i had a dream about ffvsxiii i think….

so noctis and the bros were in Altissia bc it was flooding and they thought it was a good opportunity to kick some Niflheim ass (it wasn’t) and so they get there and Ardyn did the thing to Luna and after doing the thing to Luna Ardyn goes to Stella and Ravus (who weren’t associated with Luna at all) and Stella was saying how grateful she was that Ardyn did the thing to Luna for her…..

so then Noctis is angry (apparently him and Luna weren’t a couple, just friends idk) and Ignis was like “why don’t you call the Marshal? See if he can think of a plan?” and so Noctis digs in his pocket and he’s like o: “oh fuck” and Ignis is like “well that wasn’t very King-like.” and Noctis was like “MY PHONE IS MISSING?” 

so they stop at this hotel in Altissia and Noctis is beating himself up bc he lost his phone and he walked passed Prompto in the dinning area of the hotel and Prompto was….literally….playing….ffxv…..on the TV…….  

anyways I woke up when Stella showed up at the hotel and Noctis was like “what the hell are YOU doing here?” and Stella was just like “excuse me? I think I can stay at a hotel if I please, Noct.” and shE TAKES OUT HIS CELLPHONE AND CALLS RAVUS AND IS LIKE “are you staying with me, brother?” and Noctis is just like O:<