case of tifa masterpost:

i’ve noticed that some fans haven’t read Case of Tifa before and have expressed interest in changing that so I compiled this quick list of where to find it.

what is case of tifa?

case of tifa is a novella a part of the ‘on the way to a smile’ series. the series consist of short stories told from various ffvii characters’ point of view before the events of advent children.

why should i read it?

if you’re a fan of tifa’s character or just like reading up on all things related to ffvii then i highly recommend reading (or listening) to it. the novella gives fans better insight on tifa as a character, how she has changed and grown post-ffvii, as well as helping fans understand her position and relationship with cloud in advent children.

cool! where can i read it?

lifestream.net (audio).