn’t show it.

“Marry me.”

I looked away then looked back.

“Are you proposing to me?” I asked a big smile on my face and red.

“It depends if you say, yes.” He laughed a little.

“Yes!” I said loudly.

“Yes?” He laughed a little more.


“Oh my God!” He grabbed me and I straddled him.

I leaned down and kissed him. I cupped his face.

He kissed back. It was a passionate and romantic kiss. The kiss then got harder.

We were both into it. I moaned into the kiss.

I didn’t think it was fair how he got this reaction out of me and he didn’t say anything. I grinded against him.

Mission accomplished. I got a groan out of him.

He pulled away. “Normal couples have sex after the Wedding.”

“Since when were we a normal couple?” I asked.

“Alright. But we’re not gonna do it in ice.”

“We would be so hot afterwards.” I said kissing him. I knew we were going inside.

I continued to grind against him in our kisses I knew he was turned on I could feel it.

He then got up and picked me up putting me over his shoulder.

I laughed and playfully screamed. He ran inside of his house and went upstairs in to his bedroom. He put me down on the bed and hovered over me.

“Your a real tease you know that?” He said.

I giggled. “You love it.”

“You’ll love this.”

He leaned down and he gave me another kiss. This kiss was longer and more lust full.

I moaned into the kiss. I could feel myself getting bigger.

I tore off my jacket and other things while he stripped from his stuff.

I admired his body and bit my bottom lip looking up at him.

“You have a problem there don’t you. Why don’t I help?”

I got up and bent down on the floor and stroked his member.

“Aah!” He let out a moan. I opened my mouth and took him all in. Sucked on his dick like that for a while to get him adapted to the heat of my mouth then slowly rose my head up till I was at his tip.

He clenched his hands into my hair. “God Kellin!”

I smirked and licked the top of his tip like a lollipop just playing with him. He precummed.

“Ah, K-Kellin! Get up.” He demanded.

I followed his order getting more turned on to him demanding me. “Your gonna regret teasing me like that.” He said walking closer to me.

He stopped and reached for the night stand.

“No.” I stopped him. “No lube. I want you to fuck me hard.”

“Are you sure?” He said a little unsure. That scared look of hurting me.

“I’m sure.”

He nodded and started back toward me. He attacked my lips again and bit my lip of course I gave him entrance.

He soon started kissing my neck leaving a mark on my neck as my eyes rolled back.

He came up and whispering in my ear. “Turn over.”

I bit my lip and did as I was told.

I got on the bed in a dog like position. He entered me slowly. “Nng.” I felt like I was being teased.

“Harder!” I yelled.

He pushed into me harder. I moan-screamed because he also hit my V spot.

“Fuck, God Kellin your tight.”

He started fucking me harder and harder.

I couldn’t take it. I was a moaning wreck.

“Ah ah ah- G- Gabe, fuck.” He started going harder. I think I heard the bed banging against the wall.

I wanted him to go faster so I told him what he wanted to hear. “Damnit, Gabe your so fucking big. Pound me like a jack hammer!”

And that did it. He kept on going and I was about to cum.

He started stroking me too. We were both a moaning mess.

His thrust were sloppy I knew he was reaching his end. So was I. He stroked me harder.

I let another moan and we both cummed.

I moaned even louder when I felt his liquids enter me forcefully.

My head arched back before my body trembled on the bed.

I felt like a jelly donut that just lost it’s feeling and got refilled.

He got out of me. I felt some of the cum leak out of my body. I faintly shivered at the liquid touching my sweaty skin.

He laid down beside me. We looked at each other.

“Let’s discuss wedding plans.” He said.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

-<3 end



Estar com você me trás paz. Me sinto protegida com o seu abraço, é como se nada pudesse me atingir pelo simples fato de estar ali, pelo simples fato de poder ouvir o seu coração bater.
—  Cartas que serão suas.

Requested By: shine-and-rise-sammy

Gabriel was stretched out across your bed, calling out various comments to try to capture your attention. It wasn’t easy, but you had gotten better at drowning out his voice by now and were able to ignore him until he gave up.

That was when a window popped up in the middle of the screen that read “Busty Asian Beauties.”  Before you could close it about ten more flooded your screen, all showing some rather explicit pictures, and you could tell more were coming.

You shut the laptop screen and ran a hand through your hair. And then it clicked.

“Gabe, you son of a bitch! Porn, really? I’m trying to get some work done,” you said, chucking the nearest object at him, which just happened to be a tissue box. He barely tried to hide his sly smile.

He was behind your chair in a flash, hands resting on your shoulders and head dipped low so he could whisper into your ear. “Still love me?”