get to know me: favorite team → ed, winry & al 
Alphonse: We even fought over which one of us would marry Winry someday.
Edward: What? Don’t remember that one!
Alphonse: I won the fight, but she shot me down.
Edward: Oh, did she?

Edward stood up grabbing Winry’s arms and forcing her to look at his face.
-Do you really think I don’t realize it?!- he shouted, tears pouring from his eyes -I try to stay strong
but guilt is killing me!

Another drawing inspired by fan-fiction from cool-kiara-love

Based on the same fic that inspired me to draw THIS illustration, and it’s a continuation of the story.

ff is not published. yet…


“Let It All Out” has always been my favorite song of all the FMA:B openings/endings and I just stumbled across this English version and it’s really great and the lyrics are making me really emotional rn. ;-;