Eu sonhei com você. Sonhei que você estava vagando no escuro, e eu também. Nos achamos um ao outro. Achamos um ao outro no escuro.
—  À Espera de um Milagre
Fetzige Verben
  • sich ablagern: to accumulate
  • auflösen: to dissolve/cancel
  • entfachen etw.: to spark sth.
  • ertönen: to sound/ring out
  • knacken: to click/crack
  • pusten: to blow/puff
  • scheitern: to fail
  • schmücken etw.: to decorate sth.
  • schwanken: to alternate
  • summen: to hum/buzz
  • überqueren: to traverse
  • verraten: to reveale
  • vertreiben (aus): to exile (from)
  • verwechseln etw. mit etw.: to mistake sth. for sth.
  • verzweifeln (an +DAT.): to despair (of sth.)
  • vortäuschen: to mock/pretend
  • zerstritten mit jmdm. sein: to be at odds with so1.
  • zischen: to fizzle
  • zünden: to ignite

anonymous asked:

I am sorry but I do not agree with the choice to make all of the We Dem Bois series into one work because I can't leave kudos on every single part. How dare you take this tiny way of telling you I love you forever away from me. (Also, if not, you should at least get a '89 people tried to re-kudos you' notification when this happens.)

Wait. You re-uploading them means I can re-comment on each one and be more eloquent this time. (I’m stil bitter about the no more kudos thing, though. I don’t seem like a mess non-verbally.)

Ahhhhhhh oh my god youre so cute!! Trust me, it hurt to watch all the kudos and subscriptions and bookmarks go away (but I saved all the comments because I’m needy), but it was too messy to upload each part as separate, ya feel? Just do what I do, and comment hearts on every chapter lol. I love you so much <3

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