Craved miso ramen, but didn’t have any pork, so I made this veggie one from scratch:

- Minced garlic/ginger/shallot, simmered in sesame oil/butter
- Stirred in Shichimi Togarashi (Red Pepper Mix House Spice)
- Added broth from soaked shiitake mushrooms, porcini boullin cubes and vegetable broth
- Toasted some sesame seeds, ground them up and added them to broth
- Added bok choy ends, some enoki mushrooms boiled broth for 3.5 hours
- Semi-soft boiled eggs, peeled shells, rolled them around in hot (foaming) soy sauce and mirin
- Broiled tofu, soaked them in soy sauce and mirin for 2 hours, then fried them in olive oil
- Hand made soba noodles (yeah not really ramen style, but whatever), cooked for one minute
- Added white pepper and soy sauce to broth, bok choy leaves, shiitake mushrooms and enoki mushrooms (these weird things: http://imgur.com/fajKq), simmered for another 25 min.
- Added noodles to broth, tofu, shredded seaweed, green onion, egg, toasted sesame seeds

It can’t beat a Tonkotsu ramen (from Daikokuya or something) but way good for just vegetables

Miso Soup with Enoki Mushrooms

For 4 people, Ready in 15 min.

3 tablespoons of Miso paste
Japanese soy sauce to taste
1 tablespoon of hondashi (fish granules)
1 batch of Enoki mushrooms
1 handful of dried seaweed, broken in smaller pieces (Japanese or Korean styles are good)
Medium to firm tofu (sprouted or not)
Sliced green onion
Pepper to taste

Bring 6 cups of water to a boil. Reduce the heat to low. Add the miso paste, stir occasionally until diffused in the water. Add the hondashi and the soy sauce to taste. Add the cubed tofu and seaweed. Once the seaweed is fully expanded, cut the base and add the Enoki mushrooms. Do not stir in the mushroom, just let it sit on top. Cook for 30 sec. Turn off the stove. Sprinkle the green onion and add freshly ground black pepper generously.
Serve immediately in small bowls.

Great as an appetizer or as a light dinner. 

What Is It? part 2

1. What is passata?

Pulped and steamed tomatoes, often sold in bottles.


2. What is enoki?

Tiny Japanese pale brown mushrooms.


3. What is miso?

Fermented soya bean sauce (shown here in its three varieties).


4. What is dashi?

A Japanese stock made with bonito flakes and konbu seaweed.


5. What are Saturn peaches?

Small, scented, flattened peaches from Italy.


6. What are scapes?

Garlic bulb stalks.


7. What is affogato?

Ice cream with hot coffee poured over it.


8. What is tomalley?

The pale green liver of a lobster or crab, which retains its colour once cooked.


9. What is agar agar?

Vegetarian alternative to gelatin – a seaweed extract made into translucent crumpled strips (you can also find powdered versions).


10. What is matelote?

A freshwater fish stew.