He catches you fangirling

Preference #6

He catches you fangirling

Drew: Drew had gone over to Wes and Keaton’s house to pick up something. You were sitting on the couch watching TV and scrolling through your Instagram when you notice Drew had posted a picture. He was wearing ray-ban aviators and was wearing nothing but his boxers. “Oh my god!!!” You squealed looking at the picture. You’ve always been a fan so you call your friend and begin screaming and fangirling over the picture. “I know he’s shirtless a lot but there’s just something about this picture I can’t even!!! I want to lick his abs” You giggled. All of a sudden you hear chuckling behind you. You hang up the phone and turn around nervously to see a shirtless Drew standing behind you. “So, you wanna lick my abs?” He says, raising up an eyebrow. Before you can answer he throws you over his shoulder and straight to the bedroom.

Keaton: You were at your friends house waiting for Keaton to drop off your phone since you left it at home. You and your friend were having a casual conversation until the topic of Keaton came up. “You and Keaton are the cutest couple ever!” Your friend says laughing. You blush a little bit and pick up her cat that came by and remembered Keaton and his cat obsession. “Keaton is the cutest thing when it comes to cats! And he looks hot while playing with them. What guy looks hot while playing with cats?!” You said laughing. “I guess I do” you turn around and see a blushing Keaton standing with your phone in his hand. “About that…” You say before  quickly grabbing your phone and kissing Keaton before running back into the house, leaving behind an amused Keaton.

Wesley: Wesley had taken you to the beach for a little surfing lesson, even though you weren’t a fan of surfing, it was nice seeing a soaking wet Wesley. “Babe, I left the wax in the car, I’ll be back.” He says before running back to the car. While you were waiting for Wes, you see a friend of yours and walk over and start talking. “Are you here alone?” She asks looking around. “No, I’m here with Wesley, he went to get some wax.” You said. ‘I bet it’s nice seeing him shirtless" she says laughing. You blush but start laughing and giggling, “he’s so sexy in that wetsuit. Like all his muscles show through it and his hairs all wet and..” You were cut off by Wesley coming up behind you, “and what?” He says with a playful smirk, knowing what you were going to say next. You’re friend slowly walks away laughing, leaving you there blushing. “Awe you’re so cute when you blush” he says kissing your cheek. “Come on, let’s get this lesson started so you can see me in my wetsuit and all of muscles” he says teasing you. He was not going to let you live this down.

It’s been awhile, but we’re back! This one was inspired by today when Beau Brooks finally followed me and I fangirled like crazy… Hope you guys like it! Request guys! ~Annette

Emblem3 Preference - You find out you're pregnant of your first child


The salty air wakes you up. You see your new husband looking at you in your bed. It’s been twelve days since Drew and you got married and you’re on your honeymoon in the Bahamas. 
“Morning Mrs. Chadwick,” he smiles. Drew wraps you in his arms, covering your entire body. You’re only wearing a black silky night dress.
“Morning baby,” you say slowly.
Drew leans in to kiss you but you put your hand on your mouth first.
You run out of bed and rush to open the bathroom door. You are lucky enough to get to the toilet before throwing up everything that was in your stomach. 
Drew had the time to catch your hair so it wouldn’t get dirty.
“Are you going to vomit again, baby? You’ve been throwing up for three mornings in a row,” he asks while rubbing your arm. You’re both sitting on the tile floor next to the toilet.
“No, I’m fine now,” you answer, giving him a shy smile.
You suddenly start thinking. Oh gosh.
“What if there was a reason,” you say, getting up from the floor. “A reason for what?” Drew asks, clueless. “For this morning sickness. I haven’t been on my period yet and it was supposed to be a week ago,” you say. Drew’s face lights up and he moves from the floor. “Are you saying that you’re pregnant?” he asks, speechless now. Tears come to your eyes. You both wanted to wait after your wedding to have kids and it might be happening now. You nod. “Most probably yes!” you answer. He gets down on his knees and kisses your belly. “I’m going to be a dad. This is surreal. I love you so much, [your name]!” Drew looks up. “I love you too, Drew, so much,” you say and kiss him, passionately. You’re going to be a mom <3


You and Keaton are both 26 years old now. You agreed that you’re old enough to have your first child.
“Babe, I’m going out! I’ll be back in about twenty minutes,” Keaton screams.
“Okay bye babe! Love you,” you scream back.
‘Love you too’ is the last thing you hear before hearing the door close.
For about two days, you’ve had this weird feeling. Your belly hurts and you still haven’t had your period. You walk to the bathroom and open the cabinet above the sink. Three unopen boxes of pregnancy test are there. You and Keaton have been trying to have a baby for three months already. You open the box and read the instructions. You must wait seven minutes after peeing on the tube. You pee on it and put it on the counter. Seven minutes later, you look at the little white square. Two pink lines. A huge grin comes to your lips and a tear rolls down your cheek. You suddenly hear the front door unlock. You hide the box and put the test in your jeans pocket. “(Y/n), I’m home!” Keaton screams. You get out of the bathroom and he sees you. He puts the grocery bags on the kitchen counter. “Hii babb.. Were you crying?” he asks, letting go of what he was doing and comes to hug you tight. You grin and he looks confused. “You know we’ve been trying to,” you look in his eyes, “have a baby together.” Keaton’s eyes open wide. “Are you..” “We’re gonna have a baby!” you shout happily. Tears fill your husband’s eyes. “Oh god, (y/n)! I’m so happy! I’M GONNA BE A DAD!” he shouts and crashes his lips onto yours passionatly. “I love you so much, (y/n). You’re gonna be such an amazing mother!”


“(Y/n), please. It’s your turn!” the woman at the front desk says. 
You get up from your seat in the waiting room and get in the doctor’s office.

“Hi Miss (y/l/n). You’re ready for the usual check-up?” Dr. Philips asks.
You just nod. Going to the doctor always makes you nervous.
“Follow me, please,” he asks with a smile.

You sit down on the white paper and Dr. Philips gets out his heart monitor. 
“What happened this past year?” he asks you while setting up his things.
“Not much really, I’m still in college,” you answer, shyly.
“You’re still with Wesley?” Dr. Philips asks.
How come he still remember? 
“Yes,” you answer.
“That’s great. He seems like a good guy.” You smile politely.

Dr. Philips puts the heart monitor on your chest. It’s freezing.
“Breathe loudly, please,” he says.
You do as he says.
“Something’s weird,” he says.
“What’s weird?” you ask now worried about your health.

“Before you start freaking out, I just want to ask you something. Do you have safe sex with Wesley?” he asks.
Woahh. That’s personal. But he’s my doctor.
“Err yes. Why?” you ask.
Dr. Philips smiles kindly.
“Well something tells me you once forgot,” what is that supposed to mean? “I can hear two hearts beating.”
What? Oh no. Please god. Tell me that’s not what I’m thinking?
“Am I..?” you ask, now completely worried.
“Yes, (y/n), you’re pregnant,” the doctor says, politely.

Tears come to your eyes. How come this happened? You’re not prepared for this. You don’t want this. How come this happened? You’ve never… Oh god no. That night with Wes after making-up. There was no condom involved.

“You can go now. I won’t tell your parents if you don’t want me to. It’s your choice,” Dr. Philips says, seeing your disapointment.
“Lettt… me tell.. them ff-first,” you stutter before breaking down in tears.
“(Y/n), you’ll be fine. We’ll do everything we can to make sure your pregnancy goes well,” he says, opening his office door.
“Ttt-thank you,” you thank him and get out of his office and head home.

There’s only one question on your mind: How will you tell Wesley? He’s on tour and away from you. You don’t want to tell him the news but you have to.
You open your computer and call him on skype. You’re both used to skyping all the time.
“Please answer, Wes,” you beg in your mind.
His face suddenly appear on the screen. He’s clearly in bed in his hotel room. It’s bedtime where he is.
“Hey there baby,” Wesley yells, waving and grinning.
“WW-Wes?” you stutter, trying to control your tears.
“Ohh no, baby! Why are you crying? I miss you too!” he says, now sad.
He thinks you only miss him.
“I miss you but that’s.. not w-why.. I ccc-called..” you say.
“What? What happened?” he asks, hurrilly.
You take a deep breath.
“III-I went to do my check-up at the doctor and…” you answer.
“Oh god no. Are you ill?” he asks.
“No, don’t yyy-you worry,” you breathe, “I’m-I’m..”
He breathes loudly.
“You’re what, (y/n)?”
“I’m pregnant, Wes,” you say and explode in tears.
“Shit,” he curses and covers his face with his hands.
You cry even more. You knew he wouldn’t want the baby.
He doesn’t say anything else.
“Say… something… please,” you beg him.
He takes a deep breath.
“(Y/n), please stop crying,” he starts, “I’m surprised. Yes, I am. I thought we would wait to be parents but I’m happy, (y/n), I really am. I love you so much and I’m gonna adore this kid as much as I love you!”
You start breathing normally.
“So… You’re not… mad?” you ask.
You hear a small laughter and he smiles at the camera.
“I’m not mad. I’m surprised,” he answers and opens his eyes, “Don’t you dare think you’re the one to blame. We did this together. That’s our child.”
More tears come to your eyes. This time, happy tears.
“I love you so freaking much, Wes!” you say, “and I miss you!”
“I love you too! I truly can’t wait to see you and baby-on-the-way in three weeks!” he adds, with a huge smile.
You talk for about thirty more minutes before saying goodbye. Turns out the unexpected baby will be the sunshine of your lives.


Woohoo new pref! Sorry if Wesley’s pref is not 100% accurate for the doctor part. :)