Craved miso ramen, but didn’t have any pork, so I made this veggie one from scratch:

- Minced garlic/ginger/shallot, simmered in sesame oil/butter
- Stirred in Shichimi Togarashi (Red Pepper Mix House Spice)
- Added broth from soaked shiitake mushrooms, porcini boullin cubes and vegetable broth
- Toasted some sesame seeds, ground them up and added them to broth
- Added bok choy ends, some enoki mushrooms boiled broth for 3.5 hours
- Semi-soft boiled eggs, peeled shells, rolled them around in hot (foaming) soy sauce and mirin
- Broiled tofu, soaked them in soy sauce and mirin for 2 hours, then fried them in olive oil
- Hand made soba noodles (yeah not really ramen style, but whatever), cooked for one minute
- Added white pepper and soy sauce to broth, bok choy leaves, shiitake mushrooms and enoki mushrooms (these weird things: http://imgur.com/fajKq), simmered for another 25 min.
- Added noodles to broth, tofu, shredded seaweed, green onion, egg, toasted sesame seeds

It can’t beat a Tonkotsu ramen (from Daikokuya or something) but way good for just vegetables


Character rig of the Enoki Warrior from a few posts back, as well as Button Cleric.

The hour I spent doing this extra animation was so unnecessary but so worth it. Might rig a whole lineup, like a mock character selection for a Fantasy RPG.

Also if anyone out there knows how to export animated GIFs without 1) Flash distorting the colours or 2) Photoshop slowing the frame rate, I will love you forever.