Signature Snowflake Scenes

In Frozen, we see that the trademark representation of Elsa’s magic is a signature snowflake. This snowflake appears numerous times throughout the film on almost everything she does and creates, including when she takes a step forward and causes ice to spread. But it is especially prominent during Elsa’s actions as she sings “Let It Go” and creates her ice palace. Moments that show the snowflake include the following:

First Scenes

  • The very first snowflake appears right before the title card, and it falls within the center of the “O” when the logo zooms onto the screen.
  • When little Elsa stomps her foot for the first time in the ballroom, you can see a light outline that is the snowflake before the ice spreads.
  • After Elsa calls for her parents and starts crying, ice spreads onto the floor as a response to her distress, starting with another snowflake outline.
  • When Pabbie tells Elsa about the beauty in her magic, a blue snowflake is conjured up in the sky before it turns red and breaks apart, due to Pabbie mentioning the danger of her powers.
  • As a preteen, Elsa voices her fears about her magic growing stronger. Part of the snowflake appears on the wall behind her, but it appears jagged and ugly, due to her fear.
  • A large snowflake is shown on eighteen-year-old Elsa’s floor and wall as she sits against the door and mourns for her parents.
  • When 21-year-old Elsa touches the fountain, there is an outline of the snowflake’s branches before the fountain freezes.
  • Right before Elsa accidentally shoots ice from her hand after telling people to stay away, there is a frame of the snowflake in a jagged shape.
  • The snowflake appears when Elsa takes her first step onto the fjord and freezes the water, and the snowflake appears with all of her other steps as she causes the fjord to freeze.

“Let It Go”

  • After removing her other glove, Elsa releases some snow with her left hand, making the snowflake appear first, then she does the same action with her right hand.
  • After creating the stairs, Elsa makes the snowflake appear as she takes her first step on them.
  • As she sings, “Here I stand!”, Elsa literally stomps her foot down, creating a large snowflake that spreads all around her.
  • While creating the ice palace, Elsa makes a chandelier, and the piece that holds it from the ceiling has attachments that resemble the snowflake.
  • Another view of the snowflake Elsa made from her stomp is visible after the chandelier is made, from its point of view. This snowflake has become the centerpiece of the room’s floor.
  • After Elsa creates her ice dress, snowflake designs can be seen on the cape, including a large one near the end. She also has little snowflakes in her braid.
  • With a wave of her hand, Elsa closes the balcony doors, which has handles that are made of the halves of the snowflake.

The Palace

  • After Anna walks into the palace, she looks up at the roof, which has a snowflake embedded into it.
  • The snowflake chandelier is visible when Marshmallow is created and takes up much of the screen.
  • As Elsa runs away from the Duke’s men, she comes to the room that has the snowflake center.
  • The chandelier is seen twice when Hans fires the arrow: before the arrow hits the top, then right after Elsa looks up at it and it begins to fall toward the ground.

Anna Freezes and Thaws

  • When Anna’s skin begins to freeze and turn to ice, the snowflake appears on the palms of both hands and is also seen on the back of her left hand.
  • Before Anna runs to save Elsa, she looks at Kristoff, and much of the left side of her face has white snowflakes. There is another under her chin and a few other appear to be forming on the other side of her face.
  • Before, during, and after she takes her last exhale, Anna has smaller snowflakes on her left cheek. Parts of a the snowflake are also visible on her right arm (in two places) and her cape.
  • Four glittering snowflakes are seen on Anna’s cape as she thaws, and they disappear after she thaws completely.

Last Scenes

  • Once all of the snow and ice has been lifted from the land, Elsa puts it all together in the sky in the form of a giant snowflake, when disappears once she spreads her arms out.
  • Right before she creates the ice rink in the courtyard, Elsa takes a step, which, again, briefly shows the snowflake before the ice spreads.
  • The very last snowflake appears as a shape attached to the tallest castle tower, near the top.

I have wanted to make a post detailing many of the moments that show Elsa’s snowflake, and these posts by arendellekingdom, arrendelle, and clavelina have been of inspiration and help to me. I also owe a thanks to my friend disneynumber1fan for making the gifs!

Avengers (except for Black Widow) is a Hit With Audiences

This weekend’s release of the highly anticipated film Avengers: Age of Ultron saw record breaking crowds and glowing reviews, with audiences ecstatic to once again see their favorite characters in action (except for Black Widow).

“It was awesome!” exclaimed 13-year-old Kate Harris, a dedicated fan to the increasingly popular characters in the franchise (except Black Widow). “I love the Avengers (except for Black Widow) and I can’t wait for the next two movies (and not a Black Widow movie).”

The movie is expected to draw in large crowds for the several weeks and bring in millions of dollars from merchandising the lucrative characters (except Black Widow). Many of the heroes depicted in the movie (except Black Widow) will even be featured in individual movie franchises as stand-alone characters, in films such as Iron Man, Captain America: the First Avenger, not Black Widow, and Thor.(x).