“When women lean in together, we can accomplish amazing things. Let’s Lean in Together! We’re all on the same team.” [x]

ewatson  asked:

you always leave cute tags in people's posts you're so sweet <3

tati omg 

you’re so kind!! thank you :D

I know making stuff takes time and effort so I like to let people know their work is appreciated - no matter how many notes their post has! 

plus, there’s just so much negativity everywhere. why not take a few extra seconds and say something that’ll (hopefully) cheer the person up :D  

but thank you!! for taking your time and making me smile :”) ilysm tati!! xx

ewatson  asked:

today I woke up pretty late, I just checked social media and now I'm watching quantico, one of my dogs is sleeping right next to me while I pet him hehe :)

Hi!!!! :D

Oh yes lazy days! ;)

Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter, what’s not to like? That’s why I follow you, darling <3

I love your giffing skills! You’re a very talented woman (: And the organisation of your blog is 100% on point!

Oh hey, I also joined Tumblr in 2011, awesome :D

Also you have beautiful hair in your faceless picture in your about me! And I’m convinced you have a beautiful face too <3

Want one like this?