i just realized a SUDDEN AND BURNING NEED for Ed and Hiccup to hang out together.

discussing alchemy. and dragons. and research methods.

comparing prostheses.


  • Random Soldier: Oh look it's the Full Metal Alchemist!
  • Other Soldier: He really lives up to his name! *Points at Alphonse*
  • Ed:
  • Ed:
  • Ed:
  • Ed: I came out to have a good time and honestly I am feeling so attacked right now.

A seriously messy doodle

I love drawing modern AU Edward Elric and all..

Dunno, i allways had in my mind this idea that Edward loves animals as much as Alphonse does, only he has more hold over himself or he’d be adopting every single creature that blinked cutely at him

Omfg, i forgot how to draw animals…please ignore the lame attempt of a dog


PS:…i think his shirt would have something written like “King of this gymnasium” at the front and at the back “bitch better believe it” *snorts loudly*