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Some images (Click for captions!) of Central City military headquarters as seen in the first FMA Wii game, Prince of the Dawn. Obviously this is simplified for game purposes and in reality it would be a much more complex… complex, but there you go.

Sorry for the low quality images… The game looks pretty bad on my TV, and since I had to plug an old video camera into the TV to record it, and then take screencaps of that on Windows Media Player… yeah. orz

Sorry about the characters blocking the view, too. You can’t see it behind Al, but there’s a wine cabinet in Roy’s office :’D I found a soft-serve ice cream cone in the couch there once. It’s a weird game for sure.


Reception office


So like, the story is,

They were at Briggs for this mission, Mustang and Hawkeye were alone investigating, they were ambushed by the enemy, Hawkeye gets shot on the side, she was bleeding real bad and there were no one else around at the mean time to help them, Roy then had no choice but to perform alchemy to seal her wound(just like he did with himself and Havoc with that fight with Lust), Then the other soldiers come in and mange to find them, one of them offers their coat for Hawkeye to cover the wound enough, and Roy then takes her to the med area.

(whyy did I spend so much time on this?)