As someone who hasn't waited 10 years for ffxv to come out whoops

Don’t get me wrong I’m a huuuuuge final Fantasy fan. Been playing since tactics!

And I guess I just wanted to say? That I feel you guys are wasting your time with the ff versus xiii shit? Petitions aren’t going to bring it back, video games take years of development and hundreds of employees to get done. They aren’t going to remake a game, especially not this soon.

Also I don’t think a lot of people would even like the original story. A lot of what is being said about it is speculation and already proven to be fake.

I think what a lot of people WANT is the game they hyped up in their head. The story they thought of when looking at the trailers for 10 years. What If this is the game Nomura wanted too tho?

The characters are some of the strongest I’ve seen in a final Fantasy video game since ffx. And let’s not kid ourselves here lmao there’s plot holes in a lot of final Fantasy games.

I just think a lot of people find the story shoddy because they spent years thinking of what it’d be.

And yknow what? I loved the story. I thought it dealt with the themes of love and loss beautifully, and I really related to it! I enjoyed the ambiguous ending!

Of course there’s a few things I’d change, but that doesn’t make the story bad or shallow. I just think ya’ll are giving Tabata too much shit. I mean if it wasn’t for him this game wouldn’t have been made at all. He brought it out of development hell so like. That’s awesome! Games usually don’t survive that! And what he gave us IS great. It’s just not the game you hyped it up to be. And hype can kill games!

That’s why I’m trying not to be too hyped for kingdom Hearts 3 and the ff7 remake, because there’s a chance that those games won’t be what I expect, and I still want to enjoy them regardless. And kh3 is a game I HAVE been waiting 11 years for.


forever in my mind. - Noctis x Stella | Final Fantasy XV

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