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Translation: ZEAL LINK Personal Interview - Omi

While she’s wild and aggressive onstage, when Omi’s offstage, she is reserved and speaks few words. What does she have to say about why she met the band, and as the guitarist of exist†trace, what messages is she trying to transmit? This shell-shocking personal interview talks about things that “have never been talked about before,” and reaches profoundly into deep territory.

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One of the few female VK bands.

These also came, which are bonus content from Zeal Link’s versions of This Is Now and Ambivalent Symphony. Earlier this year there was a special ‘Igu Corner’ at Zeal Link, and the band came in to sign all these limited-quantity back catalogue bonuses. I am super stoked for the AS one, and I’m not sure whether I’ve seen the TIN content before, so time will tell! :D