For someone that makes music as cinematic and majestic as Irish singer songwriter and producer EDEN (fka The Eden Project), it makes all the sense in the world that he’d release a song named End Credits, which is in fact the title track from a coming EP. Featuring additional vocals by Leah Kelly, the future bass and atmospheric electronic pop song bursts into a level of emotional grandiosity that overcomes all previous levels of gripping intensity we’ve heard from EDEN in the past. Whatever movie closes with these End Credits, I’d skip the film and go straight to the song! End Credits is the 2nd of 7 songs from EDEN’s forthcoming EP. You can download End Credits for free on August 8th, here.

things that are equally shitty

  • insisting an aromantic person has a crush on someone
  • refusing to believe an asexual person doesn’t like sex/porn/ect
  • misgendering someone