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Just saw your post on how to fake an ask. Going by that, the post that lunaneko14 posted claiming that deathbympreg sent hate mail is probably also fake, right? 'Cos it looks just like those ones supposedly by kb.

yes its also fake

basically dont believe asks that aren’t published

since people are gonna be pieces of shit and fake asks and bs like that


My 10 Painties got thru because I followed the fucking rules, didn’t radically change the base and didn’t base it off of a copyrighted character

crazily enough, if you follow the rules your Painties will get approved

Bleach Fandoms.

Okay, look I don’t give a flip of what fandom you are, if you have never done this, or been apart of supporting your fandom. But there is a point where an opinion goes from just saying what you feel and what you think, to being down right mean and hurtful.

Bullying is not okay. Going and personally attacking a Tumblr user because of something said. That is immature and low. You being on the internet does not give you a shield from being a complete asshole. There are real life people behind these usernames. And sending it out in public, instead of handling it properly in private is wrongful.

Seriously, I get the whole, “I have the right to say what I want.”, “It’s my opinion and they are the ones who went and commented on this.”, “Well they need to refrain themselves from always commenting on the ship.”. You get my point. People have opposing ideas. But to call them a series of bad names or death threats is crossing the line.

This message should just be just a PSA to everyone, but I only follow bleach Fandoms on this account. So this was not a post to signally point out the bleach fandom. This happened in Naruto™ as well. But I won’t tolerate when people are personally being subjugated to harsh comments. Because you never know how people on the receiving end may take those comments. You don’t know what is going on in their life. And you don’t know them. So stop attacking each other and accept that being in a freaking fandom there are going to be heated debates, different arguments and people who might rain on your parade. Just let each other be, step away from the Internet before making that mean comment and don’t let it dwindle your life. Be happy, and keep on shipping.

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Any fic where james thinks that he's not good enough for lily or lily thinks that she's not good enough for james? THANK YOU SO MUCH <3

Here’s a selection of multichaps and one shots where one or both of them think they’re not good enough for the other.  Enjoy!

Title: Buried Treasure and Transmogrify
Author: Rienna Hawkes
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Drama
Chapters: 20
Word Count: 169,505
Summary: Lily Evans has spent years despising James Potter. He has spent just as long worshiping her. When seventh year pairs them Head Boy and Girl, each comes to realize that their judgment isn’t quite what they thought it was. 

Title: Kiss and Tell
Author: SunshineDaisiesWindmills
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Smut
Chapters: 17
Word Count: 51,598
Summary: The rules were simple. Provoke each other. Scream at each other. Snog each other. Do this as frequently as possible, but don’t ever, ever kiss and tell.

Title: Boyfriend
Author: Molly Raesley
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 17
Word Count: 130,000
Summary: Potter was going to say that he wasn’t my boyfriend. I couldn’t let him do that. For the love of Merlin, I could not let him do that. I had to stop him. He couldn’t tell her the truth. So I did the only conceivable thing I could think of. I kissed him. 

Title: If We Only Die Once 
Angst, Romance
5 [WIP]
Word Count: 41,663
Prompt: Lily gets flak for dating James and gets sucked in to the belief that he’s better off without her. She tells him she doesn’t love him anymore, and after a while, she manages to make him believe the lie.

Title: James’ Promise
Author: MaraudersAtHeart
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Friendship
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 8,030
Summary: Lately James Potter has been all secretive with his three best mates and hasn’t spent much time with Lily. She thinks it’s because he’s trying to break up with her in the nicest way possible. She thinks he might’ve gotten sick of her and doesn’t want her anymore. James has been planning this day for as long as he’s known her, so why is Lily frightened?

Title: Good Enough
Author: lizardcookie
Rating: T
Genre(s): Drama, Romance
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 4,019
Summary: Lily Evans and James Potter go toe-to-toe, solving their issues the old fashioned way- through a duel. Lily Evans doesn’t know what she wants but James Potter just wants to be good enough.

Title: Not good enough 
Author: XxStephXx 
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Angst
Chapters: 3 [Abandoned]
Word Count: 2,777
Summary: Short little LJ angsty fic.

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you know meanpost is 14 right

yeah im totally aware of that. im also a minor im not that much older than them, and they did and said things that were 100% unacceptable. i did try to reach out to them in a way that was gentle. like i promise you i approached them in a completely reasonable way and i intended upon being nice

but then they um………….. they did. the things that they did lol

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do you think luke would ever smoke?

I think by now, halfway through their second world tour, they’ve all tried a variety of different things both legal and illegal tbh. Whether he does it often or if it was just a once off, I’m about 99.9% certain he’s tried smoking at some point. If he does it frequently I really hope he doesn’t get caught out, I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of shit storm that’d bring but I imagine it’d be pretty bad

Lucky Bastard - Parte 5 (on Wattpad) http://my.w.tt/UiNb/xTMY8oFshv Sólo serían unas vacaciones en Las Vegas con su mejor amigo. Jamás estuvo en sus planes conocerlo a él. Una historia donde el retroceder un simple paso desencadenará en la aventura de amor más demencial y febril de todos los tiempos. COLABORACIÓN DE R00MAH & maria-miri