Sou aquele tipo de pessoa que morre de amor. Sim, morro de amor mesmo, morro de felicidade também, morro de tristeza, morro de cansaço, morro de rir. Entendeu né? Ponho intensidade em tudo.
—  Gabriel Silva.

Lee if you want to be free from your suffering make up your mind , if you give up your dream you will suffer even more , you’re the kind of fool that can’t go on living ,if you’ve lost your ninja way you and i both …. have the surgery,lee ! your surgery will be a success because you have worked hard all the way through ,you have the power to bring your own future in the heavens and in the one a million chance that something goes wrong i will die with you ever since i met you my ninja way has been to nurture you into a fine ninja ,That’s a promise !

Get Inside My Soul by angelivenantium

Rating: M

Word Count: 84,719

Summary: There’s something about Castiel that just makes Dean want him. Well, not even want; he needs to have him. He’s not sure if it’s the weird, often oversized sweaters or his thin wrists or that black, messy hair that make him tick, but he’s pretty sure the main thing is his eyes, that, unfortunately, never look at him twice. And Dean is freaking popular, everybody looks at him twice.

Dean transferred to this school three years ago and is now a senior, and he’s been secretly ogling Castiel ever since. This distant yearning might have worked in the past years, but now it was just four months until he would graduate and leave this school forever, so he had woken up this morning and decided that fuck it, he wasn’t some 12-yearold girl; if he wanted something he would make sure he got it, even if that something was a rude hipster kid who didn’t even notice his existence. End of story.

dear scientist,

months ago,
i saw your eyes light up
while you talked about biology,
but my heart began sinking
because i knew you loved the study of life
but you never learned how to live.
so instead you just survived
until the day you told me you started to love physics;
the study of the renewed energy that raced through your veins
and the interaction of matter
like the subtle touch of our fingertips 
and my lips folded into yours.

you always knew my favorite branch of science
was astronomy,
but i would trade every single star in the sky
just to be able to look into your eyes.
and the numbers i so cherish
mean nothing to me
if i can’t use them 
to count the days i get to spend with you.

they say science and love don’t often compute,
but with us, they do,
and i swear they always will.