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EXO Reaction to their S/O always holding onto a fistful of their shirt when falling asleep

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*Sees you and turns to face you* “Come here jagi… if you want me to get closer I will… if that helps you sleep” *Is already too close btw xD*


“You don’t have to worry, I won’t go anywhere baby girl” *Long kiss on the forehead*


“Do you want to go to sleep just holding my shirt? Why holding each other… I like that more” *Adorable maknae*


*Being cute and lovely before sleeping*


“If you want me to take it off you don’t need to ask twice” *wink wink*


“Ahhh look how cute you are. Can I hug you instead? I’m sure you’ll fall asleep faster”


“Baby girl… what are you doing there? These little things you do, are adorable” *Falls asleep with a smile in his face*


*Whispers to you sweet nothings until you both fall asleep* “I love you baobei… how you smile… how you blush.. how you are holding my shirt right now…”


*Stares at you until you’ve fallen asleep* “What did I do to deserve her… she is adorable… my little one”


*Deep stare* “I never thought someone could feel this way towards me… she’s really my angel… I also want to be near you all the time jagi…” *Thinking while he watches you sleep*


*Wakes up the next morning to find you still holding his shirt* “Look at you babe… how you don’t let me go even in your sleep. I won’t either you know? We’ll always be together”


*Adorable angelic being* “Are you holding me tonight too jagi? Because I love it so much… you make my heart skip a bit every time I find you holding my shirt”

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Healthy || Byun Baekhyun

Drabble Game

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13. “Weight gain isn’t always bad.“

41. “I hate edited pictures of you.“

58. “You never fail to surprise me.“

Byun Baekhyun + Reader + Fluff

It wasn’t new in your relationship for Baekhyun asking you to send a lot of pictures of yourself. He left for tour 7 months ago and it was obvious how much he misses you. Since video calls are rare due to his busy schedules, you send him selfies to somehow lessen his melancholy of being far away from you instead.

Baekhyun became suspicious when you started sending less and less. Whenever he asks for another picture, you would make an excuse or would rather send a really close up selfie. You used to send mirror shots, sometimes telling him about your day with the clothes you wore. The last time you sent a mirror selfie was 5 months ago.

“Sweetheart, is there something wrong?“ His voice rang from the other side of the line. You weren’t hesitant to answer, contemplating whether to admit whatever is in your mind right now regarding the pictures  or to lie once again. You chose the latter.

“No, there’s nothing wrong.“ your voice came out in a small squeaky tone that sounded annoying in other people’s hearing. But to Baekhyun, this was a hint that something was indeed wrong.

“Yes there is. And I need the truth, (Y/n).“ it nerved you at how fast Baekhyun’s mood changed in an instant. He was never the one to turn from bubbly to serious at some situations, and when he does, you knew everything is going down under.

“Don’t bother making up lies to cover things up, baby. I know you too well.“ 

A short hiss was made as you scrunched your nose in annoyance.

“You never fail to surprise me.“ you mumbled. Baekhyun’s chuckle made you slightly relaxed at the tensed position you were at, and you silently thanked him for that.

“I’m..“ you started. You shuffled in your bed uncomfortably as you searched for the words to say. No words were right when it comes to confessing to your boyfriend about weight gain, especially when you’re scared of his thought of you changing.

“I’m gaining weight, Baek. I-I don’t know..“ you hid your face in shame. It was silent in the other line, and it only made you anxious at the lack of response coming from Baekhyun. You were mentally preparing for whatever was heading your way, but it did no justice in relaxing you.

It startled you when Baekhyun started laughing loudly, causing you to move the phone farther away from your ears. “Wah.. My baby.. my baby got me worried over nothing!” Baekhyun couldn’t handle his cackles as he spoke in between breaths. 

“Is this why you kept sending me selcas with those faded filters?“ his voice was teasing and fun, but it still didn’t make you relax.

“Hey! Those filters are great for aesthetics!“ 

“I hate edited pictures of you.“

It took you by surprise. He’s always been straightforward when it comes to giving out opinions, and his blunt answer sent a light blush on your cheeks.

“You’re not.. You’re not grossed out?“ you asked shyly only for Baekhyun to click his tongue.

“Why would I be grossed out? My baby is getting healthier!“ 

The butterflies in your stomach wouldn’t settle down as Baekhyun’s words only hyped them more. “Weight gain isn’t always bad.“ he assured, his voice turning light and soft. 

Your eyes fluttered close, enjoying the seconds of silence between you and your boyfriend. 

“Thank you, Baek.“ 

It was a peaceful silence. 

“If you’re getting healthier, does that mean certain body parts are getting… bigger?


He might have ruined the peaceful silence, but he’ll never ruin your self-esteem. He loves you with all of his heart.

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| Luhan MoodBoard : Flower Deer |
What is sweeter than candy and more warmer than the sun- Lu Han. Your boyfriend of four years also known as the deer and flower boy for his charming look. You both were always called the cutest couple due to everyone finding you beautiful and godly like. How did you meet? Well it started off in the streets of Italy. He ran into you while he was carrying some pink flowers and handed you one for a apology. “Forgive me I’m sorry for knocking down a pretty girl like you.” You forgave him and next thing you know you were captured by the small glistening spark in his eye. You helped him carry the flowers inside but then there it was. The offer- to a date. It was right from the beginning. The beginning that brought you to where you were now. Hand in and hand no one could tell you different that you both were truly soulmates.

EXO Most to least likely to date a popular youtuber

I based this in how much they used SNS because I honestly wasn’t really sure XD. This is only my opinion and doesn’t mean it’s real. Xoxo, Ara~

  1. Chanyeol
  2. Sehun
  3. Kris
  4. Tao
  5. Luhan
  6. Baekhyun
  7. Lay
  8. Chen
  9. Xiumin
  10. Kai
  11. D.O
  12. Suho