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From the start, my partners from the studio told me to play a game of soccer. Actually, I was going to reject their idea. After that they suggested many programs, but I also rejected them one by one. Because I … Everyone knows me – I don’t like things that are too cheesy. But, [my studio partners] told me that you truly spent a lot of time preparing for my birthday, and there were many things you wanted to tell me. So, I reconsidered, and I thought: let’s go back to the start – let’s play a game of soccer. Because this something that I can accept, and is the most comfortable way for me to face all of everyone. After watching this game, do you know what an offside is now? (lol) This month, my partners from the studio prepared a lot of surprises for everyone,  you also prepared a lot of surprises for me. I can see it all. You do charity work, and you really are able to help a lot of people. I  can see this. Also, I feel really touched. I can also thank you on their behalf. This way, it makes me feel like I’m really quite useful, to be able to spur everyone to do charity work together, to help the people that need more help. The Global Relay activity you guys did … Wow, that was really amazing. Iran … Israel … Turkey … Iceland … I would really want to go to these places, but now I can’t. But pretend, if LaoGao hit me unconscious, I can actually still go on the plane. Right? (LaoGao: Yeah) (lol) Also, your presents for me I have already received, I feel really touched, and I truly thank everyone, to be able to think of me so much, and buy me so many good presents. From next year, I hope everyone can save up their money so that you can do charity work with me, to help the people that really need help. Yeah, I think this way everyone can be more meaningful. This year I might have a lot of different, for example, new ways of collaborating. There are going to be many things I can try out, to me anyway, for example: singing, acting, etc, but there might be some new things that everyone will like, and there are things that everyone might not like that much, but I hope everyone will be able to accept it, because I want to try out different things, and I want to show everyone a different side of Lu Han, so that everyone can see it. Yes … then … See you next year!
*everyone – refers to his fans
* Next year/ See you next year – it’ll be his birthday, which means he himself is facing a new year.

150419 [From. SUHO] 어디에 있든…

어디에 있든
우리는 언제나
감사합니다. ^^ !!!

Where ever we are
Always we are one
Thank you. ^^!!!

the hate exo’s getting from other fandoms because of the tokyo dome news makes me laugh. talk about jealously.
they only invite the absolute biggest groups/artists and exo’s one of them.
screw the ‘’they debuted for 3 years ago, my oppas waited 7 years’’
just accept the facts jfc


When asked which member he would choose to date if he was a girl, yixing chose sehun “once you see (him) you will be attracted, every night I pray if I can grow 5cm taller, but sehun is really tall and handsome, if girls see him they will definitely feel like ‘love at first sight’”. 

cr: @智商随爱豆 on weibo (chi trans from @____POISON____)

Zhang yixing likes eating chilli stir-fried meat, first fry the chilli with oil, then put in salt, seasoning and douchi, when the fragrance starts coming out toss in the meat, the diced meat kind. Once fully cooked it can be served.

Zhang yixing says he exercises everyday… (because) to protect “my girl”… when asked who, he said all, all mine ouo (he was referring to fans)

cr: @雅文文奇嫩嫩 on weibo

Firstly, I really want to thank everyone, very happy to be able to hold a concert in Tokyo Dome. All the fan boards you all have made for us, it is handmade right? I feel very touched. No matter where the concert is held, as long as we are together, I feel very blissed. So I hope you all can always stay with us. Also I have a favour for everyone, if you all see kids, really really small kids, do “peek-a-boo” to them and the kid will smile. Please try it once do it together with me “1, 2, 3” come!  

cr: @Kam_Baekey on weibo

trans: qtyxng // HE ACTUALLY SAID PEEK-A-BOO IN ENGLISH AND LEAD THE CROWD TO DO IT WITH HIM OMG TOO CUTE // also I’m not sure where this is from but well you have yixing drinking bitter tea but looking smug as hell and even raising his brows [x]


all the time