tifa week
 ↳day two // favorite quote


and while we’re at it - Artnia!  The Square Enix cafe in Tokyo.  (which a friend threatened me that I had to go to and I’m glad she did!)  It was a Final Fantasy gamer’s dream - and the food was AMAZING!  One of the highlights of the trip for both my nephew and I.

(and on a mini-note: Tifa wears ONE earring in Advent Children.  Just like Cloud.  You can see it in the DVD.  That’s why SE is only selling one of her earrings instead of the set.)


“We’ve been on a few missions together, and there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you. I was thinking about telling you once we were in my hometown, but it’s a little embarrassing, so I’m going to write it out and send it to you. The day you changed your hair, when you wished us rookies good luck before our sortie–I’ll never forget your words. Remembering what you said that day gives me the courage to stay strong.

So…thanks Zack.”