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F1 Seasons1969Jackie Stewart’s 1st title (P2 Jacky Ickx, P3 Bruce McLaren)


  • Stewart’s title was the first won by a French chassis, and the only one won by a chassis built in France ( it was a spectacular achievement from a constructor that had only entered F1 the previous year);
  • After several incidents in which wings, struts, or the suspension (to which they were attached) collapsed, wings were banned from Monaco. They were reintroduced later in the season but were to be restricted in size and height, and attached directly to the chassis in a fixed position;
  • The Belgian GP at Spa-Francorchamps was boycotted by many of the drivers because of the extreme danger of the track after an overall inspection of Spa by Jackie Stewart. He demanded changes to the circuit that the track owners did not want to pay for, so the race was boycotted and eventually cancelled.