• Masculine mutable signs (Gemini; Sagittarius):there's so much to learn; there's so much to experience!
  • Feminine mutable signs (Virgo; Pisces):there's so much I'll never learn; there's so much I'll never experience.
  • Masculine cardinal signs (Aries; Libra):I do things for myself; I do things for others.
  • Feminine cardinal signs (Cancer; Capricorn):I do things for myself but it seems like I'm doing them for others; I do things for others but it seems like I'm doing them for myself.
  • Masculine fixed signs (Leo; Aquarius):I want the world to love me; I want to love the world.
  • Feminine fixed signs (Taurus; Scorpio):I love the world; I hate the world.

Mostly I drew this because I hate myself. But also because I really want a chance for Rick to have some Dad™ redemption. The head canon behind this is that Rick builds dealing device for the purpose of preserving certain plants he needs for his research. Beth steps into it unknowingly and is returned to age 3. Rick is starstruck seeing his little girl again and holds her close because he lost the chance for this years ago.


Beth asked if they could go for mint chocolate chip ice cream before he changed her back. Rick couldn’t say no.


SCORPIO // Water // Fixed

Sun in Scorpio: I am mysterious.

Moon in Scorpio: I feel secretive.

Mercury in Scorpio: I think in a focused way.

Venus in Scorpio: I love in a passionate way.

Mars in Scorpio: I express energy in a intense way.

Saturn in Scorpio: I achieve in a secretive way.

Jupiter in Scorpio: I grow in a powerful way.

Uranus in Scorpio: I evolve in a jealous way.

Neptune in Scorpio: I dream in an obsessive way.

Pluto in Scorpio: I empower in a dramatic way.

Fixed Signs + Relationships

Taurus sustains relationships in a very routine and dependable way. Their loyalty is extreme. 

Leo sustains relationships with physical faithfulness and a passion that won’t go out for others. 

Scorpio sustains relationships with emotional strength, depth, and passion. Their love gets intense. 

Aquarius sustains relationships with never-ending friendship and support, they will come out of nowhere and stand by you in friendship even without constant attention and communication.


Hi Guys, i already replaced my Viola hair for sims 4 few days ago and fixed the issue (on windows will remove some speculars from another cc and on Mac it has that weird shining on the body)

you can get the new file *HERE* with  Ade-Viola (FIXED) file name. it’s the same package file like the one that having the issue so you have to delete the old one and replace with the FIXED file and it still works with the retexture and maybe you also have to delete the localthumbcache.pakage in Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4 just in case you have thumbnail issue or the hair not showing up in game also make sure your game is updated.

i’m sorry for my this problems, it was all my fault cause i deleted the specular from the hair. :(

dogocado  asked:

What are qualities of people with cardinal, fixed, and mutable sign dominance, respectively? Thanks! Love your tumblr btw :D

So you’re interested in the modes? Hm, I’ll try my best to describe their qualities!

So before I explain the different modalities, what I found interesting is that the modalities explain how a sign would use its energy, and how the energy given to them would flow in their lives. I used to just use the modes as a box of characteristics, but when you actually understand the definition, it helps a lot.

Also, since there’s 3 modes, to be considered balanced, you would need to have approximate 33% in each mode. However, not all of us are balanced, and some of us can be dominant!

Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)

The Cardinal signs are the signs that uses their energy as soon as they feel it. There’s a sense of impulsiveness and a sense of starting things when it comes to Cardinal signs. It would make sense, since these signs start the seasons. Aries starting spring, Cancer starting summer, and so on. However, when you’re dominant in the Cardinal mode, you can be quite impulsive, doing things before thinking about it. You can be overly aggressive and harsh to others at times. Although you have great ideas to start projects, you tend not to finish them because the ideas will never stop forming in your head. There is a definite assertiveness in this mode.

Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)

The Fixed signs are the signs that may be slow to start to using their energy, unlike Cardinal signs. However, unlike Cardinal signs, once a Fixed sign starts anything, they will finish anything with great sustainability and perseverance. These signs are in the middle of the season, so it symbolizes endurance. Taurus is in the middle of spring, Leo is in the middle of summer, and so on. They are also quite goal-oriented. However, if you’re dominant in the fixed mode, what could be determination and stability at first can turn into the negative qualities of stubbornness and resistance to change. Because of this, progress in whatever they do may stop.

Mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)

The Mutable signs are the signs that, unlike their Fixed signs, will be flexible and versatile in any given situation. However, unlike Fixed signs, Mutable signs can be easily influenced, and it can be quite hard for them to hold their ground. These signs will excel in whatever task they set themselves to do because they are so adaptable. These signs start at the end of the seasons, with Gemini ending the spring, Virgo ending summer, and so on. There is a lot of change at the end of the season because it’s transitioning to the next, symbolizing the Mutable signs. They can be quite good at multitasking, but they can be easily swayed.