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I'd like to see you write a fic where Cloud and Genesis work at competing bookshops right across from each other.

This Ain’t a Novel
Genesis Rhapsodos/Cloud Strife; side Zack Fair/Angeal Hewley

“I’ll report back in ten.”

“You have five. I’m paying you, remember.” 

“Oh, come on! I—alright, I’ll be back in five.” 

Genesis watched Zack slip out of the shop with pursed lips.  He rearranged tea packets for a full thirty seconds before his resolve crumbled and he pressed his face to the glass along the front of the store.  Zack was already inside the enemy’s lair. Genesis almost wanted to send him a prayer.  Return uninjured.  At the very least, return with good news.  That’s worth a small injury. 

Zack did not come back for a full twenty minutes, and Genesis was furious.  “What the hell?” he roared when his best friend guiltily slid inside.  He never would have cursed during business hours, but… 

Rhapsodize was empty.   

Utterly empty, other than the two of them. 

And it was all because of the bookstore across the street that had opened two weeks previous.  It was new, snazzy, hip.  And it kept snatching away Genesis’ customers.

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Shinra’s Popularity

I keep thinking about how Shinra must have seen like a godsend to the people of Gaia, and not just because of mako energy.

There are Touch Mes, giant two-legged frogs, outside Gongaga that can turn people into toads. Sure, a Maiden’s Kiss can cure the Toad status, and can even be found on the giant frogs in question, but you have to kill the Touch Me first.

And each Touch me drops only one Maiden’s Kiss, and it only works once.

How many Gongagans had to spend months of their lives as toads before Shinra started churning out cheap Heal materia? What about other statuses, like Poison and Darkness?


Okay, I did the thing.  Stoner Cloud and Reno….crackfic!

Summary: Crackfic! Reno and Cloud get completely wasted on some good Wutaian weed, and realize…there is something living in their couch. Inspired by a conversation with @PrincessTurk. Gods, it’s a scary thing when we put our heads together!

Established Cloud/Reno relationship, warnings for language (a lot of it - this is Reno!) and references to drug use.