One of the fun things at the studio is collaborating with the Marketing Department. They’re doing some amazing work right now especially in print design. On Frozen we were asked to submit a lot of commercial and print ideas because we knew the characters so well. Here are few of my print/poster ideas - some of them were actually generated into posters or had variations made of them!

Right now we’re in the same stage for Big Hero 6 developing and producing marketing ideas on the side. They look incredible - I can’t wait for everyone to see the poster!


disney alternate universe  in which frozen is actually feasibly based on the snow queen by hans christian andersen

All of Princess Gerda’s life has been a series of doors in her face, until suddenly she bumps into Prince Kai. When she finally meets the man she’s been betrothed to since birth, there is an instant connection between the two. They share a passion for life and a love of laughter that is undeniable. But on the eve of their wedding, Kai is kidnapped by the wicked Snow Queen. Determined to find him, Gerda sets out with Kai’s reindeer, Bae, on a whirlwind adventure full of colorful characters – a cooped-up witch with some peculiar fascinations; the prince and princess of a neighboring kingdom whose tangled story of hope and freedom inspire Gerda to keep going; and finally a couple of robbers who kidnap Gerda until she is set free by a young girl with a brave heart. Gerda eventually arrives at the Snow Queen’s palace, and with a lot of gumption and a little bit of luck, defeats the Snow Queen, her snowy henchman, and her troll minions. Kai and Gerda return to Arendelle, ready to forge their own happily ever after.