Secrets to becoming an expert in physical affection? It’s like being a skinship expert!

  1. This is very simple and the oldest trick in the book~ Act as if you’re stretching and put your arms around your date!
  2. Buy only one popcorn so that your hands will naturally come in contact with one another as you both reach for the popcorn! 
  3. Whenever you two are walking down the street and it gets really cold outside, you can put your jacket over your date and rub their shoulders to keep them warm! 
  4. When you’re walking down the street and your hands keep touching just go for it and grab their hand! 
  5. Say that you’ll give them a massage!

How to get a guy/girl to ask you out on a second date after a blind date? This is difficult…

  1. Make sure the other person knows that you are famous.
  2. Appeal to the other person by giving them your business card or by mentioning your company name.
  3. Show that you were born in a wealthy family.
  4. Give your date expensive items and ask them to give it back the next time you meet.