Maybe it was for the best that Cloud ran his own delivery service… Imagine what ac Cloud’s resume would actually look like and the ensuing job search otherwise.

Interviewer: I see you’ve worked in Shinra before. In the… Infantry. And it says here you’ve worked in a terrorist organization?!

Cloud: … I was a mercenary.

Interviewer: And what prompted the decision to switch careers?

Cloud: Well, the pay wasn’t too bad and the food was edible still but then I watched my hometown get burned down, became a lab rat for 4 years, got comatose, had my best friend get gunned down on the way back to his girlfriend, became a terrorist to take down the company that landed me in the labs, ran all over the world trying to take down a madman, had best friend’s girlfriend stabbed, discovered my mind was all messed up, tried to fix it and succeeded somewhat and then stopped the utter annihilation of the planet by said madman. Kinda figured it was time to settle a little, you know?

Interviewer: … Right.

Cloud: Also promised my best friend I’d be the proof he existed.

the signs as inspirational ff7 quotes
  • aries:"it's cuz of that !@#$ 'pizza' that everyone down here is suffering"
  • taurus:"quit slapping me! you old wench!!!"
  • gemini:"huh? finger!? what the hell?"
  • cancer:"sit down in those chairs and drink your goddamn TEA!"
  • leo:"alright everyone, let's mosey"
  • virgo:"you look like a bear wearing a marshmallow"
  • libra:"..............."
  • scorpio:"i ain't INTERESTED in a buncha scrubs like you!"
  • sagittarius:"out of my way. i'm going to see my mother"
  • capricorn:"this guy are sick"
  • aquarius:"i've been here since the beginning and i still don't know what the hell's goin' on"
  • pisces:"it's pretty hard standing on two feet"

Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Cloud Strife

Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Tifa Lockhart

Looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: Zack Fair

Looks like they could kill you and could actually kill you: Sephiroth

Looks like a cinnamon roll and gets killed: Aerith Gainsborough


Rest [x]

Woooooo last minute print complete for Anime Rev @u@!

Never really properly did fan art for my favourite game from the FF series, and how else to show my appreciation than to paint everyone’s favourite dead character YAAAY ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ IT’S FINE, SHE’S JUST SLEEPING.

On a side note, this was a fantastic water effects study for me.