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does it bother you that your best friend is so much more recognised and so many people are asking you about her? i've seen so many asks to you about ellie, and i wonder if they bother you

not at all?!
I’m her number 1 fan, and it prides me that I am one of the first people to share her art on the expanse on tumblr.
I had almost 7K followers when she made her current tumblr account, and I promoted the heck out of her and now her art is so big and I’m so so happy, I can’t express how extremely proud I am of her. Honestly.

I really wish I had like a personal body guard thing like someone who would walk with me wherever I go so I wont feel scared anymore and someone who’d be there any time I have an attack/relapse

My Arranged Gay Marriage

Author - Children Of The Shadows
Rating - Explicit
Word Count -  52,039
Type - Alternative Universe

Lily is constantly trying to set Remus up with random and strange men. This time it’s Sirius Black, and while Remus is reluctant to accept it, he might just be the one. Only, Sirius’s intentions aren’t all that pure.

Rating -  ★★★★★

The summary does not do this story justice. I honestly was expecting this to be a crack fic but oh my god, the level of skill with which this story has been written is astounding. I loved every aspect of this story; the narration was oh so perfect, it was like a well written movie script that kept shifting perspectives with such ease. The plot is delicious! In the beginning, everything is just a huge confusing blob and as it slowly unfolds, my god, it takes your breath away.

I have no shame admitting that I seriously underestimated this story.