Seriously, if Eve Torres is getting this kind of hate for her simple storyline! Can you imagine if twitter was around when Trish Stratus first started. The wrestling fans of this generation can’t fully understand that this storyline is going to help Eves’ career!! Why do you think Trish Stratus stated on her twitter “Digging @EveMarieTorres’ storyline, nothing like a little character development! And gr8 performance too. I smell a heel turn” She been there, done it and is now known as one of the biggest divas to ever step in a wrestling ring. This storyline is going to help Eve develop and I hope they continue it!! Call her what you want, “hoeski”, hoe, slut whore.. if the storyline is done right, Eve Torres just might not be known as Kelly Kelly’s shadow anymore!!!


Happy long-time couple Dean Ambrose
and Eve Torres shocked the WWE Universe by announcing that they are now engaged to be married. Shortly after, a poll was posted on the WWE App:
( Who do you want to see with the returning Christian on The Peep Show during Monday Night Raw?
A) Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler
B) WSM Mark Henry
C) The Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose )

-Dolph Ziggler 25%
-Mary Henry 18%
-Dean Ambrose 57%
****The Peep
Show with Christian**
“-and I ain’t scared to walk down any dark alley with Bray Wyatt!!!” The crowd erupted with excited cheers as they watched Ambrose pace the ring, Christian giving a small chuckle.
“I get it,” he said. “Right so enough about Bray Wyatt. Let’s talk about your new fiancée, Eve.”
Before either one of them could say another word, the lights suddenly went out before switching back on. A Cajun accent filled the arena.
“Up here Dean, up here, I am always high above you,” Bray Wyatt smiled maniacally from the Titantron, watching as Ambrose tensed up. “My brothers have brought it to my attention that you, Dean, are no longer the man you’ve said you were. The lies, the blood, the sweat you leave out in that ring every night–has it all been for nothing Dean? Don’t you know…who I am?” Bray asked, a grin curling his lips. “And don’t you know, what it is that I do?”
Ambrose realized he was alone in the ring.
“I’ve mistaken you Dean. Here I thought that YOU could be healed. That if YOU, would reach out your hand I could save you. That’s not true anymore, and it’s all because of a certain, soon-to-be, Mrs. Eve. Ambrose.”
Ambrose froze, jaw locking in place as he tilted his chin up, daring the ‘Eater of Worlds’ to speak her name again.
“So I suppose that if I, can’t save you because of her, because of a three. Time. Divas. Champion, than I guess I can’t save anyone. Well Luke Harper can tell you, and Erick Rowan can tell you, that I am the EATER OF WORLDS, and Dean, I will NOT be stopped! I will not stand………for someone blocking my golden-paved path,” he drawled, a contemplative look seeping into his dark eyes.
The camera shifted, revealing a tied-up Eve Torres, shaking in her chair and tears brimming in her green eyes. The audience gasped, booing immediately as Ambrose’s wild eyes widened, fists clenched.
“So I decided that little Evie here, was going to follow me down. And I KNOW, I KNOW DEAN, that you’ll come running after her and straight into the walls I’ve put up, because you. Just. Don’t. Get. It. I thought you were a monster like me, because you had nothing left….to lose. Unfortunately that is untrue, right Abigail?” he whispered, stroking Eve’s disheveled hair as she whimpered “Help me.”
A crazed, far beyond return gleam in Bray’s eyes is what caused the vocal audience to go nuts. “You never learn Dean. Even you have something precious to lose. Follow the buzzards.”
The connection was lost, but it didn’t matter: a shaking-with-rage Ambrose began to storm away from the ring.
Before he could make it to the ramp, a voice appeared behind his left ear. "RUN!”
He jumped, spinning around to find a cackling Bray Wyatt. Before he could think, he lunged for Bray, ready to make him suffer the consequences.
//Commentary with Michael Cole and JBL//
“Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, and ladies and gentlemen, a shocking turn of events has shaken this arena: it appears that Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family have kidnapped Dean Ambrose’s fiancée Eve Torres, as we all witnessed Bray interrupt the Peep Show, and now both men are fighting it out in the ring, and JBL, this is just brutal,” Cole said his mouthful, a furrow in his brow as he watched on from ringside.
“This just took "personal” to a whole new level. I mean I understand the crazy, unstable level of this, but kidnapping an innocent woman?! I feel like we’re watching a train go off the tracks.“
Both men stared in shock as they watched Bray Wyatt pull out cinder blocks, a sharp nostalgic stab in the hearts of all the fans who hated having to watch Dean Ambrose get Curb-Stomped through the cinder blocks weeks ago.
"No no no no NO!!! OH MY GOD, BRAYS GONNA DO IT!!” Cole yelled in disbelief as everyone watched Bray set Ambrose up for “Sister Abigail”.
Many people covered their eyes as time seemed to stand still. And then-
A hysterical Bray Wyatt sat up and smirked at Ambrose’s limp body, head covered in grey powder and chunks of what was left of the cinder blocks.
{After Raw}
A medical team instantly rushed into the ring after the Wyatts left, surrounding Ambrose as the crowd clapped.
Not a moment later, a crying Eve slid into the ring and put a comforting hand on her fiancé’s chest. She tried to keep her hair out of her face as the doctors couldn’t get a response, and called for a stretcher. Eve held his unmoving hand the whole time, eventually stepping into the ambulance. She bowed her head to his and felt another tear slip down her cheek. The Wyatts would not get away with this. They have a price to pay. .